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  1. G'day from Australia!

    Hi Everyone, Greetings from Brisbane Australia!  Last weekend I bought my first doll house kit, the half scaled Fairfield, and eagerly await it's arrival. I've been reading up this morning about everyone's experience with the building process and have enjoyed looking over all the lovely finished houses in the galleries. It feels a little bit daunting as I'm a bit of a perfectionist and of course have never done a dollhouse build but I'm excited about the challenge! I'm sure i'm going to have many silly questions to ask along the way, so I apologise in advance ;-p  Looking forward to being part of the community and getting to know everyone : - ) Cheers Scott
  2. Hi there, Just making a quick introduction to the wonderful team and fellow miniaturists here. I'm a 34year old female living in Sydney, Australia and have been madly in love with all things miniature since I was about 8 years old. I have built 6 houses so far but I have made most of these as gifts for my nieces and godchildren, to try to introduce them to this wonderful hobby while they are young. I am expecting my first child in 12 weeks, so I am trying to complete a build I have been working on for a nieces birthday around the same time. I really hope I can finish it in time, (without rushing too much and taking short-cuts) as I imagine once our baby arrives, my miniatures will be on hold for awhile. Anyway, that's pretty much it from me for now... Looking forward to learning and making friendships through this forum, so nice to be part of this community. Mini hugs to all, Kim xxx