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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Go for it, Carmen!
  2. What's everyone working on?

    Neat, Tracy! Are these the roomboxes that were sitting high on a display case? I recall drooling a bit while eyeing them.
  3. Hello, Jade. Welcome to the forum.  What house are you building? Decorating before or after assembly is a matter of practicality and personal choice. Most of us first assemble the bulk of the house using masking tape instead of glue. This is called a dry fit. I highly recommend it. This process lets you shave slots and tabs for a perfect fit and also lets you see which parts of the house may be difficult to reach when it is glued. Those parts for sure you want to decorate before assembly. As for the rest, it is a matter of choice and how you prefer to work. Some folks like to decorate before assembly and some after.  There is no right or wrong way to build a dollhouse. Do what feels right to you. That said, please note that the instructions say to use hot glue for assembly. Do not. Over time it will degrade and your house will fall apart. Use a good wood glue to glue bare wood to bare wood. (If you do paint or paper before assembly, be sure to leave a bare edge where pieces will touch.) As other questions occur, do a search of the forum. If the answer isn't apparent, feel free to ask away. No question is too trivial and may help someone else with the same head scratcher later on. Above all, have fun!
  4. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Waaaay too over the top. Some of the trekker/hostel style rooms will have thunder mugs. The public restroom adjacent to the restaurant/kitchen will be primitive enough that some diners may choose not to use it.  
  5. Winter project underway

    Whatever track you're on is the right track. As Holly indicates, there is no law against multitasking. 
  6. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Gold may look too heavy with the dark paper. I'd think more like white with blue accents. Maybe gold accents, but that seems to me to be edging too close to a mideastern sheik's over-the-top palace. Depends on the look you're going for, but I would keep the tile quiet so as not to fight with the fixtures or wallpaper. I'd think about using the paper on an accent wall, not all three. I have this exact set. Not sure when or where I got it, but have no idea how to use it. It was in the powder room of the original quilt shop, but I no longer have that house, so the set lives in the architectural recycle bin.  
  7. The Bar Room Box

    A coat of clear nail polish to seal?
  8. IMG_1249.JPG

  9. Lost trying to build orchid

    Either one will work. Your choice. 
  10. Glueing jig

    <Oops. I weighed in on the Lego/Legos debate before reading all the way through. Nothing to add. Sorry for wasting the bandwidth.>
  11. Glueing jig

    Great minds! I was just about to suggest Leggos as a squaring aid.  
  12. The Garfield project

    You can wire the lights directly, thus avoiding the plugs, but that makes changing them out or moving them problematical. Use your creative ingenuity to hide the plugs behind curtains, furniture, etc.
  13. Glueing jig

    My friend Norma Jeane is a double name stickler, as was my sister-in-law Ann Marie. I pay attention, too.  
  14. Full scale tips...

    Well said, Holly. This deserves embroidering on a pillow to twin with "Smoke and Mirrors"   Have fun with your Storybook, Adorabelle. Keep these two maxims in mind as you work.  
  15. Beginning to look good!

    This has been looking good all along. Now it is really shining!  It has been interesting following your thought process and choices. This little vardo is definitely talking to you.