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  1. larsonfeigner

    Hi, Mary, and welcome to the forum. When gluing down flooring strips or siding or shingles, it is not necessary to coat the entire surface with glue. The moisture from the glue soaking into the wood is what causes it to warp/curl. Dots or thin stripes of glue will do the job and prevent the warping. It's not like there are going to hoards of little people stomping through with their steel-toed boots to dislodge it.   Put a piece of waxed paper on top of the newly-glued flooring and weight it down with heavy books, large cans, etc., to dry overnight.
  2. Prices -- Wow!

    I usually tell the gawkers that you can buy anything for miniatures that you can find in real life, at about twice the price.   As Holly said, many of us have made some of our own furniture and accessories. Many of the food items for your café/diner can be made from polyclay. There are some good tutorials on YouTube.
  3. Package Delivery -- in What Universe?

    I think this is a big part of the problem here. The box was not an Amazon box, and it was definitely not packed the way Amazon would have packed it. 
  4. Hello

    Hi, Jenn, and welcome to the forum. Don't hesitate to ask as  questions/challenges arise. There's a wealth of information to draw on here in the forum, and it is freely shared.  
  5. Sure, Jenn. Wood glue works best on raw wood. You may want to do a dry fit first and mark with a pencil where the sections will be glued. Then take it apart and paint and prime, but not the areas that will be glued. Cover it with painters tape or paint very carefully. "Dry fit" refers to assembly using tape and/or clamps to hold pieces in place. Useful if slots and tabs need adjusting for a perfect fit.
  6. Ok. So I ordered a dozen quart storage jars, planning to fill them with ingredients for cookies, tape the recipe on the outside, tie with a bow, and voila! Christmas in a jar for friends and relatives. The supplier shipped them in two separate orders, although they were ordered at the same time. So one was supposed to arrive on Sunday, another on Monday. Sunday evening I got a notice that the package was delivered, handed to the recipient. Ha. That didn't happen. No sign of package. I wasn't even home. So on Monday, what seemed to be a repeat performance -- no package, despite the notice that it would be delivered that day. Alexa still told me it would be delivered on Monday when I asked her "Where's my stuff?" around 9 pm. So yesterday, Tuesday, I opened the front door to get the mail and surprise -- there was a box the right size to hold six one-quart storage jars. But when I pick it up, I heard the unmistakable sound of glass shards tinkling. Four of the six jars were smashed beyond recognition, although the outside of the box was undamaged. So I hopped on Amazon.com and report this major snafu.  But the story doesn't end there. Today when I went out for the mail there was another box. Much smaller. No weight to it, felt empty. It was addressed to me, but a delivery code sticker was pasted over the return address, so I can't tell who shipped it. Inside are 6 round button batteries. I didn't order any batteries. Only minutes later, Alexa notified me that 6 glass storage jars had been delivered.  I don't even know how to begin to catch Amazon up on what's been happening. Meanwhile, I went to Big Lots and found just the jars I need. At least the universe smiled on me once this week, if only briefly.  
  7. Display boxes

    The type of hanger pretty much depends on the weight of the box. Most hangers indicate the max weight rating, so let that be your guide.  You can use a removable, repositionable, reusable substance like Museum Wax to keep stuff from falling over or migrating. If you enclose the box with a glass or Plexiglas front, this would be useful.
  8. Harrison issue

    I love a happy ending!  
  9. Minis at Walmart - Mini Brands

    After I posted about this, I started thinking -- 73+ years later, why do I remember this? Lord knows I've forgotten a lot more important things along the way!! 
  10. Minis at Walmart - Mini Brands

    Children are gullible, indiscriminate collectors. When I was in about 2nd grade I remember saving eraser crumbs in a tiny open box that I'd folded from a scrap of paper.  It rested on the pencil ledge in my school desk. I think I gave up that collection after the box had tipped several times and I was reprimanded for failing more than one desk inspection.
  11. Harrison issue

    Check out this Harrison Build website by one of our members. It may help.
  12. Harrison issue

    I'm not familiar with the Harrison in particular, but when I'm building, if something looks way off, I look to see if I may have accidentally flipped the pieces.
  13. Flip This Dollhouse

    Off topic but I just have to comment .... after meticulous planning for this Boston area road trip, we ended up going to Amsterdam instead. Saw nothing in Massachusetts beyond the inside of the airport.   Funny how life happens while you're making plans. Mass. is still on my bucket list.
  14. Buttecup/ full size

    The secret to perfect utility knife cuts is several passes with a light touch rather than bearing down hard.