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  1. IMG_0798.JPG

    Thank you!  might have been even better spread out over three tables as it was a bit on the crowded side...
  2. What's everyone working on?

    Hubby and I pondering about the same thing earlier whilst driving back home (a five hour trek) and concluded that it was the pet items  that went the bes.
  3. OK, I got two!

    So stealing that sign to put on the Wall.... Love theidea of going along with what catches the eye... need to do it more as I tend  tend too overthink things.  
  4. What's everyone working on?

    Yep, kind of busy bee  , you know me, just can't stop after one when the hands want to try out more... didn't sell out but sold plenty and had a great adventure. A bit different Crowe campares to the show in Farum/Denmark, and this so made me miss that too... <sigh> Feels a bit  sort of like opening the Box of Pandora here.  Hugs
  5. IMG-0800.JPG

    Thank you, it was a great first show for sure. 
  6. IMG-0796.JPG

    Thank you! Have had so much fun making a loy of the stuff there too.
  7. What's everyone working on?

    Just back home again after a weekend up in Stockholm attenting the mini show as a vendor. Shared a few pics of My Table snappas in a hurra just as the show was about to open....