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  1. Decorating your houses for the holidays?

    I also have a White Orchid Christmas house. And a Halloween house. They both stay where they are when their holiday rolls around. I don't have a place to spotlight a particular house for special showing.
  2. First time builder in Texas!

    Holly, that's the truth and well said.  
  3. How was the Tooth Fairy revealed to you?

    When my siblings and I were youngsters we knew early on that Christmas presents came from Mom and Dad, aunts and uncles. I don't remember exactly when the Santa balloon burst. It must not have been a very memorable moment. We had another tradition in our family. On our birthday, there would be a box wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with a red ribbon in the middle of the living room floor when we came downstairs to breakfast. That one was from the birthday fairy. Of course we twigged to it early on, but it was Mom's inspiration and her special gift to us, so we went along and came to expect it and relish it as a special token of mother love. Flash forward 18 years: Mom sent a white-wrapped package to my residence hall house mother my first year away at college. The house mother put it in my room while I was at breakfast. I can't begin to tell you how it warmed the cockles of my homesick heart to see it there. Long story short, don't make an issue of bursting the kid's bubble. When curiosity arises, let her know that sometimes Santa or the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy need help from mommies and daddies because there are so many children in the world who are every bit as good as she is and need to get a special present. "Santa told me what he wanted you to have. He simply can't get around to everybody in one night."  
  4. First Time Builder in NYC

    I'd suggest using the subforum "Greenleaf Dollhouses" under the "Question about a Particular House" forum. I think more people are likely to find it there and learn from your experience. And even with a bare beginning, I'm guessing you'll have a of good ideas and information to share along the way. Be sure to include "Beacon Hill" in the topic title.
  5. First Time Builder in NYC

    I love the way you took the advice and ran with it. The scribing turned out beautifully.  
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    And they are stylish as well.  
  7. Paint type?

    Reported as spam
  8. Hello Everyone!

    Hi, Rose, and welcome to the forum! Your doll is adorable. Will you be building another Orchid or something else?
  9. First Time Builder in NYC

    Nothing is ever too late when it comes to miniatures. There's a fix for everything. [Don't ask me how I know this.]  In this case, you could use a fine point marker in black or dark brown to make lines if you want to imitate floorboards. It won't be indented, but it will look good. We are the magicians of miniatures. Our mantra is smoke and mirrors. It doesn't have to be real to look real.
  10. First Time Builder in NYC

    I can't tell from the photo. Did you scribe lines on the floor to imitate individual boards? It would be easy to do while the pieces are still flat, and it gives a nice look.
  11. printing questions

    The models change so rapidly that anything I could suggest would probably be a discontinued item by now. I suspect others are not chiming in for that reason. Printers are improving in print quality and special features all the time. I don't believe you could go wrong if you go with a name brand, like HP, Canon, or Epson. You may want to go to an office supply store and have their printer expert show you the features of the new models, many of which are wireless these days, which I find to be a handy feature. Here is a review of the top 5 inkjet printers of 2019 to give you some guidelines. 
  12. I'm about to start a dollhouse for my granddaughter (The Pierce) that was purchased 20 years ago for her mother. Instructions say coat wood with a 50/50 mixture of shellac and alcohol. Is there anything else I can use? Those things are explosive, we have a gas furnace and it's -10c outside and I really want to get going.

    1. KathieB

      Yes, indeed. You can use Kilz primer, gesso, or a latex house paint to seal. But don't seal any pieces that you may want to stain. You can paint over stain, but you can't stain over paint. Have fun with it. :) 

    2. Poolie67

      Thankyou so much for your reply. I have white latex primer on hand, so I'm excited to get started today.

  13. Sort of ... you sent a message to me ... you need to send a message to Carrie (Mid-life madness)
  14. Hover your cursor over the name of the person you want to send a Private Message to. A drop-down menu will show an image of an envelope. Click on the envelope to reach the message screen.  
  15. printing questions

    I've printed fabric and transparencies on a couple of different inkjet printers and been satisfied with the result. My only suggestion would be to get one that permits the paper, light card stock, or a transparency to move straight through the printer and exit at the back so it doesn't have to curve around rollers to come out the front, the way it went in.