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  1. Simple enough question.. What have you purchased lately, or thinking of purchasing next and why? Please state specific item/s that you are currently working on/towards and your reasons and visions for that particular item/s.... Regards C
  2. So my husband bought home a lovely present of a summer cold, so I took a break from building today and moved on to some smaller activities. I had a light bulb come on when I was walking past my coffee table and looked at my big bowl of shells..... I rummaged through the bowl to find some appropriately sized ones (I even found a piece of coral) and made some decorator items out of them. Then I got on a roll and went through my jewelry findings for coastal themed items & my fabric stash for blue or nautical patterns.....Then I got distracted in my bead box and made some.. ok, a lot... of perfume bottles... This is what I came up with. No idea when I'll use these things as they don't fit in with the current planned decor for my San Franciscan... but I had fun anyway and I'm sure they'll turn up in a build one of these days....    
  3. Pillow 5- Octopus

    From the album Beach house Furniture

    One of the pillows for my attic bedroom. hand embroidered.
  4. Pillow 1- lobster

    From the album Beach house Furniture

    One of the pillows for the attic bedroom. hand embroidered. 
  5. Pillow 4- Anchor

    From the album Beach house Furniture

    One of the pillows for my attic bedroom. hand embroidered.
  6. Pillow 3- Captain's Wheel

    From the album Beach house Furniture

    One of the pillows for my attic bedroom. hand embroidered.
  7. Here's a great site in the Netherlands showing her lights, with instructions for how she made them. Under workshops in the left sidebar, she has more workshops to make other accessories.
  8. Tired of working on the structure already...

    From the album 2014 HBS Creatin' Contest--Erabliere Aucoin, Sugar Shack and Shop

    So I started in on the accessories, several months early. 

 These are pegboards to be used for hanging tools on. You can see in this photo that I originally had a very tiny drill bit that was still too large for convincing scale pegboard holes, but I went out and found an even tinier drill bit and kept the line of quirky too-large holes to remind myself that, as the saying goes, "the perfect is the enemy of the good.

" I happily believe that...
  9. As promised, I have added to the complimentary downloadable project at my website. So far you'll find 'to do' note pads and thank you note cards with matching envelopes. Go to the 'New Products...' option found on the menu at I have each project available in 5 scales. You see photos of the largest scales. Unfortunately, I don't have the eyesight to make the 1:24 and 1:48 scales. Sorry! Ann at Here's the previous project 'to do' note pads
  10. Hi everyone, This is my first posting to the Community Trading Post. To introduce myself, my name is Ann and I am a paper engineer specializing in pre-printed kits for dolls and dollhouses. In order to introduce my line, I am offering a series of downloadable projects for a Victorian desk set (can double as fancy contemporary). These are free and I encourage you to share with your friends and on-line groups. The first project, The To Do List Notepad, is found in the top item on my website home page (file is more than 500kb). Just download it or open it and print. Of course the printout will only be as good as your print quality and not nearly as good as a Paper Minis pre-printed kit, but it will give you wonderful practice for the paper craft hobby. I will be adding a different desk item every couple of weeks so look here again. BTW, each is offered in 5 different scales, and as you can see from the photo I don't make the 1:24 and 1:48 because I can't see them! If you need to contact me, please send a PM. I hope you enjoy this wonderful pastime. Ann
  11. More downsizing

    I've been selling off most of my one inch scale things, houses and kits to focus on half scale I've listed a furniture and accessories "lot" on eBay for those who are interested
  12. Magpies-Miniatures - HELLO!!

    Hello, this is my very first post here as I've only just joined this community forum, so be kind!! My name's Niccy, and I'm 1 third of Magpies-Miniatures is a family run business, from Near Ulverston, in Cumbria, UK. We are based on the edge of the stunning Lake District, and have a good deal of country air running through our lungs, and we consider ourselves to be extremely lucky to bring our services to you from such a beautiful corner of the world. There are three faces here behind the scenes - Mandy is the business owner, founder, and holds great knowledge in all things miniature. She has been behind the scenes from the very beginning, and with the help of her husband, Jon - is the one responsible for the website!. Jon has been the quietest member of the team, but his talents in computer programming, databases and the fact he's extremely artistic and fantastic at any craft he sets his mind to- he's incredible valuable in our eyes, and those of our business too. The newest member of the team is myself, Niccy. I am the daughter of Mandy and Jon, and hold college qualifications in Art and Design, which is where my passion lies. I have taken on the role of keeping the website updated and looking fresh, with improved stock photography, and dealing with social media. All of us have something different to give to the business, which is why we work so well together as a team, in keeping our business running smoothly, and bringing you the service you'd expect as a customer, which has so many of you returning. We stock dolls' house miniatures from a host of suppliers- including heirloom-quality Jia Yi Miniatures, Bespaq, wallpapers from Jackson's, and furniture and accessories from Streets Ahead, Warwick Miniatures, plus fabulously impressive self-build (DIY) kits from McQueenies, and Phoenix Models. If you are looking for something specific and are struggling to find it, again please get in touch and we can have a scout around our suppliers to find what you are looking for. We will always go the extra mile for each and every one of our customers. We hope you enjoy looking around our webstore, find us at I will be popping on to the forums again soon to participate elsewhere, but for tonight my bed's calling!! Goodnight folks, hope to wake to some replies and friendly waves! - Niccy