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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    Amen! It takes a special person to step in and bring comfort and a good life to our furry friends who are nearing the end of their life. Bless you, Janet. <big hugs>
  2. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    Ok, life and more company got in the way of construction, but this afternoon I got back to work. I took pictures of all of the rooms as they were staged when NJ was here, put the wallpaper in a safe place, packed up the room contents, and enlarged the dining room door to accommodate the Houseworks block and trim interior door. It was a bit tedious using a utility knife/box cutter, but in the end it worked out okay. Now I need to build up the wall so the door frame doesn't stick out awkwardly. Not a big deal. Three more doorways to enlarge.  But about the electrical system. I still haven't figured out where to put the power source connector for the CR2 system. It's an ugly critter, not smooth and unobtrusive like the junction splice I've used before. Any suggestions? I thought about putting it under the overhang of the kitchen (now dining room) bay, but that would be awkward for attaching the power cord. I suppose I could put it in the open and camouflage with a bush or cellar door, but still, no likely spot comes to mind.  Hmmm ... wonder if it could hide under the house, behind the basement window. <Thinking again> But when the fuse needs to be replaced, it would mean emptying the house and tipping it up to reach the fuse. 
  3. IMG-9588.jpg

    A very elegant lady. Lovely! I hope she has some rocks in her pockets in case she encounters a gust of wind.  
  4. Making bedding sets

    Starch will alter the look of the cloth. I've used it to glue fabric to a hard surface. Where I've applied it too heavily and it soaks through, it leaves a spot.
  5. Making bedding sets

    Hairspray. Cover the bed with aluminum foil or waxed paper to protect it, then place on a piece of corrugated cardboard. Use straight pins stuck into the cardboard to force the coverlet into the shape you want. Then spray it with hair spray. Soak it with hair spray.  When it dries, the hairspray disappears to the eye but holds the cloth into the desired shape. Lift the spread off the bed, remove the protective material, and voila! -- the look you want.
  6. Stone texture paint on wooden shingles?

    The above suggestions are spot on ... but I'd consider putting the raw shingles on the roof and then spraying the whole roof with the textured paint. You'd have to mask off the walls, etc., to avoid the mist that occurs, but it would be a lot faster than handling each shingle twice -- once to stick to the tape and a second time to glue it to the roof. I would still paint the roof with a similar color to the shingles before gluing them in place. The spray may not go down between them, and even tiny distances between shingles are noticeable.
  7. Lawbre Glen Cove

    As do many of its users.  
  8. Lawbre Glen Cove

    You can see who "liked" your post if you click on your profile, where there is a list of the most recent activities related to your account.
  9. You can fake a non-working pull-down stair with a few pieces of strip wood.  
  10. Of course there can be a superhero room! Nothing wrong with a modern family living in an older home that they have modernized. 
  11. 1) Some houses don't have foundations. That said, raising it up on a foundation gives you a nice space underneath to house wiring junctions if you intend to electrify. 2) The house will help nudge you in the right direction for trims, etc. That will depend on what period this house is. Victorian? Mid-century Modern? or whatever. Did you see any mention in the posts about houses talking to us? You'll know when it happens.  3) You can always imagine that the stairs are in the back of the house, the part that you aren't building. A fair number of mini houses lack things like stairs, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. They are usually explained away as being in the unseen parts of the house, located out in the yard, and so on. I also have it on good authority that some mini people are capable of levitating, even passing through solid ceilings and walls. Consider who the inhabitants will be. Don't start obsessing at this point or you will make yourself crazy.  Get your girls on the Imagination Train, and you'll be guaranteed hours of fun. And keep in mind my personal observation that what we do in miniature is, for the most part, smoke and mirrors. Getting it to look like real life is the deal. Trying to recreate real life can cause ulcers. Also keep in mind that there is no right way to build. Ask a question here and you will get several answers. They are probably all correct. Don't do too much reading. Choose what feels right to you and go for it! Also keep in mind that it is not difficult to fix an experiment something that seemed like a good idea at the time but later turns out not to be quite what you had in mind.
  12. How to fix broken wood mullions

    I think Holly was giving a tongue-in-cheek response to your statement about using the accelerator on "a broken leg I have" ... she  seized on the fact that you didn't mention that the leg was on a piece of furniture to ring your chimes in good fun.   As for the crazy misspelling, no doubt our friend Auto-correct was involved.
  13. Mini show in Elk Grove, IL

    When friend ogle my own miniatures and are in awe of the detailed furniture, accessories, etc., I tell them that it is possible to find in miniature anything that can be found in real life -- and it's only slightly more expensive.  This is why so many of us at least attempt to create the items that go into our houses.
  14. Mini show in Elk Grove, IL

    If you and your wife don't share a frugal gene, I'd not take her, and I'd swear the girls to secrecy about what stuff costs.  
  15. I have a Beacon Hill that sat for months before I finally got some paint chips from Sherwin-Williams and used them to determine a color scheme for each room. THEN I went shopping for wallpaper. Do have your wife and girls consider using scrapbook paper as well as dollhouse wallpaper. Also, cotton fabric (think quilt store fat quarters) can be used as wall covering as well as wrapping paper, etc.