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  1. Dollhouse Instructions

    I just stumbled on this in a Google search, but I see GL member Doc already knew about it & I'm sure many others, but I thought new members might need it. They're PDF files for the most part. As of May 22 2012: Batrie DH-71K DH-75K Walmer 452 instructions Porch detail 454 instructions 454 porch parts detail accessories PL-77 Porch Lattice kit 7700 Postbases etc (.pdf 900Kb) 7700 Postbases etc (.jpg 61Kb) H1001 FO-303 detail of Attic Endwall Overhang JM-1065 L1781 attaching the logs (.pdf file) attaching the logs (.jpg file) Beginner's Luck Beginner's Luck Gingerbread Beginner's Luck Porch Hofco Federal Victorian #174 Woodline Victorian Doll House Hofco 214 Victorian Classic DuraCraft AX760 Alexandria SF-550 San Franciscan (1982) FH-500 Farmhouse BY197 The Bayberry SF-555 San Franciscan (1994) FH505 2 Story Farmhouse BL-455 Bellingham Farm House SF-557 San Franciscan CB150 Columbian LN190_Linfield WN168 Winston Cottage Model Homes 1004 Mansion Model Homes 1009 Dollhouse Workshop Instructions main page
  2. So I've put together the foundation pieces and went to put on the first floor but for some reason the nice, smooth finished side of the floor has to be put on face down instead of up. Did I do something wrong with the foundation pieces to where the floor is put on upside down or is that just a manufactor error. I plan on covering the floor with wood flooring so you wouldn't see it but I'm curious as to if this will put errors in the rest of the build. I've had to flip the nice finished side the opposite way on the foundation pieces so it would go together but covering those up as well with stone so I didn't think it was a big deal.