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  1. Where to purchase your Dollhouse?

    Hi Jen,    Craigslist is another option as well as the  Community Trading Post in this forum.   Best of luck
  2. witch at work

    Love the grumpy mandrake!
  3. Do your minis get misplaced?

    Yes but I like to think "The Little's" that are in my house take them because they really really need them. Also someday when i find their house I bet it will be amazing!!! I am still at a loss for the sock theif though on laundry day....
  4. 1/2 Scale Petite Properties: Hobgoblin Hall

    You have both 1/24 and 1/4?? Meee tooo I am working on the small one right now!  I can't wait to see what you do with it in half scale....
  5. The never ending Arthur

    This looks great so far Jane, I love the wonky roof and ya know unfinished projects are like dust bunnies...yep...
  6. Bathing Suit Season.....sigh

    Last time I purchased them it was at Sears or JC Penny and they had separates for those who are not a one size fits all. For instance when it comes to tops and skirts or dresses with jackets usually the jackets need to be a size larger.  Ok back to the swim suit, I was able to pick up swim shorts and a top that still was stylish but that I was comfortable and didn't feel like I was showing off too much. Also they had them in every style and color so I was not stuck with something I would only wear at home.
  7. Ratcatcher

    Beautiful work Jo! I love all the details in each of your characters. I have two dolls my mother made for me and probably the only ones she will ever make (in 1/12 size) and I have yet been brave enough to dress them. I keep hoping at one of the shows I'll find a booth that has all the little findings for them...
  8. Little bit of spring!

    Aww this make me want to nuke peeps in the microwave!! But really soo cute and tiny!!
  9. Family Photo wall!

    Awesome! When i saw your wall it reminded me of Mrs. Figg...
  10. Shower curtain

    What a great looking bathroom. All the details you added makes it soo warm and inviting! I so really need to get another one of those bathroom kits.
  11. Jane Graber Pottery

    OOhh very nice and such great kids!! Congrats
  12. ranch 20

    Ohh I like the sneak peak into the kitchen!
  13. 1:24 Puppy Moose Bed

    Shut the front door!! Jane that is awesome!
  14. 1/2 Scale Nottingham - Finished

    I love how you made these leaded windows! Soo realistic.
  15. 1/2 Scale First Lady by RGT

    Even for half scale it does look huge!