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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    Finally got the San Fran finished and packed off to its destination-- double-walled boxes and loads of packing peanuts-- hope it makes it OK. My next house will be a Tennyson-- my customer wants it in pink like my first Tennyson. Back to stitching on my EPP millefiori quilt; a couple weeks ago I went to Joann's and got some wide-backed fabric and some batting. Probably a wee bit premature but that's OK.
  2. BeaconHill-corridor-wip1.jpg

    Love the wallpaper-- art nouveau?
  3. San Fran finished, finally!

    Finally-- I buckled down this weekend and polished off the San Fran; I posted the pics in an album, but it wouldn't let me choose which pic to be the album title pic. It should've been this first one. This is, of course, made after the style of Robin Carey's San Fran, which photos I studied carefully to get the colors right, even down to the front gable shingles and the porch spindles. The base treatment is actually an embossed "stone"-look scrapbook paper which was originally black, then I painted it gray and dry-brushed with white for accent. I made the flower boxes from matboard, and the fence railing is from Heritage Laser Works and is the same type that Robin Carey used: And the lights still work, even after almost a year of sitting! Here is that difficult very-top-of-the-attic space which I shortened considerably: And the attic, with the matboard channel which covers the mass of wires going out from the battery box. The furniture is from Kris' tutorials. The draperies are my own inventions. This house is ready to be boxed and shipped.
  4. San Franciscan 555- bathroom

    From the album San Franciscan 555

    The chairs are from Kris' tutorial.
  5. San Franciscan 555- parlor

    From the album San Franciscan 555

    The chairs are from Kris' tutorial.
  6. San Franciscan 555- front closeup

    From the album San Franciscan 555

    The rods for the upper porch decoration weren't small enough, so I found some wire and small beads and painted them. The fencing is from heritage laser works, the same kind that Robin Carey used for this house.
  7. What are you up to today? This week?

    Still toodling along (very sloooowly) with my millefiori quilt top, having picked up some fabric scraps from thrift-store hopping with Mom over the holidays; have to take two pictures now to show you what it looks like by now. It's a big puzzle, really! Am getting to the point where I need to figure out what the edge looks like. Some folks applique to a border fabric, but I am not good at applique and am thinking of just adding shapes around the edge until I get something to which I can attach a wide border strip. Yes, this will take me a while (not to mention that I haven't even started removing all the little papers).
  8. Progress on Chateau de Champlain

    Love that kitchen flooring paper! And that entrance is just striking. Very nice.
  9. 1990s Duracraft or Greenleaf?

    Welcome, Nancy; when I read your post title, I thought that you were trying to decide between the two, and was going to put in my two cents about that! (Having built some old kits... )
  10. Thanks, Susie-- my customer wanted the SF555 done to look like Robin Carey's SF. I really need to finish the paint touchups and get it shipped. The paperclay was either DAS or Paperclay brand. I find the former to be cheaper though a bit coarser.
  11. Welcome, Susie; I used paperclay to make a stone floor for my SF557, very similar to what Holly said above: For my SF555 (which I was supposed to have finished last year ), I used a textured scrapbook paper which I will probably paint over:  
  12. fairfield-living-fireplace.jpg

    Look at that ceiling! Just beautiful.