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  1. Adding another hinge

    From the album 1/6 scale house design

    Adding another hinge, some times these are very tricky, this one went on nicely. I use a tall table to hold the window at the right height and then add just the top, bottom and middle screw to make sure the bay window/ door opens and closes correctly. then I apply the rest.
  2. Found the perfect planters

    From the album 1/6 scale house design

    Found the perfect little ceramic planters for my new trees. At Hobby Lobby 50% off also.
  3. 1:12 scale manor house great room

    From the album Direction I am headed in

    Just wanted to dust and then I started changing things, I replaced some door casings, more to go as you can see from the over door on the right, this is the house that I added square feet [ inches ] to make it deeper, it was originally shallow and used as a wall hanging if you can believe that a nine foot long wall hanging. The house still needs a lot work, feeling motivated to finish some things.