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  1. Wrong bulbs for DIY lights?

    I purchased some light bulbs to add to DIY light fixtures. When they came in the mail they were different than I expected. Mainly, the wires were much shorter and were not insulated. Did I order the wrong thing? Can I still use these for my light fixtures? I'm a total newbie to the Dollhouse world and this is my first build and first lighting project. However, I'm experienced in other handicrafts so if you have any advice I'm sure I could manage it. Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone out there...Im kind of new to this site but was told this is the best to go to for help and advice. So here I A few months ago I got a great deal on a Dura Craft Farmhouse 500. Last night I finally put my big girl pants on and opened the box. I was overwhelmed and confused to say the least. Now some of you may already know this, but I did not. This kit does not come with walls ready to put up. So after a small meltdown, thinking that I was missing key components, I began reading the instruction book. All of a sudden things clicked and I was off and building. Just before sunrise this morning I finished assembling the last of seven walls.... and they look really good. Now I have so many questions about what order I need to work in to accomplish my dream doll house. I have an electrical kit to wire the dollhouse, I want to put in flooring, wall tiles and wallpaper along with painting inside, outside and trims in and out. I know there are steps that should or could be done as the house is being built. Especially in the case of this house and the assembly process. ( Ive never seen one like this)   So if anyone has any advice to share it would be greatly appreciated.  Tina
  3. Hi y'all! I'm really just looking for guidance, if possible. I know nothing about dollhouses or miniatures, but I recently found my old childhood dollhouse from the 1970's and don't have a clue what to do with any of it. I'm very sentimental, so I can't just toss it, but I need to find out about how to go about selling it, and selling the furniture. It was a kit, all wood, with a bunch of furniture (made in Korea?)...Is it intrusive to upload a few pictures to see if anyone here could point me in the right direction? Thank you so much for any help! Oh...I'm Kim and in Marietta, GA...
  4. New in Alabama

    Hello everyone. My name is Joanna and I have recently been bit by the dollhouse bug. I fell in love with the Fairfield, and it's on it's way as we speak. I have never built before and would appreciate any advice. I plan on adding a second staircase to have access to third floor, hope I don't screw it up! Look forward to hearing from y'all and look forward to this new found passion.
  5. Hi there Greenleaf members, I am new to the community and forums and I seek your advice! I have wanted to build a Greenleaf or Corona Concepts dollhouse for a long time, but I am yet to purchase one. In my price range are the Arthur and the Orchid, and I w!as wondering which would be best for a complete novice? Thank you very much!