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  1. New house kit

    (It is nice to get an hr or two on a Friday afternoon! ) New house arrived-- a new build for a cousin; I've not built the Newberg before, but it has alot of familiar elements, both the tab-and-slot, and the frames like the San Fran 555 has. Ed is being vaguely helpful. The kit has this funny stiff paper cut in scallop shapes which is meant to be applied to the gable fronts.  I'm not going to use that; I will side the whole thing and am looking at the Robin Carey "Darling House" for inspiration-- it looks like it used to be a Newberg, doesn't it. I will kick up that porch roof and make it horizontal, and I'm thinking about whether I'll flatten out the front of the house or not. I'll use lavender accents instead of teal, on special request. I have spent a bit of time poring over the Darling House, and have come up with the following pieces to order from Heritage Laserworks that look the same or very near to what Robin Carey used: Duval (one-pc railing) (fence railing) Barbados (grill) (half-circle grill on underside of porch roof) Cumbria (bracket) CiCi (grill) (grill right above porch steps) Marissa (gable) (in two sizes) How much I order of these pieces depends on whether I figure out that I will flatten that house front or not... Will need to do some dry-fitting and ponder on that.
  2. 99.98%....

    ...done! I may have one paint touch-up and up to two trim touchups... And that end-table in the parlor is getting gessoed and finished, but I figured I better take some pics while the light is decent, because this pink house will get boxed up and put on the road here soon.
  3. New Miniature!

    What a cutie!!
  4. More bits here and there.

    Hmmm... Between a year and several years. The same for all my other houses. Yes, the houses have taken a beating over the years, but it was important to me to make them according to my vision, and if my vision included art deco wall treatments, real light fixtures, tiny handles on the windows, or somewhat fragile staircases, so be it...
  5. Tennyson: side porch view.

    No-- that is a Laurel, extremely bashed!  
  6. Another pink Tennyson

    Well, here's the latest-- Doing final trim and paint touchups-- should be ready to box up soon, and on to the next house!
  7. Tennyson: side porch view.

    Well I have installed a wall-banger or two as well... Not meant to swing in, I suppose!
  8. I Did It Again - Another Rescue

    For $20, I don't think I would have left it either. Would love to see some inside pics. Is it 1/12, or a bit less?
  9. More bits here and there.

    I think I've gotten these rooms finished: Still working the attic, with some matboard creations to hide wire runs: Some work on the exterior: And a little kitchen unit from Kris' recent tutorial; I think that next time I make this, I will use all matboard (no cracks ) instead of basswood. (Also I thought that those two fairy chairs needed a little something, so I gave em some seat cushions.)
  10. Moonlight Retreat exterior plants

    The greenery is perfect-- love that grass.
  11. Disaster Averted

    Yay you! That would perturb me for sure... Nice trick.
  12. Hi folks, my aunt and I are interested in making "matching" 1:12 and 1:144 kits (I'll do the former, she the latter); they don't have to exactly match but would like them to be reminiscent of each other. Any suggestions? I know that Northeastern made a 1:144 Beacon Hill, but I want a smaller 1:12 kit than that. (Having built the BH, I know what a commitment it is! )
  13. And chairs.

    Isn't this fabric cute-- from Kris' parsons chair tutorial:
  14. Playing with curtains.

    Having some fun trying to come up with interesting window treatment designs: Dry-fit:  
  15. What are you up to today? This week?

    Cherry crumble! Very good, very crumbly; maybe the crust will set up a bit in the frig.