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  1. Suitcases

    Neat! Reminded me of Amber's tutorial-- keep meaning to try a suitcase sometime.
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    A milestone of sorts: I think I'm done with the paper-piecing. Needs some width so thinking of piecing assorted pattern/length strips along the edges. Then it'll be time to pick out all those papers! (And do some mending, as some of the seams have come loose from handling...) Edit: the rosettes on the lower left and right are ones that I added (they aren't in the original pattern) because I didn't think I had enough filler material to make up those spots. I have just a scrap of that beige filler remaining as it is!
  3. Half Scale Raggedy Ann and Andy House

    It's wonderful-- love the Raggedies!
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    No crown moulding. For some reason, I always look for the crown moulding. Pretty house, though.
  5. My Belated Birthday Gift From My Sister

    Wow! What a wonderful piece.
  6. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    Beautiful-- love that beadboard. Was it a pre-made piece or did you lay individual boards?
  7. Help a mama out! (Newbie build on the cheap)

    I've been using battery-pack light deals like this for my recent houses-- takes some wire-routing, but I am pleased with the effect (example here, for the San Fran). Designed and built my own staircase for the Country Cottage-- basswood/cardboard/foamboard, with square dowel reinforcements, if I recall. Used kit scraps also to bash the country house (bashed Laurel kit) staircase into shape too. Other things I've been doing lately to keep costs down is using alot of matboard for mouldings and trim, like in this Laurel build. I also get scrapbook paper (or print out wallpaper designs) instead of buying proper dollhouse wallpaper. Some things I just have to splurge on (though I do look for those sales), like staircase posts and door hardware. And siding. Welcome, and looking forward to seeing your build!
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    Took some time this weekend to make another one of my upholstered chairs, this time in green, for a dear relative who is dying of cancer-- weeks, maybe months... Didn't get around to photographing it before putting it in the mail, not sure why not...
  9. Newcomer Question: Confused by Instructions

    Looking forward to seeing your build, David. My BH build blog which starts here isn't nearly as focused and concise as MoreMinis' build blogs, but looking over it I do recall also being trepidatious about gluing; I got over it by extensive dry-fitting so that I could foresee what would cause fit issues.
  10. Newcomer Question: Confused by Instructions

    Looking back over my build pics from almost a decade ago, I think it means don't glue this piece to the front wall yet, just to each floor.
  11. Vintage Kitchen Inspirations

    That is a really neat link-- thanks, Kathie.
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    Sorry, holly, not quite done yet-- but have hit a milestone of sorts-- have finished all the rosettes. Just did that little blue one on the upper right. All the rest is filler. (Yes, including that space right underneath that little blue rosette, according to the design that I've found.) After looking at some finished "la passacaglia" millefiori quilts online (there aren't many), I have decided to fill out (stitching in a random-ish patchwork) to the edge of the furthest finished rosette on each side. (Well, we'll see how far I get. )
  13. Pepperwood Farm Exterior - Advice/Opinions Please!

    For a wonderful paperclay stone treatment, check out Bogie's Glencroft; this and kellyannmo's stone Rosedale were the inspirations for my 1/2-scale stone Rosedale in paperclay. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Still plugging away on millefiori quilt top, but took some time this weekend to make another upholstered chair like the ones I've made before-- my own design heavily advised by Kris' techniques-- for a secretary at work who is retiring next week. Hope she likes. (The teddy bear, I made back in 2011, apparently!
  15. Magnolia

    Had to look through my build pics-- I made my own trim for that opening, out of basswood strips. Don't recall any trim being provided in the kit.