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  1. Dan, spoken like a true miniaturist!  If I have ever built a dollhouse kit so it turns out like a cookie-cutter of the box picture, I don't remember it.  And if you don't like the stairs, put them in the invisible back half of the house!
  2. nanaroma

    Yes! (both, so we can see your inspiration)  I see your 1:24 dresser drawers will open & close.  I made a kitchen cupboard and a bedroom chest with working drawers for my 1:24 hacienda (I made the kitchen stove, table & chairs from scratch, so you can do it); by the time I got to furnishing my double Fairfields and finished the few 1:24 kits I had I decided the heck with it and the dining room sideboard's drawers are just basswood strips glued into place; as one of my dear forum friends has said, it's all smoke & mirrors.
  3. nanaroma

    Which chairs did you get?
  4. nanaroma

    Welcome to the little family, Roma.  Have you decided on a house to put your pretty furniture into?
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

      My doctor (who is younger than my youngest kid!) has informed me he's going to keep me going until at least 100.
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    You do realize that our stashes represent our intentions to live long enough to get around to them.
  7. Hi from Michigan

    Welcome to the little family, Heather.  Just wait 'til your next dollhouse!
  8. Changing a stair opening -tool suggestions?

    If the floor can be removed I'd be tempted to go that way; or else save the stairs for another build, fill the hole and let the stairs for this house be in the invisible rear half.
  9. HELP!

    I'm looking also at the inspiration photos of the shop front and I don't see that it will make that much difference in miniature.  Go with what solves your problem.
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Way to go, Matt!  If you need to store your magnificent Garfield I might could make room...
  11. Meaghan, you can check EBay and your local Craig's List.  Dura-Craft hasn't existed as a company for quite some time now.  While you're searching, perhaps you would like to post us an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum?
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    It's so much fun when a kit goes together quickly for you!
  13. "Destroying" a couple Lawbre houses?

    Looking at where the dormers are in relation to the windows across the front I must say that your "doctored" photo makes for a better balanced dollhouse that conveys that same Creole feeling. I have taken two historical home tours that were outstanding the first time (on both, subsequent visits involved HUGE tour groups and a much less interesting tour).  The first was Gunston Hall, George Mason's gorgeous home with its hand-painted yellow Chinoiserie dining room wallpaper; the second was Mount Vernon the day before Thanksgiving when about two other elderly couples joined us and the docent took us everywhere!  and we got to see Martha's linen room and china storage and an explanation of the paint colors in the downstairs rooms.
  14. "Destroying" a couple Lawbre houses?

    The rooftop greenhouse made me think of it.
  15. "Destroying" a couple Lawbre houses?

    I don't see the water tower in the last photo...  What about a pigeon coop and a rooftop garden for some of the tenants?