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  1. inspiration for a porch scene

    Trying something ner for me adding a little video of the scene as it was yesterday, today I am fiddling with a kind of a bead Wall decorations, Will see how that turns out...  
  2. Vases arriv in the mail

    Inhopp so too, found them at great prices from a UK seller on EBay. Great seller too as speedy shipping, ordered these last Thursday and they Arrived today allready 
  3. inspiration for a porch scene

    So after a day that certainly took its toll on on the patience so to speak I got home to somelovley post deliveries  that brihtened the mood a LOT 
  4. What's everyone working on?

    Might find something here not Copenhague but still a great resource...      
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    So yesterday the parent-in-Lars were over for a relaxed time having dinner and chat and MIL and I settled on going to the fall  Miniatura in Birmingham (22-23 of September) Will be a nice long weekend for us flying over on Friday and not home until Monday morning. Now to book the flight and hotel.  
  6. Veggie platter done

     thank you so much! It is soooo much fun to create things and share it around here, it has been a Learning curve and I Think the next challenge Will as much fun too. 
  7. First chilli

    Thank you all sp much! Adding the wire into the base made it so much easier to shape
  8. IMG_1249.JPG

    Thank you!
  9. inspiration for a porch scene

     thank you! Have had so much fun mixing the Clay for this, and the New chal pastells have been perfect too, learnt a LOT as well 
  10. inspiration for a porch scene

    Yum, Sounds divine!  So, Now the platter with veggies and stuff is Done, just need to rebake it all. 
  11. inspiration for a porch scene

    Never seen some like that over here, but that Will go into the "try it out" kind of things  
  12. The Bar Room Box

    I have some of that kind too, I Think that is called solid water though.
  13. inspiration for a porch scene

    And here they are with aborters stems that O bent a little too