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  1. Knitted Socks

    I think the sock loom makes tube socks, so no heel gussets (which are very comfy & worth the extra work, IMO); Tracy, is that so?  I can usually get a pair of ankle socks out of a skein of sock yarn.
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    To avoid going stir crazy we took off in the car Saturday to head for Florence Marina State Park and spent three nights in one of their efficiency cottages while we spent most of Sunday at the Army Infantry Museum in Columbus.  It has expanded considerably since our last visit and we spent over 4 hours seeing everything inside (it rained, so we skipped outside).  We spent the next day visiting the hubs' cousins and his aunt; on the way to visit the aunt we stopped in Richland, GA, to tour their latest new business:  https://www.richlandrum.com/  The couple have a farm where they raise the sugar cane used to make the product.
  3. Knitted Socks

    When I use sock yarn I cast on 60 stitches (20 per needle when using four needles, 15 per needle when using 5) and #3 needles.  When you're knitting the back flap for the heel you put the rest of the stitches on a holder and knit the flap in stockinette (knit the right side rows and purl the inside rows) until you shape the heels; pick up the stitches along the side of the flap and knit them with the needle holding the heel stitches.  Then you pick the stitches off the holder and knit them, pick up and knit the stitches along the other side of the flap; and then you decrease every other row to shape the heel gussets.  Every pair of socks I buy seems to have elastic in the cuffs which at my age & heart condition I do NOT need.  My hiking socks don't seem to have such tight elastic, but ordinary socks make my legs swell above the cuffs, and my handknit socks don't; plus they are more comfy and toasty.  I may not wear shoes in the house, but I have to have on socks!
  4. Hand Rail

    I take a sheet of used copy paper and lay it against the staircase with one edge even with the floor and move it until I can press the top of the paper along the edge or the steps with my finger and fold along those marks to the lower corner,  I use this to mark the angle to cut for the ends of the banister/s.  It's similar to the way I get the angles to cut shingles for where gables & dormers join the main roof.
  5. Troweled stucco technique

    I also plan to stucco over brick (sandpaper) when I build my Tuscan Villa (Lily).
  6. How to create scale wallpaper?

    Would an 18th Century apothecary have wallpapered walls in his living quarters over his shop?  I thought only obscenely wealthy families afforded wallpapers back then.
  7. Chrome finish nail polish ... wow!

    That's why I wondered...
  8. Winter project underway

    Yes, and the sparks would probably stop me in my tracks.  I have been using earring backs:
  9. Troweled stucco technique

    I used spackle and an old credit card:
  10. Chrome finish nail polish ... wow!

    If the gel stays sticky after applying the powder & buffing it into that shine,  how do you  keep the mini you use it on from collecting dust and other "stuff" (thinking here of some of the issues of using Mod Podge and some of the solid water products)?  I think I'd opt for the chrome nail polish.
  11. Flooring

    Yes whether you use watercolors or acrylics or any water soluble paint, you want to dilute it into a wash.  I diluted a bit of interior latex house paint from a sample jar to stain the shingles on this Laurel: I wished I had done it before I'd glued the shingles down; I missed wiping up some of the glue before it cured and stain absolutely will not penetrate glue!
  12. Help! I need 1/2" scale hardware!

    I was afraid whatever you used to cut the brad cap would squish it.  Folding the foil punch out seems a much better idea.  I don't see any way around making 1:24 hardware; there's just not much out there in either scale.
  13. Winter project underway

    Inquiring minds want to know what you used for the tub handle?
  14. Flooring

    Adding the slightest trace of blue makes a cooler gray; burnt umber, a very dark brown, makes a warmer gray.   No.  Acrylic paints are water soluble polymer-based paints and watercolors are primarily ground pure pigments suspended in gum arabic, a naturally occurring resin.  Hit your local thrift store for an old white ceramic dinner plate to use for a practice palette and pick up an inexpensive pad of watercolor paper at Wally World or similar to practice on.  Here's a very basic guide to the color wheel and color theory to help you mix color.  I sometimes hear color, so my combinations might be a bit "off" to other people, but I had to match thread to darn a dressy teeshirt I did not have with me, and when I got the needle threaded the match was perfect, which works for me.
  15. Flooring

    Paint washes, watered down enough, will let the wood grain show quite nicely.