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  1. Flooring Question

  2. My First Dollhouse!

    Welcome to the forum, Sofia. As you work on your house, your eye will adjust to the small scale and you will begin to see possibilities in all kinds of things. For example, the plastic single-serve creamers make realistic waste baskets and lamp shades; pressed cardboard egg cartons make grand stones and bricks. Keep in mind that  "realistic" is the result of a deft application of the "smoke and mirrors" approach. It doesn't have to be real, it only needs to look real.   Dedicated? Absolutely! (Bordering on obsessed at times.  )
  3. Adams House Ideas

    Do you want to add space to the single room or add a room above it? If the latter, you could cut the side walls at the point where the porch roof attaches and add a spacer to increase the attic height.
  4. Feels like a New addiction - Ceramic vases

    That "just in case" concept can sneak up on you.  
  5. Feels like a New addiction - Ceramic vases

    They are lovely, all of them.  
  6. Hi from Australia

    I find fiddling with the tiny switches on battery lights to be troublesome and time consuming. When I want the lights on in a house, I want the lights on with the flick of a switch. My ideal is to have the house dust-resistant by adding a Plexiglas sheet to close it up, so removing that to reach battery lights would be cumbersome. However, that said, I've used touch-on lights from Walmart as hidden back lights in a room box instead of wiring. Reaching it involved lifting the roof of the room box -- easily done. See it here.
  7. Shingle painting tips

    I followed your lead and did the same. I'm less and less happy with the copper roofing on the Beacon Hill's tower. I'm thinking to pull it off and do it in two sizes of rounded shingles to match the other roof sections, which are currently painted green. Thinking to paint everything a charcoal black with a bit of aging. Might be that an underlying disappointment in the copper roofing has been holding me back on this build. I really want to see it finished! @Rolle I didn't mean to hijack your thread, but one never knows when or where inspiration will strike.  
  8. Hi from Australia

    As you continue in this obsession hobby you will find yourself asking friends and relatives to save things for you, like cereal boxes, paper egg cartons (makes great bricks and stone), and other items that will occur to you over time.  
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Where are Chip and Joanna Gaines when you need them? this looks right up their alley.  
  10. Congratulations Shannon!

    Hooray! Love it when an artist is recognized during her lifetime!  
  11. Hi from Australia

    It doesn't have to be wood. Mat board is suitable. Once painted, no one can tell if it is wood or not. Cardboard, like cereal boxes, would work every bit as well, and it's free. 
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    When visitors ask about miniature furnishings and accessories, I usually tell that that nearly anything imaginable is available -- at only twice the price of a real life version.  
  13. Gluing clapboard strips

    I do not know. However, if it is necessary to keep toluene on hand to remove glue that gets where it shouldn't be or to take apart bits glued wrong, then I'm unlikely to try it. 
  14. Gluing clapboard strips

    The Beacon website says this about 527: Materials It Bonds: Ceramics, China , Metal, Shells, Tile Doesn't say anything about wood. And according to osha.gov, the toluene used for cleanup/thinning is dangerous if it gets on skin or if the fumes are inhaled. Makes me wonder of the glue itself emits fumes. The website says:  Symptoms of toluene exposure include: irritation of the eyes and nose; weakness, exhaustion, confusion, euphoria, dizziness, headache; dilated pupils, lacrimation (discharge of tears); anxiety, muscle fatigue, insomnia; numbness or tingling of the skin; dermatitis. Toluene exposure may cause liver and kidney damage. Toluene affects the central nervous system, eyes, skin, respiratory system, liver, kidneys. Breathing high levels of toluene during pregnancy has been shown to result in children with birth defects and to retard mental abilities and growth. There is evidence that exposure to toluene at work is associated with spontaneous abortion. High concentrations of toluene, usually from use in a confined space or unventilated area, can cause loss of consciousness, respiratory depression and death. Long term and repeated workplace exposure to toluene affect the central nervous system. I think I'll keep to Aileen's and Titebond.  
  15. Hi from Australia

    Hello, Jillian, and welcome to the forum. The tiny kits are fascinating. When you have made 5 posts you will be able to open an album in the Gallery and share photos with us. We have a few Australian members here who will be able to answer your question regarding electrifying your Diana. The Diana is a beautiful little house. We will all look forward to seeing what you do with it.