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  1. Curtains, arg!

    You may want to consider using hair spray. Pin the material into the shape you want for the finished look. I make a rough sketch and sandwich it between either a corrugated cardboard or foam board base, then pinch and fold the fabric the way you want it. Hold it in place with a bazillion pins. Spray heavily with hairspray. Let it dry. Spray it again.  When dry, the hair spray will disappear and you will have a stiff piece of fabric to put on the window that no one will suspect isn't draping beautifully on its own.  Holly is right. Stick with natural fibers for the best results    
  2. Shows we are at in Oct 2019

    As soon as British Airways sends my complimentary RT ticket from Atlanta ... *sigh*
  3. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    Neat! Love to see a project come together. 
  4. Inside front door

  5. Halloween contest

    That sounds like a great idea. The wires would be sandwiched between the wall and the paper. Are the contents of the box fixed in place or are they removable? If you can take them out, it would be easy enough to install the faux sky.   
  6. Halloween contest

    I think painting it black would make it way too dark. I'd look for a dark blue scrapbook paper that has silver spots or sprinkles on it to look like a dark sky, maybe with a gold foil moon with a man-in-the-moon face on it or a silhouette of a witch passing in front of it. I'd put the same paper on the ceiling/sky, too. Something to represent a night sky without being solidly black. Or paint dark blue and scatter star-shaped stickers or even dots of silver metallic paint. 
  7. Halloween contest

    What a great collection of spirits! What are you planning for the walls?
  8. New Project

    The overall design of the table is elegant, but I think I'd use a plainer (tight-grained) wood for the legs/base -- basswood or similar -- with a stain slightly lighter than the burled walnut. In a small scale, I think the burl could make the piece look heavy/busy and reduce the elegance of the burl. I see the burl as precious rare wood to be showcased in a special piece.  
  9. Free Book

    You cannot delete your post but you can edit it. Look below, where it says "Quote" and "Go to top" ... you should see and "Edit" option. Click on it. You will then be able to delete your personal contact information.  
  10. Another mini newbie

    Hi Missy, and welcome to the forum. We've all watched eyes glaze over as we chat about our hobby to non-practitioners. You'll find attentive listeners with load of experience to share here.  
  11. Lavender Farm.jpeg

    I  can almost smell the lavender. Mmmmmmm    
  12. Where is Casey?

    MikeUK withdrew due to health, but he checks in to the forum with some frequency and reports his heart is the sadder for NOT being amongst us. He also mentioned being bored, in need of a Tudor-ish fix, and wouldn't be overly surprised to see some heavy brown boxes appear in the driveway one day. 
  13. Halloween contest

    Or not. The forum gets touchy about handling photos from time to time.
  14. I got the Queen cast iron stove with Buy It Now ... woo hoo!!!!  It will be perfect for the Pierce/1880s Bohemian Inn & Restaurant kitchen. I had a great aunt who had a wood burning stove in her kitchen. I remember it from when I was 4-5 years old.   Doing a happy dance !
  15. "Marble" Fireplace

    Can't wait to see the finished product.