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  1. Bead Cage Light

    Looks perfect, great seeing that it works, I got one of those on its way over here as well for the same intendent use.   
  2. mini chandelier with plug in.jpg

  3. Making miniature drinks

    Oh no, how awful! I have heard of something similar when someone had used a regin of some kind that sort of continued expanding when Curing, which with some resins takes a loooong time and if put in an airtight container that can happen.  Hugs
  4. Making miniature drinks

    Acrylics from Tubes, rich and creamy I have no worries with it is the ones where one starts out with the dry little had one, add water and swirls around (over those go by the namn akvarell colours) the latter can give nasty bublbes and an occassional explosion of the cup/glass used...  I suspekt it is the ration water to pigment that does it. 
  5. Making miniature drinks

    I have Done that with using liquid fimo tinted with minute amount of the colour effect wanted and then stirred it in (no water colours though) for an example either Ford colouring dyes or the sceneic colouring stuff and/or chalk powders. Add to where you want it And bake.  
  6. Lighting

    Not indeciaive at all, just allowing yoursel to have choices when needed! This is such a fun addition, era, scratch that, I mean hobby ... when mini-ing you Will be able to try out ways to do things you never thought of doing before/prior mini-ing, and there is no limitation on what might be just the thing to achieve the look you are after. Sometimes it is just the a piece of nothing really that gives that perfect finishing touch.  
  7. Lighting

    Well, that is what I call a part of the preparation phase, accumulating  "must haves" for future what ifs and whenever needed stuff.... ie totally. Normal around here    
  8. Plankning stage for the full wall

    Mike, I mistadmit to adore your mind  and righ Now it is thinking out loud yet I am getting this mind's eye picture of how it will look. Need to get some mahogny stain to match as well, them gain the "gunmetal" paint shades are tempting to use too....  as always I am in for a ride when building this....   need coils, cogs and lights for the effect the build wants, we'll see how and if I can pull it together
  9. 100-2280.JPG

    I Envy your mini people loving there, Love the look of it so far!
  10. Dollhouse You Tube Videos

    My thoughts too, I do admirw that there are no glue mess anywhere at all... not My kind of crafting, just saying.... then again, baby napkins are great to get rid of gluey Fingers while being fight up in the flow of things. Love watching it though.  
  11. Circle library, the beginning

    I am in absolutley Love with this cirkel Library Idea and it Will come out absolutley fabulous!
  12. What's everyone working on?

    Soooo, been sitting there looking into it, so not sure om what it wants for its inside just yet, so put "Vastra" (Dr Who fans might know of her  ) who Will be re-dressed as of later, for Now and while decorating the uniform looking  clothes Will work, She Will get the Victorian black deras later on with a hat and veil too. i have had this deal for ages really, i itially got it for the lighthouse, but it works so much better here. Apart from the mahogny we are undecisive... sooo, brainstorma with me what it could be, a shop, a workshop of some kind, a ????  Still have the finishingdetails Left to, like trims and fittings around the oval window. 
  13. On the last pieces Now

    From the album Steampunk