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  1. Matching bunka thread with the skeins of yarn

    Happy, Happy, happy!!! Made a major store of bunka threads (32 different ones) so did a happy dance when the envelope Arrived the other day.  
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    You and me both then Holly!  Hugs
  3. Trying out mini bows of bunka

    From the album Pet items

  4. Auguste the hedgehog

    He is most definitley cute as a Burton! Love the Idea!
  5. What's everyone working on?

    It is an womderful and I wish I could have been there to see it too! Good luck  
  6. Yep - basket case for sure

    From the album Wicker

  7. Found DMC Pearl cotton locally

    The yarn shops are really declining and as I am not very familiar with thread sizes I need to touch and see prior to purchase, but I as I get a few more threads I am certainly I Will be able to locate them online as well as that is readily avaliable as soon as one knows what to look for so to speak.
  8. And yet another basket

    From the album Wicker

  9. Spindles

    Sorry, I see them as either chair less upside down or Table legs, never seen these spindels 
  10. She does indeed have wonderful items, My mother-in-law has sticker up on a LOT of her half scale items too and they are great petting together and She has also bought from PetiteProperties Too and enjoye dthose kits as much so one can't really goqrong with Any of them  suitable perfectly in her halfscale Greenleaf Fairfiled   
  11. Oh good because I got seriously lost there myself LOL
  12. I did try but it got even worse then soI just thrw My hands up in the air in disgust and admitted defeat, went and Painted some Wood trim instead so that it Looks like a Unicorn either shedded strangley on My work Table... 
  13. She is and She is such a sweetheat taking to. Really sharing and showing how to do things at the shows too, had a lovley. Hat with her in Kensington and then met up with her in Farum (Denmark) and I amamazed that She did in remember what we talked about in London, totally had fangirl moment there so to speak  and her items  are to idé for ! Goes togetherlike a charm and next time I know She is at a show I am going to, I  am most defitley bee-lining to get there!