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  1. Those of you who know me, knows just how much I love houses! Dollhouses and real houses. On Facebook, I'm always posting pictures of real life versions of dollhouses that resemble a Greenleaf kit. It made me start to wonder and daydream. If you could Pick a Greenleaf dollhouse Kit to make in real life for yourself to live in, which would it be? I'm sure I'm a Glencroft type and found the perfect real life version (well, kinda similar)      
  2. Hello!

    Hi, everyone! I just wanted to say hello and that i'm so excited to start my first craft-making hobby! I was wondering if anyone could help me start out? I have no clue where to begin with building my own 1:12 dollhouse from scratch. I hope to start competing in the next couple years! All I really bought today was a Doll House magazine that just shows how to create miniature furniture and items. I couldn't find any doll house building books or anything at Barnes and Noble either. Is there any videos/articles/books that is for beginners?  I also have a couple questions! (1) For 1:12 doll houses, do some of you build your own furniture? I see that some websites sell pieces and you build it from their kits. But I was definitely interested in building my own furniture! (2) Can some of you please post some of your 1:12 doll houses? I would love to get some inspiration going and see everyone's lovely work! Thank you guys so much!
  3. Hi there, Just making a quick introduction to the wonderful team and fellow miniaturists here. I'm a 34year old female living in Sydney, Australia and have been madly in love with all things miniature since I was about 8 years old. I have built 6 houses so far but I have made most of these as gifts for my nieces and godchildren, to try to introduce them to this wonderful hobby while they are young. I am expecting my first child in 12 weeks, so I am trying to complete a build I have been working on for a nieces birthday around the same time. I really hope I can finish it in time, (without rushing too much and taking short-cuts) as I imagine once our baby arrives, my miniatures will be on hold for awhile. Anyway, that's pretty much it from me for now... Looking forward to learning and making friendships through this forum, so nice to be part of this community. Mini hugs to all, Kim xxx
  4. Hello, all! I am Kathy (aka Kat12), and I just purchased my first wood dollhouse kit online, last night. I am soooo excited, lol. I am 47, and I have wanted a dollhouse since I was little. I purchased the Laurel and the Primrose addition, and I cannot wait til they get here from Toronto (an 8 hour drive normally...God knows how long with Canada Post, lol). I was not sure what to put down when I joined and the form asked how many dollhouses I have put together. I have never done a wood kit, but I have stitched up 2 plastic canvas dollhouses, and have the third one about 2/3rds complete. The first one I stitched up was a little carry and play two roomer, called "Bear Cottage". The second, The Haunted Dollhouse, is larger, with 6 rooms (3 floors). The third is from a pattern called "My Pink Dollhouse", and it will also have 6 rooms, 3 floors. I completed all of the interior rooms except for the attic floor...I am working on that now. I took a break from the house to stitch some of the furniture that goes with it, and decided that my fridge shelves looked bear. So I googled "how to make miniature food" and found seven billion websites, lol, and lost 3 days immersed in the world of miniatures. I found a Canadian Dollhouse company, located in Toronto, and it was having a sale (woohoo). I feel like a kid at Christmas; this is so exciting. I just wish my little niece Clarissa lived closer than an 8 hour drive, because she would love to do this house up with me. Oh well, my inner child and I will have fun doing it ourselves . I am looking forward to becoming a part of this group. Take care, Kathy (PS: why can't I write the short forms I words like I am: I'm, without getting that weird line in between, lol?) Here are some photos: