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  1. well the porch is on and the windows are in and the shutters and windowboxes are on also. I put the back roof on and will cover it with floral moss tomorrowso I am officially done with this build. and but for a few odds and ends the decorating is finished as well. I have decided to display this house at the Library for National Miniature month in October. so no more photos of the inside till I have it filled with all my goodies bed made and curtains hung....I have this really great web material from a pair of gloves the kid wore a couple of years ago. I had soo much fun doing this house.this is a recomend for a beginner. and it would be great decorated in alot of different ways as our other builders will soon show. I thank Greenleaf for giving me this opportunity to let the creative juices flow!TTFNnutti <_<
  2. well I have been on a small break from the house. Ive been waiting for the lights to get here I ordered from HBS. today they arrived and I dont think I can use 2 of them. will have Dean look at them and see what he thinks.I had to go back and restick all of my floral moss to the roof. spray adhesive does NOT work for this type of thing...well not for me at least. so I used good ole Aileens tacky glue which is wonderful for most all projects,though it was asked why not use the glue gun?? well duuuhh coz that was to easy and less mess...not exactly how I do things. <_< so I used crackle on the shutters and windowboxes...guess I let it dry to long and its not crackling so Now I will have to do some sanding to age it. the porch rails and window trims are white...but only till dry than I will give them a dirty wash as well. I painted the porch floor gray over crackle....I wonder if I didnt get it shook up enough? because I usually am much happier with my results. but as its a Haunted house Im not gonna get to shook up over it. :o this house is not being done the way I had originally planned but than they seldom do around me. I wanted to use paperclay for the outside walls for a stone cottage...but I think the tissue effect came as a good substitute. I have to cut my chimney tonight and get it started. 2 thoughts as to how I will do this...1st use floral styrofoam and cut stone shapes into itor use foamcore of the builders foam and spackle adding aquarium rock to it like I did on the Glencroft....I have to say I am leaning to this. but before I do it Im going to go get something from Walmart which I hope will set it off and make it look interresting. no photos just waiting for the paint to dry.TTFNnutti :o
  3. not much done so far today as the morning was spent birthday shopping for the daughters 14th birthday tomorrow.bit I have managed to get the floral moss on the roof and I LOVE it!thanks to Pumpkin I also dirty washed the whole outside and boy what a difference a day looks so old and dingy. hubby and kid very impressedand I am very pleased myself!now its time to go back to the kit box and get out the door,windows and porch sections. today is the offical one week of this project it just moves right along.nutti <_<
  4. hmmmmm where did I leave off??well last night I stained all of the inside trim and the floors of the haunted house the Mahogany stain I like so well. than I went to the internet site where I had see this ghost comming out of the wall. I wanted to achieve this effect in some way. so I got out the foil,cheescloth,fabric stiffner and the head I made earlier this month with glow in the dark can see by the photos the aluminum foil frame. I draped the cheescloth and sprayed WELL with stiffner. let dry overnight. while waiting for this to dy I took some of the peices I stained and started to install them .like the handrail in the stairs and the stairwell bannisters. by this time its 3am and I gotta go to bed. when I got up and got started I took the foil out of the ghost and than I glued both parts to the wall. Im not sure if anyone else can tell the ghost is suppose to be going through the wall but I can and I like it.than I started going through some of the furniture I had set aside for this type of project and started dressing the place...I wanted to make sure it made a good first impression on the friends and I dont have a sink and an old witches house Im sure would not own a Im going to build the trestle table and put one of my wash barrels on it and the hand pump I have....dry sink. the stove doest look so bad.this is the spell room and the bedroom much left here to do...I am in a wait and see period now...coz I cant do anymore untill the lights I have ordered gets here.than I will know how to proceede with the chimney.still have made no choice on how to finish the porch. or what color to trim the house in....I really am leaning to using the same blue/purple I used for the spell room for the shutters and fancy I need to make the front door stained glass and the bedroom window and Ill be done with inside. this has been a fantastic project. and I have loved doing it!cant wait to see more......TTFNnutti <_<
  5. Well I put in some time on my house today. I have finished the paint effect on the spell room. the fireplace has a insert..such as it is....actually I really like it. I wanted to go up the wall with it but that stonework look has got me beat for now. but I am very happy with it. and I have the stairs installed. than tonight I worked on the outside. I mod podged the house with tissue paper I also did something I have seen elsewhere..not sure if I got it right but it works for me. I took some houseworks brick on a sheet and cut some off and put them on the walls than built up the tissue till it knda looked like it was comming out of the wall like the plaster has fallen off. I painted it all antique white...I will dirty was it after the paint tomorrow. :o here I insert a "nutti" Im working on the mod podge and tissue stuff when I casually tip the house....forgetting...I had the house full of goodies because I had been playing agian....of course I did this just as hubby walked in. so he had a good lol at me <_< "sigh" after painting I mixed me up someblack dirty washed and gave the fireplace a wash. this made a big difference to me in how it looks. I am working on a full wall mantle. but for now Im off to bed! Haunting in Missouri nutti
  6. well I have stained the stairs and some of the micheals hutches of which I have torn in half. I have papered the bedroom,kitchen and livingroom(twice)I have painted what didnt get papered. this is photo of my checking on furniture placement....ok I was playing!note the livingroom wallpaper and the gaping hole in the side that will be a fireplace at some point. now you can see the colors. isnt that paper better? and yes I papered over the other wasnt comming off with ease so I just said...hey its a haunted house! :o I mived blue and this wonderful purple to get this coloring the spells room I am not done with the painting in here....a dry brushing of metallic silver and than some irredesent glitter. on the main wall. photos or posters of some kind. I was thinking of taking some of our Halloween photos and shrink them for a collage on the wall. also in the hole on the wall is a fireplace box to hold the paperclay for the fireplace....I have ALOT of those skull pony beads and Im going to use them in the fireplace. I also have tiny spiders as well. I havent tried to age the kitchen paper looks so nice....maybe our Miss witch likes things clean and tidy while she brews up all those potions. I ordered 3 lights and some lit embers....yes I was gonna try Tracy's ember technique but it was priced right and one less thing I have to do. I also got the hard/round wire for the lighting not real sure where it will goI am making a chimney from foamcore perhaps I could hide the wires in there ...somehow. we are entering a world of unknown with electricity.but Im sure Ill muddle thrugh. the kit goes together very quickly and it really is a cute house... I know it doesnt seem very haunted now...but remember I just got started.the dungeon has been painted gray need to start the spiral stairs I hope to put in there.all in all very satisfying.nutti <_<