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  1. Playing with curtains.

    Having some fun trying to come up with interesting window treatment designs: Dry-fit:  
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    Cherry crumble! Very good, very crumbly; maybe the crust will set up a bit in the frig.
  3. Bit of fabric-works.

    Only after I have applied 1st and 2nd coats of spackle and paint over the front gable trim am I willing to show it! Have been finishing up shingling and making furniture from Kris' tutorials: parlor chairs, bed, and starting on a set of parsons chairs: Also starting on the pelmets for the bay window treatments. Trying not to use terribly serious fabrics, as this is for a little girl after all!
  4. What are your pipe dreams?

    Well one of my pipe dreams that I might actually get around to is doing a second Lily in egg-carton brick. Have got the Lily, have amassed quite a few egg-cartons, haven't got the time to start!
  5. Shingles.

    Yes, it is for a child-- I guess you're right, this ought to be bully for stout! This is my second pink Tennyson, but pink hasn't gotten old yet-- it's really fun since I'm not usually a pink sort of person.
  6. Shingles.

    But first, a batch of flower-boxes that I whipped up (matboard, and tiny faux flowers from Hobby Lobby): That pedestal-looking thingie on the right goes into the attic to support the roof. Speaking of roof, I've been shingling the roof and gable (octagon and fishscale shingles from Ernie's; I guess I was expecting the really flat shingles that often come with the Greenleaf kits, but that's not what these are (Houseworks 7003 and 7005). They are thick, difficult to cut w/o cracking, and quite non-uniform in the case of the octagons. Half-way through I thought that well, the thickness was a good thing since they'd be less susceptible to warping, so I barreled along with the gluing and taping until I noticed that there was a big ol' mass buckle happening along the longest stretch; had to get creative with clamping, but seems to have addressed that issue. (Whew...) I am really having difficulties with estimations on this one! Got this far, and figured that I need three more bags of shingles! Missed Ernie's 25%-off sale by one day, but shingles are on their way... (On the balcony is how many shingles I have left right now!) I think it's time to move back inside and start picking out fabrics.
  7. Clapboard siding

    Siding strips like these. They do take some mighty mask-taping! (And I only use Aleene's quick grab for them now.)
  8. Clapboard siding

    As Emily said, clamp well if you're going to use wood glue-- here's what happened when I used wood glue for siding (and I live in a pretty dry climate, and I used alot of masking tape too):  
  9. Roof-works.

    Got that porch railing finished up (except for touchups): Glued the three left roof pieces together as a unit, then glued onto 3rd floor: Here I am tidying up the battery box and its matboard cover, into which the wires will be stuffed: The right roof pieces, glued together (but not glued onto the left roof assembly yet). I ran out of music sheet paper, so I used some of the flooring paper on some of the roof pieces; then I ran out of that! Note to self...
  10. Tips for hanging a pot rack?

    Something I have to do with those tiny screws (because of the length) is add some thickness- balsa or basswood or matboard:  
  11. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Strombolis-- used this recipe (sort of) with bread-maker pizza dough; stuffed way too full of onion, green pepper, mushroom, black olives, chopped tomato, chopped ham, pepperonis and rather much cheese. Was concerned that it might turn out soggy with all that filling, but it was just fine- could just about eat it like a sandwich.
  12. Enamel Top Table

    Love this table! I've made a couple from this tut myself but never got brave enough to add decals or anything like that...
  13. Skin of my teeth...

    Got those spindles and posts painted up this afternoon, like soldiers in rows: This shows the pins in the undersides of the spindles, and toothpicks for the newel posts: I decided to install the railing after all the posts were in, so as to make it easier to cut to fit. Nearing the end of the line, and (after searching about for a while and thinking about how much I'd used)-- four pieces of Houseworks 7020 railing is not quite enough for this house! Dug around in my wood scrap box and found a piece of railing of the same make that had been stained-- I'll give it an extra paint coat or two. . Whew, that was close!
  14. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Gourmet-ish tuna salad sandwiches on whole wheat bread with radish sprouts.
  15. So many spindles!