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  1. Arthurfrontp.JPG

    I am finally able to get back into this site, It's been over a year since you commented on my Arthur. Thank you very much! Bren
  2. Printies of Greenleaf Boxes

    Thank you very much Wendy!
  3. Westvilles yard so far

    From the album Westville

  4. A very sad day

    Greg, I am terribly sorry to hear your news. What a tragic loss, I hope no one was hurt in the fire. Sending Prayers and Hugs.
  5. question about ebay disputes

    I'm glad you used Paypal, even if the person doen't acknowledge the dispute, PayPal will get you your money back/ Good Luck!
  6. question about ebay disputes

    I deal a lot on ebay and have disputed a few things. Here lately I've had people with car accidents, I don't know if it's the going excuse or the truth. The first thing with the delivery confirmation, some don't show up until it's delivered, I've had that happen sending and receiving. If you paid with PayPal go to paypal first and file the dispute with them. go into Paypal to the resolution center and start there with all your information. They are really good at getting your money back. If you paid in a different manner then you have to go into the community at ebay tab enclosed. I hope it works. Of course the person could be telling the truth, I've always tried to give the person the benefit of the doubt. I hope I helped you a little. Brenda
  7. Tried to adopt a dog, getting foster instead

    Rachel sure is pretty. So glad she will be well cared for now. So sad for her to lose her previous owner.
  8. Peter Pan & Great Value - Peanut Butter Recall

    I returned 2 jars of it today, dh is diabetic and we buy the sugar free Peter Pan. Can you believe they knew about this 6 months ago but couldn't pin point the problem so they couldn't notify anyone, that is what they said on our news. Now I know why we've felt pretty odd lately. Now I'm in the market for sugar free again.
  9. 2/14/07 What did You Get For Valentines Day?

    I received a beautiful pug puppy, a box of chocolate and a card.
  10. Bunny picture

    Simone is beautiful!
  11. Oh, there is no backyard breeders here, all my Pugs have come from great breeders due to having a great vet, they are health checked and the only thing they have to take is a good vitamin for healthy skin and shinny coat they take in the winter (we heat with a wood burner so we have very dry heat). I surely won't be a backyard breeder either. If we have babies, that will be great if not, it's not meant to be. My furr kids live in our home, and are well cared for and trained right. My human kids consider the furr kids their brother's and sister's and had a party for the new little guy King Zachary welcoming him home, it was so cute. I'm sorry that a few of you have had hard times with your pets. Yes it is devastating and a furr kid is ill and you feel helpless. My oldest Pug Zoey broke her leg when she was 12 weeks old, I think she was trying to fly off the back of the couch, lol, well she had to have surgery and a pin put in her tiny leg, and this happened just a week after my husband came home from healing in a hospital ( for 10 months) after being hit by a drunk driver. I was at the point that I couldn't take any more. But, hubby healed, Zoey healed and we are one happy family.
  12. Hello everyone, I haven't been in much lately, I do come in to try to get motivated, but I haven't touched Ruby or Westville in over a month now. I need kicked in the butt, geez. I do have something exciting to share. DH gave me a new Furr Kid for Valentines day. Now I have 3 Pugs! Zoey and Gracie are pretty much afraid of him. I've named him King Zachary. In about a year we hope to have Pug babies. I'm not sure if I'd be able to sell them though. I get too attached. lol I hope you all have a great Valentines Day! Take Care!
  13. Hi there :) just wanted to say hi and see how your Ruby was coming along :)

  14. Congratulations, that is wonderful! You did just a great job on it!
  15. rubykidsrooms11907.JPG

    From the album My Ruby