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  1. Are You Brave Enough?

    Here's a bigger one -
  2. Are You Brave Enough?

    Did it work? It's a pic taken in Dec. 2005. In the pic are: Me David - husband Brittany - daughter Dillon - son Jordan - son Logan - son Sorry it's so small!!
  3. New Years Eve

    We've done the same thing for the last ten or so years. The kids, DH, and I have a major silly string fight! (usually 3 or 4 cans each!) We also get those little confetti popper things that are in a little plastic champagne bottle and you pull the string. My living room is TRASHED afterwards but we have a blast!! I'll try to remember to take a few pics.
  4. 16 shopping days till Christmas.....

    I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!! I still have three more gifts to get but I already know exactly where, what and how much. I also still need to pick up a few more stocking stuffers for the kids. Leaving in about an hour to get that done! I also need to get some cleaning done and I need to go grocery shopping for Christmas Dinner. Oh, and I still have to wrap quite a few things! What the heck am I doing on this forum righ now- I need to get busy!!!! :giggle:
  5. Chirstmas Carol Quiz

    I missed one. The dreidel song. I got the christmas tree right only because I guessed. I thought it was lovely too!
  6. Im becoming a Notary

    Hi Jenny - I'm a Notary here in So. Cal too. The test wasn't that difficult. I would also like to remind you that you must keep your notary journal and supplies in a safe and locked place where only you have access to it. Example - I was keeping mine in the safe at work but since my boss (the CFO) also had the combination to the safe, it was not allowed. I found this out when I got a surprise visit from a reperesentative at the Secretary of State's office. It seems I was the lucky recipient of a random inspection of new notaries. Thank goodness I was totally up to date on my journal. I now keep it all in a locked briefcase that I keep in the trunk of my car when not at work. I have learned to treat that thing like my purse during the workday. It goes where I go. Another thing - don't forget to renew your insurance every year. The Notary is for 4 years - the insurance is not. Don't worry about it! I though the seminar/class was kind of interesting and hey - it get's you out of work for a day right?!?
  7. 12/19/06 Shopping 4 The Holidays

    I'm not much of an internet shopper. I also avoid the malls like the plague! It's a good thing I shop pretty well under pressure because I'm not even close to being done yet!
  8. 12/4/06 Let's Play A Game

  9. issues

    I've also been having a little trouble. It won't let me log out. I click log out, then it usually takes me to the home page/log in page. Nope...always logged in and can't fix it. Nevermind - just tried it again and now it works! First time in three days! :groucho: Oh well - must have been a quirk - now it won't let me again!
  10. Whoo Hoo!!! I got the Job!!

    That's great Irene!! Good for you!
  11. 8/29/06 Let's play a Game

  12. New to Site

    Welcome to the forum! I love the Garfield. Pretty big for your first one! Have tons of fun with it :yucky:
  13. My son Jordan

    Thanks everybody for the nice comments and the PM's! :yucky: He's a good kid and pretty levelheaded about the whole thing. He's been doing it since he was 7. - I'm pretty proud of him. It's pretty neat to see someone you know on TV.
  14. WooHoo - I made it for the last one!!