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  1. Can clear plastic be dyed?

    No need to brush. With the plastic flat and level, drop the paint on the surface and let it flow to the edges. 
  2. What's everyone working on?

    The pictures aren't showing on my monitor, either.  Kelly, have you ever tried applying the wallpaper paste to the wall and then sticking the dry paper to it? A thin coating will do it. Remove excess before applying paper. It' so much easier to handle dry paper and (for me at least) less chance of getting fingerprints of paste on the printed side. This is also a good technique when applying fabric as wall covering.
  3. Progress on Chateau de Champlain

    Janet, I love the way this is coming together. That entry is terrific, and your choice of papers for the kitchen is spot on. Can't wait to see what  comes next.
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    Did I mention my friend Norma Jeane is visiting from Missouri? She's the one who got me really hooked on miniatures. Together we are transforming the shared studio space into a lovely miniatures workroom, office and display gallery. I had an idea of what I wanted, but together we're refining and improving on the initial concept. At the moment I'm taking a break after spray painting a cheap set of shelves. There are two sets, one black, one white. Sprayed the white one black so they'd have the same undercoat and am putting a top coat of walnut brown. They'll be side by side and make into a nice corner unit. Pictures are being taken down and either moved to another place or designated to go to storage. There will be enough surface to bring the houseboat and the Bohemian Inn (Pierce) from storage.  Tomorrow Lloyd's ashes will be laid to rest in a crypt at St. Louis Cemetery #3 in New Orleans. Dear cousin Gloria has to work and can't some to what will be a brief crypt-side service. She came by this morning with a spray of white orchids from her own plant. Lloyd always made a big fuss over her orchids when we visited. I tried to persuade her not to cut the beautiful blooms, but she said that she could hear Lloyd telling her, "Well, if you can't come to see me off, you could at least give me your orchids." Aside from the fact that she's 88 years old and as stubborn as a mule, who can argue with that? As it turns out, I have a lovely ceramic vase that Lloyd made that with some ferns from the garden, will be perfect. The glaze on the vase even matches the frame on his photograph, which will also be on display. Yes, 88 and still working hospitality desks for various conventions for the New Orleans Convention Bureau. Her children keep bugging her to quit, but she says she likes it and can do it, so why shouldn't she? Like I said, no arguing with her.  
  5. First shade of stain

    Oh, Anna, this is perfect for the house. 
  6. Tribal Foxes Rug - 110.75 hours

  7. Newel post 3 -D printed idea

    Wow ... what a magnificent addition that would be!
  8. What's everyone working on?

    Love it, Andrea. And I know exactly what you're talking about!
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Ouch, Sable .. .hope they get it all!
  10. Need advice on doors...

    As for staining over paint ... you're not really staining, more like putting a glaze over the base paint, then dragging something through it to imitate the grain.
  11. What's everyone working on?

    Looking good, Matt. Are you using copper foil on the roof? The copper roofing I'm doing on the Beacon Hill tower has been at a standstill for several weeks. My friend NJ from Missouri arrived yesterday for a couple of weeks. She's going to help me reorganize the studio from a shared space to a miniature workshop. Right now it's in an uproar. Will be happy to get it into shape.
  12. How to delete a topic?

    If you go to the duplicate post, click on the Report Post link at the top of the message frame and report it as a duplicate.
  13. Hello From West Michigan

    Hi, Gayle. Welcome to the forum. Your plan for the Glencroft and Primrose sounds interesting. When you have 5 posts, you can open an album in the Gallery and share photos with us. I'd love to see how this progresses.
  14. Hello from California

    Hi, Antoinette, and welcome to the forum! Have you been putting the house together in dry fit (taping the pieces without gluing)? If not, you might want to continue that way. The dry fit serves many purposes. For one, it can help you figure out the head-scratching bits, like the bay that has you challenged at the moment, plus it shows you if pieces need to be adjusted (tabs and slots sanded or shaved to fit snugly), and it also gives you an idea of which areas of the house will be hard to reach and should be decorated before assembly. (The wall the stairway is against is a prime example. Unless you make the stairway removable, it needs to be painted or wallpapered before the stairs go in or you'll never be able to reach it. Also, the stairs themselves need to be stained or painted before insertion.) I haven't gotten to the bay window on my own Beacon Hill yet, so I can't help off the top of my head.  Do you have a photo you can share to show us your problem? You can post in your reply. Also, when you have made 5 posts, you can open an album in the Gallery to post photos.
  15. I love the pressed tin ceiling. I hadn't noticed it in smaller pictures.