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  1. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    How much will real gravel weigh down your house?  I like carving "stones" into damp spackling compound and then coloring them when the spackle's dry, like I did on my McKinley's tower; it weighs next to nothing.
  2. My Garfield Arrived

    Margie, the Garfield is the largest 1:12 dollhouse kit that Greenleaf makes.  The Fairfield is a 1:24 kit with totally different configuration of rooms.
  3. Thornhill decorating

    Many folks match the other three walls so when it's closed peeking through the windows into the other rooms gives the look of a real house.
  4. Act of kindness

    Sharon, it sounds llike you raised your kids right!  Welcome to the little family.
  5. House Beautiful Dollhouse Challenge

    Or stove or dining facilities.  I noticed there are contemporary mini pieces for sale at the bottom of the page.
  6. Brick Exterior Advice

    The acrylic spray I'm thinking of is available in art supply stores to seal pastels and water-soluble media and ought not to yellow over time.  I have also used cheap hair spray without yellowing.
  7. My Garfield Arrived

    If you reinforce the edges with steel staples as you glue the wood probably won't warp, especially if you apply a couple of light coats, rather than one heavy coat..
  8. Hi all

    Welcome to the little family, Breka.  I'm also an Edward Gorey fan (also Charles Addams and Gahan Wilson...).
  9. Brick Exterior Advice

    What about a matt acrylic spray sealer?
  10. triang theatre

    Lindsay, if you get it and it's too far gone to restore, very carefully disassemble it thd use the parts as patterns to make a new one (or more than one...)
  11. Hello all

    Welcome to the little family, Becky.  I built several Buttercups when I was working, for the children & grandchildren of coworkers.  I don't believe there's any interior trims for the door & windows; I made mine from posterboard.  I hinged the door and the doors of the little cupboard with strips of chamois I cut from a detail piece I bought at a NAPA store.
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    Snakes chow down on rodents and each other, especially poisonous ones, so I tolerate them a whole lot better than feral rodents!  We had a basement laundry room in our Gainesville, GA, house, and I used a ton of bug spray on the critter that set up next to my washing machine. Normally I'm also tolerant of spiders, but this one was large, black and had a bright red hourglass shape on her tummy that keyed us to the fact that she was not welcome.
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    Poor snake!  I preheat my oven before I pop anything into it to cook, so I wonder she didn't smell the odor of baked reptile sooner.  When we lived in Jacksonville, FL, I used to get rat snakes in my laundry room, and once had to coax one out of my washing machine onto a broom handle so I could release her in the ligustrum along our fence.
  14. Hole punches

    Welcome to the little family, Deborah.  What are you making that you need the oval hole punch?
  15. New to Dollhouses

    Welcome to the little family, Bob & wife.  I'm looking forward to y'all's photos.