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  1. Feels like a New addiction - Ceramic vases

    Thank you! I Think I am ready for the tulip workshop where we Will make one bouquet of tulips... :)
  2. Feels like a New addiction - Ceramic vases

    Indeed! And I admit to when I hade them all out on the Table I felt like. Dragon guarding her Gold in some ways...
  3. Feels like a New addiction - Ceramic vases

    Thank you! Have been collecting the vases for a while and had them in different containers earlier so really didn't see them all together like this. We are going on a tulip workshop in a couple of weeks which made me collect them all as I purchased a few more just in case... 
  4. We've had some overlap in themes of  builds -  but our interpretations are so different - which is great.  Your Shabby Chic lighthouse wine cellar is still an inspiration to me for a wine cellar in a Tuscan Villa that is still just in my head.  I enjoy seeing your work. 

    1. Anna

      Thank you, the wine cellar is really a build of Love for me, or rather a build of necessity as the lighthouse demanded a cellar. :) It must have been from the time of smuggling and the lighthouse keepers were sort of in the middle e smuggling route

    2. sage minis

      Interesting explanation that makes perfect sense.  I live in a coastal town that has a long history of smuggling. 

      Just love that wine cellar!

  5. LOTs of vases

    Got them all from a UK seller, if you want I can PM you the details
  6. Vase metallic brown

    Got them from a UK seller, have extras if you wouldlike one?
  7. What's everyone working on?

    That is what I do too and yesterday evening I just arranged them a little on shelves, then packed them up and put them in different patterns amongst themselves etc just because I could LOL. Going to dive into My boxes with other ceramics as well to see what else I might have around too. As for plans, sort of as I am ok going to attend a work shop making tulips last weekend in January (along with My MIL) so I do know I Will need atleast two vases but I am not sure of what colour so I just "had" to get one of each avaliable to see it that Will be the one, right?!? (That is My excuse and I am sticking to that  ) 
  8. LOTs of vases

    Thank you, I am in Love with these andam always looking for excuses to add to the "stock" so to speak
  9. What's everyone working on?

    It is so much fun coming home to a find that the minis you ordered a while back finally Arrived.... one of the boxes Held Ceramic vases in different shapes and forms as well as colours. (The ones on the top Row om the Left are in soft pink Tones) and the other Box Held the Brown Ceramic vases as well as plates, platters etc that I used in the hacienda for the taco dinner. It has been fun sorting stuff to this evening! 
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Today We started the teachers year of this semester, the kids Will come back tomorrow. The school is so empty without most of the student for sure. Looking forward to seeing them kl again. I have also been doing some smaller work with the hacienda, and it might be turned into offert g it as a two day work shop this summer, we'll see if there is enough interest around these parts for it.  In order to dress the walls I reached out to an artist that have inspired me a LOT in colours and ambience so to speak, a certain Jonathan Harrys to ask if there is by Any chance small versions of the landscapes or if I might be allowed to printout for My walls. We'll see how that works out.
  11. Happy New Year

    Yep, and we Love it! 
  12. It Looks fantastic! Love the colour as well as the way you made it look so real.