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  1. 1/2 Scale Pela Căsuță - A Jasmine Gothic Cottage

    Very nice!
  2. Final Interior Decoration

    Love it. This is a beautiful house.
  3. Garfield128

    Very pretty
  4. The Haunted Heritage

    Its wonderful!!
  5. Dresser - leaves added

    Very pretty
  6. 1/2 Scale Nottingham

    Wow. Great job!
  7. 1/2 Scale Nottingham

    looks great.
  8. Sea otter

    You've added so many cute minis to the house! I love them all. I think the clown is great! He's perfect for the attic!!
  9. baby dragon resting boxes

    Love this!!! What a cute idea. Makes me smile
  10. a little more progress

    Wonderful! So nice to see you work on this house!
  11. Third Floor

    Love what you are doing with this house. Great job.
  12. Exterior Close-Up

  13. Tudor Inn Getting Ready For trip

    I'm in love with this house!!! Congrats!!
  14. Corner showing bay window

    Very cute. Lovely colors!
  15. Exterior

    Cool. Looks great!!!