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  1. Worn and torn linoleum

    the detail of the torn flooring is wonderful.
  2. Wall stains

    Perfect detail.
  3. Dresser

    I love this. Its so real.
  4. 20140411 001117

    LOL! Debora, its just your average little house. Nothing exciting.
  5. 20140411 001117

    From the album door knocker

    side view of the knocker.
  6. 20140411 001007

    From the album door knocker

    this is the door knocker on my real front door. Its solid brass and sounds like it should be on the Munsters house.
  7. Deb, The tunnel is a fun thing, We put an arbor up when the hedges were small and just let them grow through it, kept weaving the branches through it . It is at the top of the steps and only about 3 feet deep but there is another tree behind it that adds to the shadows, It is still suprising for me to walk down the steps and see everything layed out a the bottom.Several times I've gone down the steps and met up with a deer having lunch on the berry bushes. Today we walked around looking at everything now that the snow is gone, just alot of mud now. The lilacs have buds, the day lilies and irises are up about 3 inches and my black eyed susans are turning green. I see little purple tips where the hostas are and the sedum around the pond is bright green so it looks like most everything made it through. The dill and cat nip grow wild everywhere but its still to early to see how much of those will come back, tomorrow I'll check the blackberry vines, they are growning up the side of the greenhouse and were out of the winds so I thing they will be OK. I love seeing everything change daily.
  8. DSCF2485

    Thanks, usually there's deer walking around. I can't wait to see it like this again soon.
  9. I added a few pictures of my pond from last summer if anyone would like to see it. Terri
  10. winter 2014 uglyest ever 019

    From the album Bac yard and pond

    This is the pond 3 weeks ago! Ugly!
  11. DSCF2485

    From the album Bac yard and pond

    This is what you see when you go down the steps
  12. DSCF2484

    From the album Bac yard and pond

    Better shot of the Tunnel
  13. DSCF2483

    From the album Bac yard and pond

    The pond sits infront of the hedges the dark area to the left of the bird house is a tunnel through the hedges leading to a pair of steps. Between the pond and the bird house is a stone sidewalk.
  14. DSCF2482

    From the album Bac yard and pond

    This is a shot of the pond last year. It's bigger than it looks in this photo.
  15. I'm glad that works for you Deana, I have 2 cats and a stray that comes and hangs out with our girls every day. When we had a dog I never had any critter problems. Now I have raccoons, and ground hogs that think they own the place. The ground hogs are the worse, they aren't afraid of us and I almost tripped over one while carrying a basket of laundry out to dry. They lay on the big rocks and sun themselves in the afternoon and watch us.