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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    Leaving in the morning for the trip home from Atlanta to New Orleans. This week visiting my sister's family has flown by!
  2. First wall with pieces of crown

    What an elegant effect ... well worth the effort!
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    Sounds like positive progress, Sable. Hang in there!
  4. Putting on the shakes?

    I've successfully painted a shingled roof by using a fairly stiff bristle brush by pushing the paint up under the overlapped bits and scrubbing it into the cracks between the shingles to get the edges that show. It takes a bit of doing, and once it's dry you may need to do some touch-ups. One thing you may want to do, though, is to paint the roof pieces the color that you will be painting the shingles, so the bits that show through won't be a glaring contrast. It's hard to poke the paint down into those tiny openings. All in all, I think Holly's idea of painting one row at a time as you go will help soothe your perfectionist gene and cut down on the assembly time considerably.
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    Hit a thrift shop today. Found a small stash of men's breast pocket display handkerchiefs that will make  nice draperies or upholstery fabric, some  tiny glass jars filled with finely ground minerals for the doctor's home office in the Beacon Hill, and a pair of oval earrings that have a head portrait of a lady with an ornate frame that will go into the Beacon Hill as portraits. Or maybe one will go into the BH and the other into the Pierce/Bohemian Inn. 
  6. Cosplay fun!

    What fun! And what a talented person you are! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Have you tried thinning the spackle with water?
  8. Why we love this hobby

    Oh, pshaw, Kelly! (Love that word; don't have an opportunity to say pshaw very often!) Anyway, you wouldn't soldier on if you weren't having fun. A wise person once observed that people tend to do what they want/like to do, and, dear heart, you do it with a vengeance.  Hugs.
  9. Dying mini Easter eggs

    I just spotted this video on Facebook, someone dying mini Easter eggs ... the link is here. Don't know if non-Facebook users can see it, but give it a click and find out. It is too cute not to try share.  
  10. Why we love this hobby

    I just ran across a quote from Albert Einstein -- "Creativity is intelligence having fun." Doesn't that just describe us beautifully?  
  11. Making miniature drinks

    The problem with tacky glue is that it tends to shrink/evaporate over time. I used it in a birdbath, had a nice layer of water at first. Now, a few years later, it is no more than a shiny surface. 
  12. Kid-Friendly Garfield?

    Hi, Kristie, and welcome to the forum. As you may have deduced from the above posts, the Garfield may not be a good choice for young children. You might consider storing this kit for several years and in the meantime build something less ambitious and more child friendly. Many of us started out with Greenleaf's Orchid. It has four rooms, is fairly easy to reinforce for child's play, and can be upgraded as the children get older. If there is a Hobby Lobby near you, they carry the Orchid, and with the 40%-off coupon it will cost about $25. As Holly suggested, leave out the window panes as they will get poked out or incur damage fairly quickly. I would also leave out the stairs for children this young and all of the gingerbread trim. Save it for adding later if you decide to upgrade the house as they get older. You might even consider leaving off the porch posts and railings. Somebody's sure to try to use it as a handle to pick up the house. Square dowels can be glued and/or stapled into the inside corners for added strength, and pieces of 1x2 can be added under the base to reinforce it. Paint the inside with white (or a light color) latex house paint in a satin finish for relatively easy clean-up when the young muralists want to redecorate. Small sample paint jars from Walmart or Home Depot are plenty big enough to do the job (and they are satin finish).  It will act as a sealer/primer for whatever wall and ceiling treatment you want to use later on. You can score lines in the floor pieces to mimic boards, then stain it and coat with clear polyacrylic. Again, this will seal the wood and prevent little fingers from getting splinters and be upgraded later on. Sorry to rain on your parade, but really, Garfield + children does not promise a happy outcome. I hope this doesn't dampen your enthusiasm entirely. 
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    Sable, hope by now the pain has subsided. Don't worry about looking scary. The alternative is even scarier. Sending warm, fluffy hugs and many good wishes.
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Frogtape makes a masking tape that can be used on newly painted surfaces. I'm guessing its sticky backing is a bit less sticky than the regular Frogtape. I wonder if it could be used to mask wallpaper without risk of it pulling the paper off. Has anyone tried it? If it works, then Major Miracle, thy name is Frogtape.  
  15. Beacon Hill Staircase (with mod)

    I cut part of the stair railings horizontally at ceiling/floor level, so they can slide in and out without having to tilt and jiggle them into place. The ceiling/floor hides the fact that the railing is not one solid piece. I thought I had photos of the stairway assembly, but this is the only one I can find. The ground floor assembly is slid into place.