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  1. Bit of siding.

    Was not looking forward to splicing wires-- found my last battery pack with long wires: Wish I could find more of them-- got them off Amazon a couple years back. Got rooms wired up, and staircase installed: Started on some siding: Starting to get there!
  2. Need help with instructions (Beacon Hill)

    Looking through my build pics-- looks as though I added that final trim piece quite late in the game; it's very possible that I just painted a scrap piece and added it because that's the way I thought it should be...
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    Another weekend with nothing done around the house (Christmas tree is still up ) but hey, it's not as though it's going anywhere. Did make it down to the Ford house, and did make some decent progress on the pink house, so that counts. Made another deep dish pizza in cast iron skillet-- good stuff!
  4. Need help with instructions (Beacon Hill)

    Looked back over my BH build pics: It does look as though there is a second trim piece on that tower front left. Now this was almost a decade ago so I don't recall whether it was a piece that was in the kit or one that I added!
  5. Backwards and forwards.

    Dry-fit of staircase and landing railing looks good: Added a matboard back to staircase-- matboard is flexible enough that it went with the curve. Painted, sanded, repainted, spackled, repainted, gessoed staircase and it still looked terrible. Decided to rip off those photo-corners and wallpaper the thing, with matboard trim. Much better (after cutting out mirror image of wallpaper trace that I actually needed ): I got one of those battery boxes, though 17" may be a bit short for some of the runs (may have to do some splicing); you can see here where I had to un-install the bathroom tile flooring because I'd forgotten that I needed to lay a wire run here for the kitchen light below it.  Good thing that plastic tiling peels right off! Installed the bay walls because I need to install the 3rd floor to start routing the wire-works:     I love the matte yellow kitchen tile floor that I got from Ernie's.
  6. BeaconHill-parlour-wip5.jpg

    Oh my! Gorgeous!
  7. Beacon Hill at last

    Nice build! And nice deal. Are you keeping the exterior colors? I love that pale yellow.
  8. Walls up

    Got the walls up, and flooring templates fit: Bannister-ing the staircase and the 2nd floor landing: I use cut-off sewing pins to help align (and maybe it adds a wee bit of sturdiness). Those dark details on the stair step sides are actually photo corners; I thought they'd add a bit of interest once painted.
  9. Finally!

    I did manage to get bits and pieces done on the window+door prep over the holidays, despite travel and sickness and insane work schedules : Now all the windows and door(ways) are assembled, painted, and sealed. I believe I'm finally ready to start assembling the house structure! (That handle on the single door is a fixture that I found at Michael's or HL-- "Tim Holtz idea-logy" ring fastener. I thought that it looked like a nifty handle.)
  10. What have you learned from this forum

    One of the many things I have learned here is that spackle is awesome! (Thanks, Holly.)
  11. Beacon Hill - Dollhouse Noob

    I would advise disassembly-- this will affect the rest of the build all the way to the top.
  12. Found a sale on fat quarters while shop-hopping with Mom on the east coast; some of them will do nicely for upholstery and drapery in the pink Tennyson that I'm currently working on. (I am turning into such a fabric junkie...! )
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Yes it is! Hmmmm...
  14. Proud Moments

    Hmmm... Well there are gradations of definition, but perhaps the Laurel was a defining point for me, vis-a-vis bashing and use of matboard in trim and furniture.
  15. A bit of window works

    This is a time-consuming bit-- framing out the windows. The pieces in the kit (simple frame pieces) were un-retrievable, as the die had not cut all the way through, so would have had to destroy them to extract them from the sheet. I opted for matboard framing, doubling up thickness on the exterior frame and the sills. It will look nicer anyway. Got the door frames prepped-- no, I won't leave that exposed cross-bar wood like it is! And yes, I realize that the windows don't have sashes or stiles. They are sash-less stile-less windows.