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  1. What's everyone working on?

    i am so behind in keeping up here as we have beenaway for a few days (Enjoying a few days in Italy) so Afcourse I have My Box of fun things to keep me occupied with while hubby is out riding his bike. (That was the purpose for the trip to start with, a race called Nove Colli) so this is what I have been doing. The oval basket is Done on a thin piece of plywood and I kind of like e way it came out. Gives me more ideas to try out too. oing:  
  2. Having fun

    From the album Vacation time

  3. Circle library, inner supports completed

    Looking good!!! 
  4. Plain white Moses basket

    From the album Wicker

  5. Cozy reading roombox

    Adore they way you Connect the sota so to speak, and I see it too  and it is indeed a nice composition that ties the Linnés together perfectly
  6. Cozy reading roombox

    And if you want a crossed stitched rug to test things out with have a look Here (scroll down a little and the rugs start) 
  7. Steambuilder

    Thank you! LOL, not really sure how it works either just yet, need the "fire" or heating part too prior to actually get it going. It be on the outside to the right and have a pipe connecting a water tub to it as well. The water tub/barrel Will. Olle t water from the drain pipe from the roof. Now to find suitable U-channels as well
  8. Steambuilder

    From the album Steampunk

  9. My obsession with making jack-o-lanterns

    Ohhhhhh, lovley!
  10. IMG_0402.JPG

    Not sure just what to add to itjust yet, depends so much on the other features, I am loosley sketching things up so we'll see where it takes me
  11. halfinch-rotbookshelf.jpg

    Fabulous work!
  12. IMG_0402.JPG

    From the album Steampunk

  13. Bead Cage Light

    Looks perfect, great seeing that it works, I got one of those on its way over here as well for the same intendent use.   
  14. mini chandelier with plug in.jpg

  15. Making miniature drinks

    Oh no, how awful! I have heard of something similar when someone had used a regin of some kind that sort of continued expanding when Curing, which with some resins takes a loooong time and if put in an airtight container that can happen.  Hugs