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  1. I need some thoughts sent out.

    Great news, Heidi! I'm happy he is doing better.
  2. What to buy for an 18month old at Christmas?

    Another thing we are hoping to get my daughter for Christmas is an art easel. She is just starting to like to do painting, coloring and such and I want a space where she can stand and paint. I think my parents are going to get her one for Christmas since they had bought my nephew one around this age as well.
  3. What to buy for an 18month old at Christmas?

    My 21-month-old loves her kitchen set (but they are expensive we got lucky and took it from a neighbor who had it out for recycling). She also loves her table and chairs and shopping cart. She loves to push anything around--shopping cart, doll stroller, cars, etc. The other thing I found very helpful was the Sesame Street doctor kit. We have been practicing going to the doctor and she isn't as bad when I bring her during the examination. She also loves the FP Little People. We got her the house and someone gave her the school bus last Christmas. She likes to pile all the people in and play the music on it. As for toys that say 3+, I buy some, but my daughter is past putting most things in her mouth, so I'm not as worried about choking anymore. That is the only thing to really consider on them. Good luck!
  4. checking in

    Thanks, everyone!
  5. checking in

    Hi All! I'm just checking back in and found 58 pages of new posts. Needless to say I don't have time to read them all, but am happy to report I snuck some time in the other day to work on my Brookwood. I have decided on giving it a completely different exterior than I originally planned, but am happy with it. In the mean time, I work on my real life mini and have included a picture. She will be 21 months tomorrow and is already very interested in my dollhouses and minis. Well that is all for now, but I will try to check back in more often and hopefully finish up my Brookwood.
  6. checking in

    Thanks, everyone!
  7. checking in

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been on here in so long, but thought I would check in. I know I see a bunch of you on facebook as well. I haven't been able to work on my dollhouses since Hazel's birth, but she is doing well. She turned 15 months last week. I'm including a picture. Hope all is well with everyone! Carrie
  8. been a while since I've been on the forum...

    Oh, Peachie, I hope you have a very speedy recovery and that you are all fixed now!! I'll keep you in my prayers. Can't wait to see your Laurel. Enjoy!!
  9. Stopping by to say hello

    Thanks, Everyone!! We are really enjoying her. And we know how lucky we are to have such a wonderful baby. She usually even sleeps through the night and has for a couple of months. No, Kate just asked me that as well. The truth is I'll be at my great aunt's 95th birthday party that day in Rhode Island. I figured it will probably be one of the only times my aunt gets to meet Hazel. I've always been very close with this aunt--she has been like a grandmother to me especially since her sister (my grandmother) died when I was young.
  10. Stopping by to say hello

    Hi, Everyone!! I've been a little busy and haven't worked on my dollhouses in ages and haven't been on here in ages, but wanted to stop by and say hi. Here is a recent picture of Hazel. She is almost 5 months now. Hope all is well with everyone!!
  11. A New way of Grocery Shopping

    I'm surprised they are putting it in your store, Heidi. They are taking them out here. We have had them for awhile, but I think they figured out people were stealing things.
  12. My Daughter was born last week

    I was 21 inches and I'm only 5'3" well actually 5'3.25" (I grew a quarter of an inch last year.). Since both Steve and I are on the shorter side, I'm expecting her to be stuck with my lack of height. Thank you everyone!! The good news is the jaundice is gone!! Now to deal with the yeast problems. It is always something.
  13. new addition to my little family

    Congratulations!! He is gorgeous!!
  14. Just wanted to let everyone know, my daughter, Hazel Louise, was born Dec. 31st at 2 a.m. We had a very difficult labor and she had to spend her hospital time in the Special Care Nursery, but we are both home now and doing fine (well relatively--she has/had jaundice).
  15. Since I expect a quick delivery I cannot consider drugs.