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  1. Help!

    What seems to be the problem?
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    I hear you, Kelly. I don't have to deal with a leaking abode, but cold and damp-to-wet is not my idea of great weather. 
  3. To seal or not to seal

    Wood glue adheres best to raw wood, If you want to seal the pieces before assembly, do not put sealer where the joints/tabs will be glued. If you do a dry fit (recommended), you can make a light pencil mark to identify joints, then either seal carefully or mask with painters tape..  Actually, you don't need to seal it all in advance. The Adams does not have any hard-to-reach places.  You won't want to seal the parts that you will want to stain, like the floors. Once built you can seal/prime the parts that will be painted or papered to prevent the natural chemicals in the wood from leaching through and staining the surfaces.
  4. Tile roof using corrugated cardboard

    A marvelous example of the smoke and mirrors philosophy of construction & decoration  
  5. Hello everyone!

    Welcome, Julie. How nice for your dollhouse that you are ready to repair and improve it. Aren't you glad you held onto it?  
  6. Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 7.32.43 AM.png

    Egg carton stonework? It's super. Love the realistic color variations in the stones. 
  7. Hofco Victorian farmhouse kit 192

    Awwww ... well, that just frees up some room in your house for a different house.  
  8. Act of kindness

    What fun ... thank you!
  9. Clay stone technique

    Polycly can put out fumes during baking that may adhere to the oven itself. Better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Hofco Victorian farmhouse kit 192

    Another happy ending!!  
  11. Clay stone technique

    Me, too. And the pasta machine that once made lovely linguine now only flattens polyclay. 
  12. Act of kindness

    Thanks, Holly. There's every chance I'll forget too. <g>
  13. Act of kindness

    And I'm turning 79 tomorrow. I can't even remember turning 40 ...  
  14. Beacon Hill dollhouse , porch posts

    Hi, Ashlee, and welcome to the forum. Regarding the porch posts, it may take some gentle sanding and filling with Spackle or caulk to get the appearance that makes you happy. Think of the kit as the bones of the house. It is up to you to flesh it out to your liking. As for priming, Holly is correct. You don't want to prime if you plan to use stain. However, it's a good idea to prime everything else, especially walls and ceilings that will be papered or painted. There is a natural oil in wood that will, over time, leach into the wall/ceiling covering, causing brown spots.