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  1. LightingL.jpg

    Beautiful lighting.  As for furniture, maybe a smaller table? It seems to overpower the space, at least in this photo.
  2. Lily Bash!

    One of the moderators needs to delete it. When it comes to uploading photos, this software has a mind of its own.  I love your bash. The double gallery is so New Orleans, and putting bedrooms on the top floor is genius.  
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Strange phenomenon: when I look in the mirror I see a lady with platinum blonde hair. Any mirror. Any kind of lighting. Anywhere. I was a towhead as a child. But when I see the clippings on the floor after a haircut, they are gray to white. Go figure.
  4. TGS-117

    What a great idea! There are so many beautiful beads to represent ceramic items.  
  5. What's everyone working on?

    I rather like the interest of the different wood tones. Once there are rugs on the floor and furniture in place I don't think it will look quite as stark. Do you have furnishings that you could stage at this point to see how it looks to you?
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Maybe you ... <ducking and running>
  7. I'm going to use Spackle or joint compound on the outside of my Beacon Hill. I'm going to pounce the surface lightly with a damp sponge to raise a bit of texture to imitate stucco and will have egg carton quoins for a more formal look.
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I can recall the days when I could write to a cousin in England on those blue tissue-paper-thin airmail forms on Monday and have a response from her by Thursday. Man, am I ever OLD! 
  9. Panelling glued in

    How elegant! Your hard work on the paneling has really paid off.  
  10. You can also spread on a very thin coat of Spackle or joint compound on the wall. It forms a lovely surface that resembles real life plastered walls and takes paint beautifully.
  11. Thanks for your suggestions Kathie. I'm off to pack for my trip tomorrow - I've been studying dollhouse stuff all day and so very behind. 

    Very best,


    1. KathieB

      Where are you off to? I'm heading to Amsterdam in a week. :) 

    2. Jazz

      I'm flying to the west coast for a social media conference. (work related - I write marketing stuff) There are friends and family there, and some awesome seafood so I'm making a vacation of it. Haven't been anywhere in a while re knee replacement surgery in 2018 so I'm looking forward to some whale watching and warm weather. Ontario = cold,  Victoria BC = much nicer!


    3. KathieB

      Nice. :) Enjoy!

  12. Repairing a Pierce. My first house

    In order to create an entry/reception area in my Bohemian Inn Pierce, I totally reworked the stairs. It's hard to believe that this was done eight years ago, but a couple of moves and some major life interventions slowed me down. And I've promised the Beacon Hill to finish her before going back to the Pierce. In any event, if you check my blog here and scroll down, you will see what I did with the stairs.  I'm not one for making detailed templates, so I just blundered ahead with the renovation. I learned how to fix mistakes.  In any event, it still looks good. Lonely and neglected, but good.
  13. It's just a matter of cutting a doorway to provide access to the conservatory. I am adding an entire 2-story addition onto the right side (living room) wall to accommodate a nice large kitchen on the ground floor and a bedroom/bath on the upper floor in my Bohemian Inn and Restaurant. I am going to make it removable. As Holly mentioned, the house may one day need to pass through a real life doorway.
  14. Rosemary, dear heart, this IS therapy.  Welcome to the asylum forum.
  15. IMG_2853.JPG

    What she said ... beautifully carved