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  1. If you will describe the horse in question, someone here may spot one. Or have one.  
  2. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    I just bought the yogurt, mint, lemon, walnuts, etc. for breaded  Persian Chicken fixings. It marinates overnight, so it will be tomorrow's dinner. The recipe calls for frying, but I am going to bake it instead.
  3. What's everyone working on?

    Love it! So natural. Can't wait to see how it evolves.
  4. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Jodi, my sentiments, exactly. :)
  5. What's everyone working on?

    Anna, you have a wonderful array of items--something for everyone. Just out of curiosity, which items enjoyed the most interest/sales?
  6. Inge, they are lovely, very formal. Can't wait to see how you furnish these rooms.  
  7. Do you ever play "Who would you like to invite to dinner?" Ms. Glessner would be high on my list.
  8. Personally, I favor the pin and spray method for a more natural drape. To me the results of the pretty pleater are unnaturally even. No curtain in my real house was ever that perfect.
  9. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Not sure as I qualify as a Southern lady, having been born near Chicago, but I do whole catfish or catfish fillets in the microwave. Drizzle a little bottled Italian salad dressing in the bottom of a microwave safe casserole so they won't stick, then add the fish in a single layer, drizzle more dressing over them, cover, and zap 'em. Moist and flavorful.
  10. What a fascinating lady. Thanks for sharing.
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    I heard tonight that my 22-month-old grand niece will be coming over to trick or treat on Halloween. So I stopped at Walmart and bought a Minnie Mouse costume for me to wear.   Minnie is her 2nd best friend after Curious George, which she owns in several iterations. Curious George, Pajama George, Baby George, etc. My costume is actually sold as an adult sized onesie-style sleeping garment with a hood that serves as Minnie's head, but it will be fun to see how the little one reacts to a bigger-than-life Minnie.  
  12. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Yep!  I made a  batch in my cast iron cornbread skillet (makes 8 wedges). It was well received. Both Helen's soup and my pork knuckles turned out well. 
  13. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    My sister texted earlier to ask if I'd like to come share a new recipe she making: chicken and lentil soup. I countered with sure, if you'll be a guinea pig for the pig's knuckles in tomato sauce that I'm experimenting with. Should be an interesting supper.  I should make some cornbread; would go with both, I think.
  14. Fairy House Tree Stump

    There's the problem. We've all learned that it isn't what we would like --- it's up to the house. Let it rest a bit after its traumatic experience and it will eventually let show you what it wants. (As for the copper, it won't stay shiny forever. Natural aging should take place fairly quickly in your salty, humid climate.)