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  1. non-yellowing matte finish glue?

    The school glue is formulated for easy cleanup with water, even after it has dried, 'cause kids can be messy. It does not hold as well as regular white glue over the long run.
  2. Poor Hansel!

  3. Second try on the chocolate frosting roof

    Looks good enough to eat! This little cottage is coming together beautifully. 
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    My Chrome translated it, which makes it even more charming, but you're right that the pictures are enough to guide you through construction. One of the suggestions in the text is to use shoe box cardboard. Brilliant! Cheaper than buying bristol board, especially if the item is going in a shabby chic direction.  
  5. Frustrated, In Dire Need of Workaround

    You're talking about parchment paper from the baking aisle, right?
  6. KathieB's Garden Blog, Georgia edition :)

    Did some weeding this morning. Have ordered a bird seed feeder with a protective cage designed to keep out squirrels. I'm guessing it will also keep out the shack bully pigeons. If it does, I'll get a caged suet feeder to block the greedy starlings. Some new additions to the garden in today's blog entry. Rain, rain ... *sigh*
  7. Fairfield wiring

    Excellent video, thanks Sable. Despite having electrified a few houses, I learned a lot. I took notes and am inspired to do the electric in the Beacon Hill as the next step. For some reason, I've been shying away from doing any more construction.
  8. Moonlight Retreat, fixtures

    Nice combination, nice effect.  
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Holly, hope the blood flow has stopped by now. The biopsy must have nicked a healthy artery! Sable, good luck with the floor project and getting the phone fixed. I hate it when some inanimate object suddenly becomes the focus of life.
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    She may, but I don't. *sigh*
  11. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    I don't mind going out in the rain, but I'm leery of driving in it. I just think about all of the weeds in need of pulling that are thumbing their botanical noses at me. Will need a machete or flamethrower to subdue them when the rains pass.
  12. What scale for automobiles for the dollhouse.

    We have discussed this in the past, although I can't recall where just now. Items identified by their manufacturer as a particular scale vary widely. But if you think about it, so do real life items. Think about furniture scaled for apartments vs. that for homes with large rooms. Also consider a Smart Car and a passenger van. When parked beside one another, the effect is jarring. It looks like one has given birth to the other! The issue isn't really what scale something is but how it relates to its surroundings.  I have a photo of three chairs, each one sold as 1:12. They are very different, Yet in the end, all three fit into Marie Laveau's cottage and look fine, as they are not near one another.  See them here. It all comes back to smoke and mirrors.