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  1. Happy B-day David! Hope you have a great one!



  2. Hi David!!! Long time no talk too.

  3. Hi David !! i see you too!! lol

  4. HI DAVID!!!!!!!

    I SEE YOU!!!!!

  5. 11/09/06 MLM Have you ever done any?

    Oh man I'd totally forgotten about the cards - I tried that myself.. I don't think I was more than about 6 or 7.. we ended up buying the cards ourselves - good lesson though - I made more recycling cans and bottles than from having to buy and sell those cards lol -David

    Happy Birthday Teresa and Anna -David
  7. Southern Christmas Show

    YaaaaY Linda Congratulations on your Ribbon! :w00t: Yaaaay :thumb: -David
  8. A big hello from Cornwall

    Hi Lynn, Welcome to the group :thumb: I'm so envious of some of the magazines available in the UK :w00t: But the magazines are about all I know about being way on the other side of things out here in California. Would love to see what house you're working on. It's nice to meet folks from all over David
  9. A simple Crown

    From the album David's Mini's

    This is not quite finished but almost - I'll wait to cut the ends off untill I put this on a doll's head. Wish the lighting was better on this.
  10. Does anyone have any idea???

    Unforuntatly the report button only works if the people you're reporting it to have taken a firm anti -descrimination stance. The last time I asked people not to refer to one of my religions holidays as "Evil" I was told that my religion being "Evil" was an opinion and anyone had a right to post their opinion (again I don't see how that promotes harmony, peace, consideration or community) and that furthermore I had no right to ask people to be respectful towards other cultures and religions. The fact that I'm respectful of other people's religions and holidays didn't seem to matter because (as was said by the administration) my refering a non-christian religious day of importance as a "holiday" was offensive. So unfortunately using the report button does no good when bashing anothers religion is deemed "opinion" and acceptable behavior. I really hope that seeing there are other people out there (besides me) who feel that it's inappropriate will change their minds. - - Sorry for continuing to be off topic here but I see that it's bothered more than just me this time and I really am hoping that religious discrimination and bashing will come to be viewd as seriously as racial discrimination and bashing is. It really seems unfair that the 'moral majority' can say inflamatory things but when the minority asks them politely to be respectful of thier minority group we're told we don't have that right and we're the ones being offensive by asking. -David
  11. Birthday Greetings

    :groucho: Happy Birthday!! :yes: -David
  12. Sweet Meka

    Hi Ellen, Well definitely keep Meka in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing her all the best and hoping that they're benign and not cancerous tumors. <hugs> -David
  13. Does anyone have any idea???

    Understood - but my hope is that the conversations regarding religion and which is right and which is wrong and which people are weird or evil - will be completely discontinued and disallowed even in Chit Chat since it does nothing to bring miniaturists together and only draws dividing lines creating different groups of miniaturists. I'm a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that no one should be allowed to bash, harrass, or force thier prejudices on others on a forum that is dedicated to bringing people togther for things such as hobbies and enjoyment. Prejudice of any kind is non-condusive to having a friendly, open, safe, family oriented and hobby oriented forum. And Kay, dont' even think twice about it - this isn't the first time this has come up which makes alot of people afraid to post about things like this - and no one should be afraid to post something as benign as a thread about which house is this or how do I make a crystal ball holder or a set of Tarot cards for my Witch scene. That's exactly what a miniatures forum is for - making and talking about miniatures. And it shouldn't matter if those miniatures are of Igloos, castles, houses, wild west salloons, cathedrals or a preacher's house or a witch's house. -David
  14. Does anyone have any idea???

    Holly I agree 100%! As far as I was led to believe this is a place to discuss miniatures, not politics, not racism and not religion even though religion has often come up before - always by the same kinds of people who basically say 'my religion teaches this is evil' When a question comes up on a forum saying "do you believe in ghosts?" wouldn't it be simpler to say no or to not answer it then to go into a my religion teaches speech? I don't believe a question has ever been asked regarding what religion everyone is - and how can prostulating one's religion on a miniature forum be condusive to miniature fellowship? A person's religion is a very private, very personal thing between them and their Diety/Dieties. But when people start making uninformed and clearly biased comments about it then it becomes more than a right to step up and say this is wrong - it becomes a necessity that those of us who are able - stand up and speak for the rest who can't. Please - can't we keep this community about miniatures and leave any prejudices and especially religious bashing at the door? -David