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  1. IMG_9204.jpg

    The Graber plate I got on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/479253495/dollhouse-miniature-giving-plate-by-jane  
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    You're enabling me...
  3. IMG_9185.jpg

    I have this pattern in life-size. I love it.
  4. IMG-9202.jpg

    I bought decal paper, printed out some selected plate images I resized to the right size. The plates were from ebay - they are ceramic and have a nice feel. Decals go right onto smooth sealed surfaces just fine. Then I seal them with gloss. I'm installing a plate shelf in my Pierce kitchen now so I can display a lot of plates! Finding plate images online is a lot of fun too - fun to make mini replicas of old china patterns!
  5. IMG_9204.jpg

    It's a decal I printed out after finding an image online. I have a Jane Graber plate -her plate for NAME. It's awesome and only cost $15 - I think they are still selling those. But yes I am a fan of hers. I don't know if this image is hers - I found it online when I went searching for stoneware. The decal plate doesn't have the proper stoneware texture, but it will look find on a shelf. Thanks for all the encouragement! Decal plates are fun.
  6. IMG-9202.jpg

    Got the inkjet waterslide decal paper on Amazon (it is usually $20 or less for 20 sheets). I always get the white paper instead of clear because the ink shows up better. Then I get relatively cheap plates on ebay - you have to find a seller and plate you like (usually from china or thailand) and you can buy 20 porcelain plates for $5-$7 or so with free shipping. I like the feel of real porcelain/ceramic, so I get that sort of plate - but you could use just about any smooth sealed material of plate. Then I collect plate images online, size them on the computer to match my plates and print out the decals according to the directions. It takes a bit of practice and not all my plate pattern choices look good on the actual plate, but plenty work out fine. Then I do a coating of gloss sealer and they are done. I love decals!
  7. IMG_9204.jpg

    From the album Odds and Ends

  8. IMG-9202.jpg

    From the album Odds and Ends

    Waterslide decal plates - decals on plain white porcelain plates.
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    $51.99 on Aliexpress! I had high hopes for them. I guess this one is popular - it is holding it's price between 40-50. It's adorable, imo. I worry they want me to weave that wicker sofa, tho - these kits tend to have you  tediously assemble the tiniest details. Maybe not for me after all, lol...  
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The ceilings look higher and grander in the 1:24 version. I really like it. I wish they had a 1:48 version too!! Hmmmm...I could try to make one!  
  11. How do you pare down a collection?

    It's funny - I also thought it was a sheep and I thought it was a lovely touch - very pastoral portrait. lol - it is a dog! It's really nice.
  12. oh thanks - I didn't think about chalk!
  13. I'm putting together a baking table. What is best for simulating flour on the dough/work table? Unscented baby powder? I was thinking cornstarch then got worried it would get clumpy from humidity. it isn't too humid here, but I was worried. What do you use for fake flour?
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I'm wanting this to show up for $20 on Prime Day: https://www.amazon.com/Flever-Dollhouse-Miniature-Furniture-Gift-Rose/dp/B07SQ8WXWQ/ No luck yet. It's on ebay for $45, but I'm frugal and I want it for $20. I think it's cute tho.