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  1. CJN Miniatures in Edmonds, WA recently moved to a new store at 23030 Hwy 99. It is a yellow 2-story building between Les Schwab & Public Storage. They not only have everything you need for a dollhouse, but also dolls, collectibles & antiques now. They offer consignment at 30% and have many artisan and older items in stock. Visit them at   CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT-1.docx
  2. Heirlooms Dollhouse Miniatures & Dolls Located in the Historic District! Aurora Oregon  What a whirlwind of craziness it's been around here!  Here is a bit of what's new..... I am thrilled to announce that Mike Clarizio's magnificent Chandeliers and table lamps are here!  If you want the finest gold plated Swarovski Crystal Chandelier for your Dollhouse, these are exquisite. The table lamps are beautiful too! I admit I went a little crazy at an auction, I'll let all the pictures speak for themselves.  If you see anything your interested in PM me, give me a description and I'm sure we can make a deal. Decorating for the Holidays in Aurora is a big deal. I am doing my best with all the spare time I have...haha Thanksgiving weekend is open house in every shop here in town. If you live in the area come visit and have some hot cider and a cookie or 2! I have had people give me a bad time (jokingly) that I don't post often enough. I promise to try harder. When you wear every hat it doesn't leave much time. I was even a full day late for the time about confusing!  There is never a time that I just sit. Even in the evening I may pop in a movie, but there is a tray on my lap. Sorting, research and pricing until I fall asleep. You should see the boxes of my own projects. I keep saying I will take a Wendy day and play.... I have the bookeeping, cleaning....can you imagine the dust in a house built in 1904 with a furnace that's as old as the hills!  It's got a huge antique floor grate and I swear I see the dust bunnies waving hello as they fly by! I also study. There is so much to learn about miniatures and Dollhouses (of course my vintage and antique Dolls too) I wonder if people know how far back in history they go? The famous people who have had and thoes who do still share our passion?  I wish all thoes mini walls could talk!  I am also always taking notes as I I remember something, learn something new or hear a story from a customer. With all my memories from my childhood and thoes as an adult, I plan on putting them into a book one day.  It's funny, just in this last year 4 people have asked if I have one out or have said I need to. Who knows, maybe one day.  I am still looking for help in the shop. I have a fellow collector that comes in when she can, but I want at least 1 or 2 more. Part time, once in awhile... I'm easy!  My friend Jim is coming to help the first part of December. He is "that" Jim Larson builder of the famous Ship...The Miniscule in the shop and a 100 other pieces of his art. He says he has to come and fix my front's not as high as the cabinet next to it and it's making him crazy!  He is fun to have around and customers love to talk to him about his art. Well, now that I have chatted till your crazy I'll close for now. I'll be back soon, promise! Enjoy all the pictures!!  Your mini friend, Wendy   Hmmmm...for some reason I'm not having luck attaching any pictures. I do have them all posted on the shops facebook page.
  3. Hi fellow miniaturists!  It's been so long since I have posted, I'm embarrassed. Having an actual retail shop sure keeps me busy, especially being the only storefront in Oregon! The shop is filled to the brim (not literally always have room for more). This historic house located in the Historic District of Aurora Colony Orego is fun, fantastic and I'm so happy I could burst!! If you live in the area or are coming to visit, please stop by!  I am always looking for more...incredible OOAK pieces from the finest artisans to less expensive mass produced items and everything in between. Built houses, kits, building supplies, decor and on and on. If I'm cash poor at the time and can't buy outright, consignment is a great option and you earn more in the long run. I have very low fees also.  Artisans send me their lovlies from all over the world to sell here in the shop.  If you would like to chat about consignment or even the weather I'm always here, so please PM me anytime! Your mini friend, Wendy 
  4. Music stand

    From the album A Few Other Things

    I was lucky enough to get a couple of artisan pieces in half scale recently on eBay. The music stand isn't marked, so if anyone recognizes the work please let me know the artist. The piano and bench are both by S. Hoeltge (1985). 

    © DAL Minis

  5. I'm having a holiday special this week at my Etsy shop, and would like to encourage everyone to check it out. Below is the online ad I've been posting in my blog and such. I do sell other things along with miniatures (most of my shop is miniatures), so apologies if me mentioning those here is a problem, but I can't fully explain the offer without talking about them too. For Artisan Miniatures, Art Prints, Postcards, Ornaments, and Jewelry-Check out my Etsy Shop; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Hey Holiday Shoppers!*** From now until December 4th, 2013, Take $1.00 off of your order! At checkout, Just enter coupon code, HOLIDAYSHOPPER2013 And along with this offer, while supplies last; Purchase any Digital Art print or postcard from my Etsy shop, and receive a postcard, as a free Thank You gift with your order. OR Purchase any miniature, jewelry piece, or ornament from my Etsy shop, and receive a small free mystery Thank You gift with your order. -Possible mystery gifts may include; a postcard, small crafting supplies, and miniatures, (items may be store bought or my own handmade creations not currently listed on Etsy) (Offer expires on 12/4. Limit 1 per household, Thank you) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Artisan Miniatures, Art Prints, Postcards, Ornaments, and Jewelry-Check out my Etsy Shop;