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  1. The McKinley House is Back Home

    Oh my, what a tale! A homecoming with supernatural overtones. Perfect for this time of year.  
  2. Miniatures.com

    I broke down and ordered a grab bag. It arrived today. I am really disappointed. The biggest item is a rather simplistic white dresser with a mirror above it, not very realistic. I might consider beating is up a bit and burying it under discarded items in an attic. There are two kitchen chairs painted white with blue trim that can probably be repainted and used in a kitchen or on a porch, maybe in the Pierce/Bohemian inn. The rest of the bag was a lot of printed items --- books, newspapers, over-sized (for 1:12) playing cards, a half dozen something-or-others that are printed on roughly fan-shaped thin black paper with a hard-to-see gold print of a face, and a lot of tiny items that too small or too blurred to make out what they're supposed to be. I don't think I'll take the chance again. I'd rather spend my money on something I want.
  3. Tree foliage

    Clever you!
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

     Yay, rah!!!   The listing has already been deleted.  
  5. what's missing from this little bedroom?

    Articles of clothing? A couple cookies on a plate by the drink? One would have a bite taken out of it, of course, some crumbs.   A radio or record player? Plants? Maybe a cactus?
  6. Amazon Alexa

    I'm finding more uses for it, too. My shopping list, to do list, reminders for this and that, news in the morning, music whenever I feel the need, kitchen timer ... it's sort of like having an amiable roommate who doesn't leave wet towels on the bathroom floor. 
  7. Bench seat in back

    It's exciting to see the details coming together. Nobody does it better. Can't wait to see the finished product. I'm so glad you let us join you on this journey. 
  8. Apple Blossom window replacements

    A bit of trim will cover a multitude of errors  
  9. Amazon Alexa

    I understand where  you're coming from. When my sis found out I have Alexa, she pretty much said what you said, then told me of a two-pane; cartoon she saw recently. In the first panel were some folks in a 1950s setting expressing concern about the government spying on them. In the second panel the same folks, same pose, updated setting, Amazon Echo on table. Man is saying Alexa ....
  10. Amazon Alexa

     Of course! There's one across the street. 
  11. Amazon Alexa

    Hmmm... I wonder. I got the plugs when I got the Echo Dots, all from overstock.com.  Their inventory may not be as fresh as other places. My modem is 2 years old. Need to find a Geek.  
  12. Thanksgiving Dinner

    Mmmmmm ... haven't had stuffed mirlitons in ages. Will tell Alexa to add to my shopping list.  
  13. Amazon Alexa

    I have an Alexa Dot 3rd Generation -- 2, actually. I've managed to set up one of them yesterday. Got an update on news and weather this morning and listened to some Mozart and some soft Jazz while assembling hors d'ouevres and a salad for Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's. Pleasant. Setting up the one Dot was a snap once I downloaded the app to my phone. Ran into some issues trying to set up a smart plug so as to control a lamp. The instructions are printed in what must be 4-point type. Even with magnifying glass they are hard to read. Gave up on it last night. Plan to scan the instructions and enlarge them before attempting round 2 this morning. Any Alexa users in the house? Curious how you might use her once the novelty has worn off.
  14. Thanksgiving Dinner

    My goodness, Joel! What a sumptuous menu! Where do you live and do I have time to get there before dinner?   
  15. Lamps from scratch

    Dremel diamond drill bits There's an outside chance that it might crack the vase, but if you use gently pressure and let the drill do the work, it ought to be fine.