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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Kelly, green (or gray) cabinets plus white appliances will mitigate some of that pink in the kitchen.
  2. Mermaid Garden

    Oh, how cool is that!  Thanks for sharing.
  3. But you're back home here, where you belong!
  4. What's everyone working on?

    The curved shower base is pretty.
  5. Progress on Chateau de Champlain

    And so it dos!  I was disoriented by that beautiful wood entry floor!
  6. Progress on Chateau de Champlain

    Oops, I thought with that gorgeously finished wood floor that we were seeing the interior of the entry.
  7. What's everyone working on?

    The pictures aren't showing on my monitor for some reason, just wee black boxes with white Xs in them.  Often I brush the wallpaper paste onto the wall, rather than the paper, especially if I'm going to have to maneuver it around into corners, etc.
  8. Range top

    I would like to know if you drew off your pattern for that cooktop; very realistic!
  9. French Country Manor Update

    For a kitchen I really, REALLY like the bottom right paper & border, followed by that toile on the middle right.
  10. Can clear plastic be dyed?

    Sort of like the blue-green window tinting film?
  11. New Member

    Welcome to the little family, Dot.  I hope you will consider building one of Greenleaf's lovely kits one day.
  12. Can clear plastic be dyed?

    Mike, let us know how the Rit dye works.  Also, what about food coloring & white vinegar?
  13. Can clear plastic be dyed?

    I don't know about plexi, but the stained "glass" paints work well with plastic.  I have also usd transparent water color with a tad of gum arabic added.
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    Kathie, enjoy your visit with Norma Jean and be sure to post a picture of your studio when you're ready.  Wish we could be there tomorrow, but we'll be thinking of you.
  15. French Country Manor Update

    Ah, well, the UV color change strikes again!  I don't trust my monitor to show colors accurately, so I can't really comment on the papers; but the ones you've chosen look very pretty.