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  1. Ceiling height and Aster Cottage

    It is frustrating to have a particular plan in mind only to find out that it won't work in a particular house or that the house itself demands something totally different. Ask Holly, who's plan to create Miss Marple's cottage turned into a jolly pub instead. Or when my plan to build a regular 1:12 scale houseboat turned into a 1:24 scale two-story houseboat containing a two-story formal ballroom housing a retired merchant marine captain who happens to be a bullfrog. Or a farmhouse that I just couldn't bring myself to finish until it let me know that it wanted to be a haunted hangout for a gang of skeletons! Who'd have thought? We have learned to listen to the kits and follow their lead rather than trying to impose our will on them. Your Aster is telling you something. It seems as if your inspiration photo isn't going work in this house. You need to listen to the house and go with the flow (as we aging flower children used to say).   If you share your inspiration photo, perhaps someone here can suggest a house that would suit it better than the Aster.
  2. What's everyone working on?

    I like that each of the rope-molding columns is different. I immediately sensed the pride of artistry and craftsmanship that the cottager-builder must have felt as he built his house. 
  3. Marquetry class by Cris Malcomson

  4. Hint for choosing color schemes

    I don't see this as a bad habit. I think it adds to the realism if the mini house looks as if real mini people had a hand in decorating it. If I wouldn't be happy living there, I'm sure neither would they.  
  5. Hint for choosing color schemes

    More like personal taste, I think. No reason why it couldn't be done.
  6. tree exterior finished (3).jpg

    That little bit extra makes a big difference. It really looks good.  
  7. Birds on a Branch - 24.75 hours

    I'm  whiz with cupcakes. Just got back from dropping off some a the local police station, thanks for patrolling our neighborhood.  
  8. Birds on a Branch - 24.75 hours

    Do you think the postmaster's wife or mother might adopt me?  
  9. Birds on a Branch - 24.75 hours

    The colors are stunning ... this looks way too elegant to be found in a rural post office.
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The bottom of the box appears to have some damage from dampness. I'd steer way clear of this one.
  11. wood arms Yea or Nay

    What a fabulous little chair. I love that it folds up.   As for the arms, I could go either way. It's great the way it is, but the wood would add another element of realism. 
  12. Beautiful Crissy

    Neat gift! I was in my 30s 49 years ago, so missed the Crissy craze.
  13. What's everyone working on?

    Hi Linda! Is this what you're looking for? Walmer Victorian Farmhouse? is your most recent album. I wanted to post a link, but the program won't let me. 
  14. can anyone help

    Reported as spam
  15. Bookcases II

    We've all been there, Holly. Don't beat yourself up!