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  1. Show off your tree!

  2. Something to think about . . .

    This story reminds me, tremendously and painfully, of Eric, a man in our community who passed away Saturday. He had been born with arthrogryposis and spent his life in a wheelchair, yet most people in our community never saw him down - not once. He was a greeter at a grocery store here and knew everyone by name and cared so much about everyone. He won the governor's hospitality award a few years back. He had so much he could have complained about, but he never did. He often told me he was praying for me for various situations and such. I felt so honored to have known him. Check out this link to see what an impact he had on so many lifes.
  3. Let it Snow..Let it Snow..Let it Snow!

    I live in eastern South Dakota and we didn't get it as bad here as they did out in Rapid and that area - they had four feet, we only had around 4 inches. Still too much for me, since they last three or four winters we didn't have snow until after Christmas!
  4. holiday tradations

    We are more traditional with Thanksgiving than we are with Christmas. There are several recipes that have been handed down for generations in my Mom's family that I still make every year. It's also a tradition to watch the Macy's parade, because one of my Gran's uncles way back when did the make up for the clowns. Christmas is never the same. The only childhood Christmas dinner I remember was the year we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! The power went out when the turkey was still in the oven and didn't come back on until pretty late, so we had to have sandwiches on Christmas day and our real dinner the following day! When the kids were young, we'd open one present on Christmas Eve, and the rest very early on Christmas Day. Once they were all old enough to know the truth about Santa, we'd open all presents on Christmas Eve, stay up late playing with everything and sleep in a bit on Christmas Day. This year we'll change things a bit for Sonny's first Christmas.
  5. Bread machines

    Greg - would Russ have a recipe for sourdough starter? I love sourdough breads, but have no clue how to make the starter. Thanks for the English muffin bread recipe - I can't wait to give it a try! I love my bread machine - I don't use it often any more, but I still love it!
  6. Need some help

    1. What is the favorite Halloween candy? candy corn 2. What is the favorite costume? ghost 3. What is the scariest costume you have ever seen? witch 4. What is the scariest Halloween movie?Friday the 13th 5. What is the favorite Halloween activity? trick or treating 6. What is the best Halloween decoration? jack o lantern 7. At what age do most people stop trick or treating? 12 8. Name a Halloween cartoon. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 9. Name an activity done at a Halloween party? bobbing for apples 10. Name a Halloween song? Pumpkin cards
  7. Who was your first movie star crush?

    When I was a lot younger, I had the opportunity to dance both with Tom and Emilio Estevez. I didn't know who they were until AFTERwards, though. I was up in Whitefish, Montana at a Halloween dance. Two guys came in wearing masks, so you couldn't see who they were. They both danced with every girl there. Afterwards, they left. As they reached the doorway, they took their masks off! You should have heard the screams and such! It was a great night! My first crush was Shaun Cassidy as well. I was in second or third grade at the time! Second crush was John Schneider as Bo Duke!
  8. Holiday gifts on a budget

    We are doing a "Thanksmas" with my sister, brothers and their families this year. (little background, Dad had fifteen kids with four different wives) Since Dad has been gone for so long, I thought that pictures would be a great gift for my sister and brothers. I'm going to make little books, with stories about the kids he had with my Mom, my memories of him, etc. We're making marshmallow guns for the boys, out of pvc, which isn't too expensive. Haven't decided what to do for the girls yet, but I'm thinking I'll go with pictures since both of them love pictures. I've been going to yard sales looking for baby things for Sonny. just have to decide what to do for my hubby and kids. Last year, we all chipped in towards "big gifts" for each other - dvd players for two of them, cd player for the youngest, drill set for Jer and they got me a beautiful jewelry box with pictures frames inside the doors. I loved it!
  9. This is too strange!

    Jerry and my brother went fishing today, like they do many days. Jerry told me he had this sensation that there was somebody else there, a very strong one. During the time when he was having that feeling, he found an old, crushed Oly beer can, which is the kind of beer my Dad drank. When he told me about it, he had the crushed can. Dad passed 29 years ago this month. They haven't made Oly for I don't know how many years. The can is one of the ones that had the pull tabs, like they made 30 years ago. Jerry was in a very popular fishing spot, so it's not like it just suddenly surfaced. Has anything like that ever happened to you?
  10. Happy Birthday!

    Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes. You can tell I'm getting old, cuz I was in bed by about 8:30 last night! :welcome: I did have a wonderful birthday, though.
  11. New Grandbaby

    Hi Everyone! I sure do miss checking in here every day! It seems like we turned our internet off too early! Anyway, my first grandbaby was born on Aug 2. His name is Sonny Roy and anyone wanting to see him can do so here. I'm just loving being a Grandma, even though I'm not 40 yet! lol I'll check in as I can - look forward to seeing what everyone has done!
  12. New Grandbaby

    My first grandson, Sonny Roy, was born this morning here in Watertown. He is 6 pounds, 14 ounces and is 19 1/2 inches long. He was born at 7:26 a.m. His picture is not on the internet yet, but keep checking this link http://www.prairielakes.com/babygallery/ to see a picture of him. It will probably be posted tomorrow. I'm in the process of moving and have been offline for a bit. I'll be back asap!
  13. Prob at work

    Quick update: On Monday, I called my family doctor to get a note about not working in the heat. (She is sending me to a "new" cardiologist because my "old" one has moved away) She gave it to me with no problem. I have an appointment with the new cardio on the 23rd, which is the next time he'll be in town. So, I took the note in yesterday (I'm off Sun and Mon) and handed it to the store manager. She hung it up on the wall in the office. Amy wasn't working yesterday, but on Monday she got in trouble with the big bosses, or so I'm told. She was as sweet as pie to me today. Today, the owner and his two assistants had a long meeting with all the managers about the situation. Apparantly, the owner has finally realized that he needs to do something about climate control in that restaurant. The front counter/lobby areas are awful. Most of the time, the first thing customers have to say is it's so hot (or cold in the winter) in here. So, if he follows through on fixing that, I won't be the only one to benefit. That is an awesome thought right there. Another part of the meeting focused on following notes that employees have in their files from their doctors. I'm not the only one who has been forced to go against doctors orders there - several employees have lifting restrictions that are ignored, etc. The owner has woke up to see that he could be in for quite a few serious lawsuits if things don't change. When I see my new doctor, I'm going to have a list of everything (that I can think of) that I would be asked to do at work and have him go through it and either give permission or restrict me from each one. Then, I'll give a copy to the managers and keep one for myself, updating it whenever necessary.
  14. MIL from H***

    I can identify with so much of what has been said in this thread. My own family have pretty much disowned me. Mostly because my husband has a different ethnic background than I do, which really makes me mad because we sure weren't raised that way! My father died when I was 11 and I know that if he were still alive, the rest of the family would have to pick a different reason not to like me. They will all talk to my oldest daughter, who recently turned 20, but have nothing to do with Eddie (didn't even attend his wedding nor send a card) or Ashleigh. I still ache to patch things up with all of them, and have my family, even though they have done nothing except hurt me over and over throughout the years. You would think that my heart would learn what my head already knows. Jerry's family is a different story. When we first married, we lived in Ohio close to them. At that time, although they were nice to me and the kids (they're from a previous marriage) they weren't very friendly to us either. They caused a lot of trouble for Jerry and I and after just a year, we moved away. Jerry chose to not even tell them that we were leaving nor where we went. It was a full two years before he contacted them again. Now we get along very well with his Dad. Jer's "stepmom" is a different story. She's still nice to us, but probably only for his Dad's sake. She's far more interested in her "real" kids, although she raised Jerry from the time he was three. Jerry's "real" mom is something else. She gave him up, keeping his two sisters and his brother. They all live in California and she never contacted Jerry at all when he was young. It wasn't until 2002 that she decided she wanted a relationship with him. Of course, at first, Jerry was thrilled. Jerry had always dreamed of a relationship with her, and his siblings. That summer, she paid for us to go down to California so Jerry could see all his family. We didn't know that she had decided before we ever left here that she only wanted Jerry and she would do whatever it took to break the two of us up and keep him. In her mind, he was still a three year old boy and that was what she wanted. A 3 year old wouldn't have a wife or kids to her way of thinking. Well, although it was a difficult three months (I got fed up and came back without him), he realized what she was really like and came home. He still hasn't contact her. ****note: edited because of nasty pm's I received about this post. ****
  15. Prob at work

    Thanks for all the suggestions. No, my illness actually started eleven years ago, but I did tell my employer at my interview about it. If I remember right, I presented the first note from my doctor at that time. DH and I met with the other assistant to the owner this morning and I feel good about that meeting. The way he sees it, Amy is retaliating because I made a sexual harrassment complaint against somebody there, somebody who is actually well liked. Fortunately for me, they are taking this matter seriously, even to the point of demoting/firing Amy if necessary. I really do love working there and everyone (except Amy, evidently) loves having me work there. I hope it all gets worked out.