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  1. 'antique' radio for roombox

    My thought, exactly!
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    When my DM died, no one would take her poodle and our boys wanted "a dog" (a whole lot more than their momma & daddy, I might add).  Mother had brought him with her on a visit that previous summer, so I knew she only fed him either ground sirloin cooked in butter or chicken livers poached in butter, so it took him three days to learn to eat Purina dog chow.
  3. 'antique' radio for roombox

    That looks just like the cathedral radio in one of Kris' tutorials!  I made one out of basswood:   Obviously Kris's looked a whole lot better!
  4. What's everyone working on?

    If they  are bistro or patio chairs, seat warmers is a wonderful touch!  Will the lanterns sit on the table, or hang?
  5. Off to get wood

    Have you thought about using some thinner Lexan for furniture?
  6. About 30 years ago there was a mini store in Foley, AL, so the next time we visited this area we went looking for it and it was long gone.
  7. Off to get wood

    Ken, is that Lucite or plexi I see becoming treads for the Westville's spiral staircase (and can I be a granddaughter?)?
  8. Celluloid was the material a lot of vacuum-molded toys were made of, early on.  I had a Shirley Temple doll; she was composition, with a cloth body.
  9. Nan, I believe there's an Ebay seller who deals in Dura-Craft kit replacement parts; someone on here may remember who that is.  When you do make those walls, before you paper them you might consider taking spackle or joint compound and filling those joins with it and laying a thin coat over the wall, scrape it smooth and sand it when dry.
  10. I’m a newbie :-)

    Uh, Kathleen, honey, it IS an addiction.  Just wait until you start building smaller scales.  The old polyester neckties with their wee woven designs make very nice furniture upholstery in 1:12: as well as 1:24 scale:
  11. I’m a newbie :-)

    Welcome to the little family, Kathleen.  You might also consider a third and fourth dollhouse, as well.
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    Roxy, report that breeder to the ASPCA.  Meanwhile, put Lily on her puppy pad whenever she starts to squat and if anything makes it to the pad, give her a puppy treat immediately after, along with effusive praise; the puppy book I used with our first beagle suggested this, and he paper-trained within a few days; the book suggested a wee piece of cheese, and Riley LOVED sharp cheddar!
  13. Intro thread

    Welcome to the little family, Toby.  There are two different Team Orchid building blogs that will hopefully help you.
  14. Wallpapering template instead of directly onto wall

    On the other hand the floorboard strips I laid with rubber cement in Maggie are still holding on.
  15. Just saying hello

    Welcome to the little family, Margie.  You have to make five posts before you can load your pictures into an album, but there is no bandwidth limit to the number of pictures you can load into albums in the Gallery.  I make my own furniture for my houses, but I make the pieces to fit the house I'm building.