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  1. The Fun Begins

    I don't know what it is about opening a Brand New Wood Kit from Greenleaf but I ALWAYS feel so excited. I am not sure if it is the first smell of wood fresh of out of the box or the fact that it is a new house waiting to be born or what. I just know I have feel excited about it eveytime. I opened the box and it told me it did not want to be a stone house from medieval times or shortly after. It said it wants to use the same windows from the kit (Which are so cool because they look like they really can open and close). I started building the shell and I got this far in under 1 hour. I used wood glue and my favorite fast bonding glue "Quick Grab". I use the Quick kgrab to hold the house into place while the wood glue dries and it turns out very well for me this way. This is the "Building the shell" part. This house is SUPER fast to build if you are going to build it according to the directions without bashing, this can really be a fast build that will take you days NOT weeks to build. I hope many more of you out there that have this kit hidden in your favorite spot (Basement, Garage or under the bed) will dust it off and join us in building this kit too! Complements of Minis on the edge
  2. Orchid Completed

    This house was a really fun build! My houses never feel completed without a Base with trees & flowers and my customers usually expects them of me now. I Think I love the bases myself with flowers because to me, that is what really make my houses look realistic. When I first started using bases (About 10 years ago) I used cardboard because I personally used to love to change them and it was lightweight enough to pick up and have it glued to the house. I then switched to thin wood but had to have the square edges because I don't do power tools. Then I moved on to foam core or builders foam. I tell you this because ALL of theses methods can give you wonderful results. It just depends on what you feel more comfortable using. This is a picture of the house before I added flowers and trees to the base: This is the house completed with the base with Trees & Flowers added: Now please note that I had to take pictures while inside my house. It has been raining and storms for the past 2 days so I have not been able to go outside but I am anxious to share this house with you all. Remember to Have fun while you mini! I dressed the window seat and added a couple of dolls to the scene :angry: Complements of Minis on the edge
  3. Painting & Trim

    Well, I did not get to do anything to my house this weekend because I had a guest since Friday evening. But this is how the house is looking so far: I am very pleased with how this has turned out so far and also with the Chimney. I thought it may not look right but it looks fine to me so far. I edited the trim on the big Dormer because the one that should be there hide the brick detail so I took the top roof edges and cut those to fit there instead. :angry: I only need to Paint the shingles another brown and maybe green and add the base and Flowers and then I can say I am finished Complements of Minis on the edge
  4. Dirty Wash Has Started

    Well, Today I added a dirty wash to the clay and I have added the first color to the roof. I have company today (my parents came up from Chicago) So I was showing my mother how I paint the houses. She coud not beleive that I could make this plain white house look so realistic :lol: Of course I felt proud to hear her say that :o Here are the pictures so far! Complements of Minis on the edge
  5. Roof Finished

    Well, I have finally finished paper claying the roof and BOY was it a lot of time and clay!!! Though there is not a fireplace on the insde of this house, I did add a Chimney to the roof just because I think it added extra appeal to the roofline. Hubby told me the roof was too high so I chopped off 1" from the top and then he was satisfied. I sliced my finger while chopping of the roof though :lol: :o Tomorrow it will be dry enough for me to paint and then I will start painting the entire clay on the house. Now, I am going to bed! I'll add the pictures to this blog in the Morning! Complements of Minis on the edge
  6. I'm Out Of What?

    Yeap, I have been at a stand still since Sunday Night. Her I was claying my roof and then I went to open my next package and discovered I am completely OUT of clay :lol: . When did this happen I said to myself? But because I am out I can't finish the roof till more get here (I order it in bulk). This is my progress so far. I am almost there though! Complements of Minis on the edge
  7. Changing the Windows

    I have decided to change the window silk screen and leave it clear below and a Wistera stained glass print on the top of the double hung windows. The bay window will be texture glass and only the big octagon window will have a stained glass pattern. To see more about how I do stained windows, click HERE . I painted the window Casings "Brown Iron Oxide" I also painted the Pediments this color. I then painted the the window sashes "Dark Burt Umber" (it almost look black in the pictures but it is not :o ). I love the way it has turned out so far. I made transparencies from some stained glass window pictures I had. I printed them directly on transparency film and put glue around the casings and placed them on the part that I wanted to show in the window. After it dried, I cut them from the sheet and glued them in place on the house :lol: . Complements of Minis on the edge
  8. More Clay

    Well Now I added more clay to the dormers and walls upstairs. I also added clay to the back base of the house. Now all I have to do is add the roof, trim and base. Then I will be ready to paint :lol: . Why did I list the things I still have to do. Do you ever get the feeling you are getting no where very fast? :o I do.
  9. Something New

    Well, every blog I try something new. This time I wanted to try something new I had found at Hobby Lobby. It is calledPaper Perfect and I wanted to try it to make the stucco or plaster effect on the inside walls downstairs. I chose Mocha Creme color and it is very easy to use (Takes forever to dry though :lol: about 12 -24 hours ) but I really love the effect that I was able to achieved by using it. I did it last night before I went to bed so that I would not spend 12 - 24 hours touching it to see if it is dry (I would not be able to resist this urge :o ) I woke up and it was still damp so I put my fan directly on it and 1hr later it is dry completely. It comes in 8 Colors which and all you do is apply it directly to the wood. There is no mixing or extra steps involved. 1 jar can do the entire 1st floor (I don't have the inside walls installed yet because I want to do my floor first. Complements of Minis on the edge
  10. Floors are in & Stained

    The Floors are all in and stained now. I also did touch up painting on the insides of the house around the windows. I also added the wall downstairs but I put it in so that the opening is in the front and not by the door. I did this because it is sometimes easier to put furniture in the kitchen when the wall has a corner like this one does. I used Corona Siding on my floors and cut them different lengths and then stained them Now I have to add the clay to the upstairs because I want the acloves to have brick or stone in them :lol: . Complements of Minis on the edge
  11. Lights, Clay, Action!

    I added the lights to the house today. There is a down light on the front porch a chandelier in the living room and a downlight with a frosted shade in the Kitchen. There is a outlet in the bedroom that has room for three lights to plug in. It is hidden behind the right side of the roof. The bathroom has a ceiling light too. I added stone to the bottom half of the house and stucco with exposed bricks on the top. Now I gotta let it dry then I will touch up the paint on the windows and then start on the insides. I spent 2 hours on the clay and 45 minutes on the lights. Complements of Minis on the edge