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  1. Flower boxes.

    I did some more on the roof with washes, and have spent a while on window trim, including flower-boxes made of matboard. I realized right after I hit the "buy" button on my order to Manchester Woodworks that I should've gotten some brackets for the boxes, but didn't want to pay all that shipping all over again so I cut some out of foamboard-- painting and spackling to finish them. I didn't put any boxes on the right side, or on the bump-out, because the width is just a bit under 24" and I need to keep it that way for ease of shipping. I decided that the ferns and large leaves were too-- much, so I trimmed it back and like this much better: I think that I will apply some white/light paint on the flowers here and there to lighten them up a bit. Yellows-- need more yellows to set off the purple. And some bright green turf.
  2. Furniture-works.

    I've been working on bits and pieces on the house, and on furniture from Kris' tutorials:
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    Had three domestic things (and a few hours of work things) that I vowed to get done today, and got them all done, so I guess I can go continue to work on my mini domestics : spraypaint mini furniture (OK, that is a mini thing); scrub the tub; bathe the "kids". Despite some furry people's best efforts, we're all much cleaner now. Ed can't stand being sprayed with water-- he loses his furry little mind-- so I tried swabbing him down from a shampoo-ey bucket of warm water instead, which was a bit less traumatic.
  4. Kitchen Diva (building a Lily dollhouse)

    Welcome, Charlene! The Lily was the very first house that I built, back in 2006, and boy did I learn alot on that house! (Like, don't paint over surfaces that need to be glued together... ) I have gotten a second Lily kit and intend to try it again after 13 years. I'm thinking egg-carton brick exterior. Looking forward to seeing your build!
  5. Beacon Hill Dollhouse arrived!!!

    Welcome, Laura! The BH is a magnificent house-- it was the first one that I wired for lighting, and I sure did learn alot on that house; started my Greenleaf blog on the BH: http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=blog&module=blogs&controller=view&id=82&page=12 The biggest thing that helped/helps me is, like Holly said, dry-fitting.
  6. Great topic! I have been using 1inchminisbykris tutorials since about 2012. Curiously, I think that my first pieces were some of my best, and that I've been going down-hill since then!
  7. Got the stairs installed, a fair amount of trim (and quite a bit more to go), got the bedroom "carpet" installed, painted the shingles in grey with a wash of purple and silver:  
  8. Sue cook ceiling roses in 3rd floor

    Beautifully elegant!
  9. Beacon Hill - Dollhouse Noob

    Actually I think this is probably a great time to do shingles and siding, though you will have to make some interesting curved cuts into siding to accommodate those upper corner embellishments. I installed siding before proceeding with the windows and bay roofs, and had to accommodate for the increased thickness.
  10. Shingling along.

    Almost done with the shingles-- And doing some inside work: trim, patch-up (those interior roof angles are tough! ), wood plank floor for the parlor that still needs a stain:
  11. I have tiny shifts happening between the dry fitting of a part and the gluing of a part! (I guess that means that it wasn't a very good dry fit...)
  12. The Rosemont, AKA Granville

    Oh my! Fabulous!
  13. Modern house-opinions & suggestions

    I know that this isn't a helpful comment by any standard, but-- when I saw your post title, I thought you were going to solicit ideas for a modern build, and I was going to suggest David Suchet's Poirot (1930's) apartment!
  14. A bit of actual color.

    Purple flowers may be the trick. (Special request for purple, is why that color choice.) Thank you for your kind comments-- it makes all the mis-fitting worth it! (This kit has been fighting me!)
  15. A bit of actual color.

    It has taken me a while to get this far, bits of dowel and wire and beads and matboard: The purples turned out a bit darker than I'd originally envisioned, but I decided to roll with it and see how it turns out. I need to find some way to add purple accent to the windows and door. Purple framing? Purple window boxes? It wants a light touch, not too purpley...