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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Sounds like you made grey finns there Christine! as for me, I am having fun with going with the flow in the New craft area set up, ie carving wizard staffs just because I found a suitable dowel.... Yep I know, remins me of a gnat mind huh! Going from one thing to another, but when doing so I tend to pilot and plan the next step I need to figure out, and right mowmit ismthe lighthouse tower roof I need to finish with an openablemtop part where the battery pack Will be for the top light.  
  2. From start to finish

    From the album A little bit of everything

    Still need to stain, varnish and decorate theße.
  3. Large tree skeleton for the San Franciscan.JPG

    Wow, that is inspiring! Looking forward to seeing it alongside the build itself
  4. Wizard staffs in the making

    Yes, they are first carved to the rouge shape, then I use tiny files to get the indentions and then sandpaper.  
  5. What's everyone working on?

    I am actually supposedly sorting through the craft room reorganizing it as I got some New chest of drawers as well as a New deal part for it. (When Ikea lowers a price it is most often a sign that the particular line is going out of stock sometime in the near future...) in doing so I keep a piece of paper scribbling/jotting/sketching down ideas while going through the contents of the boxes I have. I am also going through the projects I have that are "almost" Done seeing what it is that it need to be finishen, the music room is o e of those almost, almost Done. Then there is this cute little 1:24 scale-ish little greenhouse I am thinkng of turning into a "She-shed" we'll see... the Steampunk build where the interior is slowly taking shape inside My mind's eye, very slowly and I still have noooo Idea where that Will stop... after that there is the bus, aka a  bus transformed into a home on wheels. Atleast sort of on wheels as the Idea I have is very much more or less permanent based living spot.  I Love reorganizing the designated craft area!
  6. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    The weather is just plain weird, going from sunny and blue sky too grey, almost black clouds, Dipping in temps as in early spring and then all of a Sudden it either rain cats and dogs and go into steamy warm mode, then back to chilly and almost raining, all in just the afternoon hours.... <sheesh> and it is graduating time tomorrow, where the ceremoni is planned as an outdoor activity, Yay....
  7. Before and After Light Fixture

    Lovley transformation!!!
  8. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Over here windy, chilly and RAINY.... had to put on an extra sweater this morning
  9. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Fabulous find! Had never seen this before ao it was a double treat for me. Looking forward to seeing how you Will use it
  10. I am off on a rummaging Spree....
  11. Oh dear lord that made me to go into a laughing fit making sweet hubby go "huh?!?" - as I was in a bit of sulky mod when getting home earlier. TY    
  12. And there is the steampunked version of a nailgun, hmmm, gives me ideas.....
  13. What's everyone working on?

    Gorgeous work Karin, punchbeedling stands on My "one-day-I-Will-try" list. I gave a needle allready, but not sure about the fabric and ways to use it. thank you Mary, the baskers is the latest mini-flinf for me  and I have Now mailet an inquiery to the lady at Little Trimmings in the UK, Hoping to find more thread with her.. hugs
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Now that Sounds like a great Idea. I really do need to stock up on more colours of yarn, I have neat coloured wires at hand (as in hot pink and purple as well as a strong red) and no thread to match it with. The thread I have forthose are way to wire giving a bulky impression. Need to scout for a local (or atleast fairly) local yarn shop as I need to see the thread to see if it Will work, I have no clue on thread sizes when it comes to crochet yarns.  Hugs