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  1. Curtains, arg!

    The important lesson I learned with mini curtains is that polyester and other synthetic fabrics won't hang or drape in mini like natural fibers.  Old polyester neckties work da bomb for mini upholstery, but cotton and silk are best for drapes & bedding.
  2. building for low income children

    Thanks for the pictures.  Do you still have the furry assistant builder?
  3. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    I used E6000 on the white plastic version of the Orchid kit; I wish that Gorilla super glue had been around to try.  I figured scrapbook paper for the wallpaper.  I've used wallpaper for flooring.
  4. building for low income children

    Julie, we would also like to see pictures of some of the houses you have built.
  5. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    Ron, whatcha using for the flooring?  And for gluing that sign material together?
  6. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    I think it utterly cool that you found large enough pieces of the material to build your trailer.  How perfect it that!
  7. The Cassie dollhouse by The House That Jack Built

    A ridge cap.  I usually fold shingles in half to do this, or cut a piece of "L" shaped channel molding the length of the roof peak and use that with wood shingles.  Next time you're out running errands, look at your neighbors' (and your) houses and note what the roofs look like.
  8. Grand Denver tour for miniaturists

    Colleen Moore's fairy castle is in the Museum of Science and Industry.  There is also a huge layout in HO scale of the Union-Pacific run between Chicago and San Francisco.  The Thorne Rooms are in the basement of the Art Institute.  Both are well worth visiting, as there is so much more to see in both.
  9. Garfield Window Upgrade

    Susan, I think the Timberbrook replacement windows for the Pierce would also have worked for the Garfield.
  10. Dremel people?

    If I were going to paint, not stain a piece, I'd consider making the "carvings" out of layered matboard, which sands nicely, and gluing them into place.
  11. New Project

    I imagine carefully shaped strips of the veneer to follow all the curves.  No wonder Ferd Sobol gets so much for his exquisite mini furniture!  (Major fan here!)
  12. Dremel people?

    I have two regular Dremel rotary tools plus the sander, the Stylus and the Trio.  I have used the carving attachments for a rough cut and then use my utility knife and chip carving tools for detailing and emery boards for sanding; although I have also wrapped bits of finer grade sandpaper around bamboo skewers to get into those really tight places.  When I turn table legs on the hubs' lathe I finish with the fine side of an emery board and then with a folded strip of crumpled brown paper bag for a buttery smooth finish.
  13. New Project

    A piece like the one in your photo, in 1:12 is going to look VERY chunky & clunky unless you are exceedingly careful.  And if you're going to cover the shapes with burl veneer, you'll need to go extra delicate on the base pieces.
  14. New Project

    If you have a pen lathe you could turn those pen blanks into lovely table legs...
  15. Set square

    A hardware store is likeliest to have the steel ones.