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  1. Stairs, all about stairs...

    I know! That is why we hoped that it by some magical touch would be a kit somewhere... Looks so inviting and I would love to have such a foyer myself, but not the cleaning part I suspect  accompany it. I  have planned a few surprises for MIL for Christmas from this setting to, ie a fire palce and a ceiling lantern (hoping the will arrive in time), still looking for an armour though. Hugs
  2. So, my MIL was so inspired by the Picture on the cover of the August copy of DHMS and is planning to custom make a roombox inspired by the scene. But she is stumped by constructing the stairs surrounding the "room" so to speak. It is a sort of U shape but with no landings, rather an elongated circular stair. Anyone knows if it comes something like this in a kit?
  3. stairs.JPG

    From the album A little bit of everything

    From the DHMS front cover
  4. Northpole.jpg

    Thank you, the trim comes with the kit and is a dream to work with.
  5. Northpole.jpg

    Indeed you do, it is soooo much fun doing
  6. Northpole.jpg

    From the album Aster cottage

  7. Sweet jars Arrived in the mail

    From the album Steampunk

    So Happy that these have Arrived allready. Borrowed the pic from the seller though. 
  8. Winchester Mystery House

    Spent some time Reading about it as I had forgotten the story behind. Gives a lot of i inspiration for sure and would be an interesting mini-build!
  9. Such wonderful progress for her! Thank you for letting us know,!  
  10. Time Out

    So Happy to hear from you Mike! Been thinking about you, sending positive energy and strenght your way!  Keep fighting the good fight hugs
  11. Bashing two houses together

    It all Sounds like a LOT of fun and it Will be a joy to follow along where your build and settings Will take you/us.  
  12. What's everyone working on?

    in between Christmas preparations for the real house I am fiddling with the Base for the Christmas cottage (Aster) which is so much fun. 
  13. Working on the base

    From the album Aster cottage

    Got some rahter Heavy plywood to use as the base for the Christmas cottage. Primed it with gesso to get a white-coated surface to start with, just added one side of snow up next to the path area. It is large enough to be able to add a reindeer or two too. To the right there are the outhouse, another path and some ever green.
  14. What's everyone working on?

    I were contemplating the candle at night Idea, or a hurrican light, one might not want the Santas to risk slipping on the ice huh?!? Might make a difficult sleigh ride LOL