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  1. What's everyone working on?

    It's hard to have company when you keep getting those error messages!
  2. Long Journey Back

    I apologize for temporarily hijacking your thread, Jess.  Ken is one of our many, many valuable resources who doesn't pop up all that often.
  3. 20191018-140644.jpg

    OMG gorgeous!  How's about a tutorial for those stairs?  And is it my elderly eyesight, or are those treads clear plexi?
  4. What's everyone working on?

    We have a thread going in the techie subforum about the fast cgi errors; I had spates of them yesterday.
  5. Heat Gun Advice

    I use my hubs' old Black+Decker heat gun, which is electric.  You do need to turn it off and let it cool a bit before laying it down to scrape on the melted glue, unless you happen to have a stand to set it on.  Fortunately the piece of wood I accidently charred was scrap and not a kit part.
  6. Bookcases II

    I use iron-on wood veneer edging I find in the hardware store to make wood floors in my  dollhouses; I cut it into "board" lengths and split it into "board widths and spot-glue the strips into place, then iron the entire floor to glue it to the subfloor before sanding and staining.
  7. Ceiling height and Aster Cottage

    Fingers crossed you're one of those folks who can impose your vision on a kit; as Kathie mentioned, it sure doesn't seem to work for me.
  8. Long Journey Back

    Well howdy do back at you, Bill; you've been awfully quiet lately.
  9. Ceiling height and Aster Cottage

    The Aster could be proportioned similarly to the Sugarplum.  1:16 works quite well for those smaller heights.  They're in scale for the historical period they're most common to, I suspect, and people were a lot shorter then, plus they didn't have to fool with electric lighting.
  10. What's everyone working on?

    I felt the same way about that stair wall with the cutouts.
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Mine was from the early 1940s; there could have been design differences over the course of the decade.  My windows were metal cut into that diamond pane design, that opened & closed and had no plastic inserts.  It also had a night light bulb for light and no hole through the floors.
  12. Dry Fit

    You can always check your marks when you dry fit after removing all that hot glue.  I also use the dry fit to adjust any tabs and/ or lots that might have swollen or otherwise gotten "off" because the original builder didn't bother to check.  Also, if the glue oozed or dribbled out of the joins it might throw your trace lines off.
  13. What's everyone working on?

    I find my moldings like those at Hobby Lobby.
  14. Hint for choosing color schemes

    My sentiments exactly.
  15. Hint for choosing color schemes

    In my case it's a matter of what the house suggests.  Sometimes I have done paper and paint: Or I've done the accent wall thing: I have a bad habit of decorating my little houses as if I were decorating a house I'd live in.