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  1. Beacon Hill - Dollhouse Noob

    Actually I think this is probably a great time to do shingles and siding, though you will have to make some interesting curved cuts into siding to accommodate those upper corner embellishments. I installed siding before proceeding with the windows and bay roofs, and had to accommodate for the increased thickness.
  2. Shingling along.

    Almost done with the shingles-- And doing some inside work: trim, patch-up (those interior roof angles are tough! ), wood plank floor for the parlor that still needs a stain:
  3. I have tiny shifts happening between the dry fitting of a part and the gluing of a part! (I guess that means that it wasn't a very good dry fit...)
  4. The Rosemont, AKA Granville

    Oh my! Fabulous!
  5. Modern house-opinions & suggestions

    I know that this isn't a helpful comment by any standard, but-- when I saw your post title, I thought you were going to solicit ideas for a modern build, and I was going to suggest David Suchet's Poirot (1930's) apartment!
  6. A bit of actual color.

    Purple flowers may be the trick. (Special request for purple, is why that color choice.) Thank you for your kind comments-- it makes all the mis-fitting worth it! (This kit has been fighting me!)
  7. A bit of actual color.

    It has taken me a while to get this far, bits of dowel and wire and beads and matboard: The purples turned out a bit darker than I'd originally envisioned, but I decided to roll with it and see how it turns out. I need to find some way to add purple accent to the windows and door. Purple framing? Purple window boxes? It wants a light touch, not too purpley...  
  8. Good luck: the BH is a tough house; it was my third or fourth build, and I learned quite a bit. I was trying to find MoreMinis BH build blog which was very helpful to me, but I think she's moved to Facebook.
  9. Have you ever...

    ...seen a Newberg quite like this! Love how that trim is turning out-- the "Barbados", "CiCi", and "Cumbria" grills and brackets from Heritage Laserworks.
  10. Trying to find an instructive photo:  
  11. This must refer to one of the walls that demarcate the living room: one is at an angle:  
  12. Building the Beacon Hill 2018

    Welcome, Judy; I installed my BH window trim and mansard roof trim over the siding and shingles respectively: That does make for some awkward spots due to this trim sticking out further than it's really supposed to, like Holly said, and one ends up doing alot of filling (glue and spackle, I would use). The upside is that one doesn't end up having to cut fancy shapes to deal with the window features or roof curves. Six of one, half dozen of the other. And I did side and paint the porch wall area before I installed the porch posts etc.  
  13. “Olde Crow Apothecary”

    Awesome! (Love that flooring.)
  14. First bit of pretty trim.

    Isn't it pretty! This is the "Marissa" gable trim, from Heritage Laserworks: Tried something a bit different: used "chalky finish" spray paint: It doesn't look like a chalk finish to me, at least at this scale, but it isn't nearly as glossy as other white spray paints, which is what I wanted. Think I'll try it on the porch railing too.
  15. A bit of color. (Not really.)

    Here's what a Newberg looks like with siding-- it appears that it's usually adorned with those cardboard scallops and wood cutouts; got (almost all of) the siding on: And here's the first coat of paint: Valspar interior satin, "Moraine": That is nothing to shout about, is it! Hubby stopped by and asked me if I were trying to make the world's most boring dollhouse. I think it looks pretty close to the main color on the Robin Carey "Darling House", though, so that's the color I wanted. The backdrop color has to be tame so that the trim and bits of color can pop.