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  1. Well, I have been having so much fun with this house. It is a shame I can't get outside to take some decent pictures of the house since it is still raining and there is a overcast outside ;) . This is the way the UN-Haunted house looks so far. B) I "think" I am finished. I added a hand made rose vine to the front of the house and a "mossy" covering around the cave entry way. I added "wisps of smoke" to the chimney pots I made. This was a fast and fun build. I did not use the instructions because I did not like the format. I don't like to read instructions and I found these hard to read for some strange reason LOL. I am known for not reading directions even when I buy stuff from IKEA. My husband makes me put them together cause I almost always throw out instructions (Before we assemble so that is a problem for him LOL) The house was so simple to put together that the instructions were not needed. Opps. I just remembered, I have not put the furniture together yet. (Where are those instruction :o <_< ). Please enjoy the pictures of what I have done! I can't wait to see what you all do to your kits. Remember, if you can dream it, it can be done! Please note that this blogs haunted ghost skin was NOT picked by me but the owner of this forum. I do not create haunted houses! It's not my thing Love & hugs my friends :o Now back to the dollhouse fun! Complements of My Mini Shop
  2. Well, I have finally decided to name my House Shadow Cliff House. I have added the lights and did a dirty wash on the house outside. Take a look: The fierplace flickers too! More to come soon! Later on today!<_<Complements of My Mini Shop
  3. I have added the chimney stack and some stone around the windows. It is beginning to look like home :o I will started painting this house and as I have said in the past, the paint is what makes the house comes to life.\html\style_emoticons\/blink.png' alt=':blink:'> ;)Here is a picture:I was going to do a how too regarding the stain glass windows because I used real lead but I deleated the pictures by mistake. Sorry :o <_< This is not the finished house though I am really close now.Complements of My Mini Shop
  4. I was so excited to get this kit. This is one of those kits that can be done MANY different ways. As a matter of fact, I plan on doing two of these. They are Quick to build & easy to Edit.I decided to create a Cave under the house. This house will sit on a Mountain Cliff base. First, I started building the house. I decided I did not like the Window Grids so I cut them out:I decided to create the base by using materials I had on hand. Some people are afraid to use Foam Board because they think it is not sturdy enough. I like it because it is light weight and I can cut it with my hobby knief.I added the walls. It will add another 9 inches to the hieght and 17 inches wide and 11" deep. I used Grill scewers (grocery store item)to add the side walls to the front wall. This will help keep this baase in place while the glue dries. I pushed it in about 3 or four inches and cut the exposed parts off with my east cutter.I then took those Drink Holders you get from Mcdonalds and cut them up and glued them on the base. I also use tape till the glue dried. I used a hot glue gun after a while because this will NOT come off after I am finished. I decided to add stairs to the side of the house I cut seven 2" x 2" (approx.) peices and hot glued them on. The clay and plaster strips with give it extra strength.After looking at this I decided there needed to be an entry way into the base so I cut out a opening:This is the inside so far:Complements of My Mini Shop
  5. I started looking at my cave and wondering what I could do to add something different. The corner looked so bare and I decided to make a shelf there.Here is the shelf before it was all clayed up: I did not want to sculpt stones down in the cave so I decided to add more pieces left over from the cup holders randomly on the walls so that when I add the clay there will be parts sticking out.I know where I want the candle lights to go and I decided to add a fireplace which will have a flickering light and it also makes the other lights in the house flicker a little. <_< I just cut it out of foam board (1' thick) and it looked like this:I decided I liked it here better:I added paper clay to the cave:I then started adding clay to the roof:More to come soon!!!Complements of My Mini Shop
  6. Today, I started adding the paper clay on all the side walls and on the base. If you have read my previous blogs, you know how I do this. I will clay the entire house before I even start painting it. I am also waiting for lights before I finish the insides. So far, I have only added the floor to the insides. I decided to add crazy brick to the porch floor.I also started adding the roof shingles (Clay again cause I love the effect it gives)The cave will have a fireplace and a side stone shelf. I made the shell of it by using foam baord again. I have not made the fireplace yet.Complements of My Mini Shop
  7. I mentioned I was going to use plaster strips all over the base before I add the paper clay. So I started by cutting the strips first. You can buy this stuff at Hobby Lobby or any train supply store.You need a bowl of hot water. I used this becauseit is easier to throw away when I am finished:You need to Cut strips then dip them in HOT water from the faucet. Then smooth out the strips with a paint brush. This is the end of Day one. Remember, dare to make your miniature dreams come true!!\html\style_emoticons\/blink.png' alt=':blink:'> :o <_< :oComplements of My Mini Shop