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  1. Here we go! The NAME National Convention ends with a show this week and soon we are looking at several miniature shows throughout the US. Below is a list of shows that I will be attending as a vendor. This is very different from what I have done in the past, but things are different now. If you are going to any of these, please stop and say hello.   August 15-16         Dayton, OH 3 Blind Mice Show August 22-24         Aztec Wholesale Show in Aurora, OH August 28-29         Chicago Fall Show from Tom Bishop September 5-7      Orlando Miniaturia September 11-12  Nashville, TN presented by Harville Productions September 18-19  Indianapolis presented by the Museum of Miniature Houses October 24            Louisville, KY November 5-8       Philadelphia Miniaturia Wholesale and Retail Shows November             Chicago Wee "c" Miniature Show (tentative)     I know there are other shows, but these are the ones I am attending. More details on each as we get closer. The Bishop show will have more vendors than in the past. Orlando is a new show and it is a holiday weekend, so it is hard telling about attendance. It is on Disney grounds, so that may help.  
  2. Well, it's that time of year again. Time for the Aztec Wholesale Show. I am looking forward to attending (as a buyer). I always like to see the new products that are being released. It is also a great time to make new supplier contacts. A couple of things -- I am looking for suggestions for inventory. What items are you having trouble locating? I realize you can find almost anything online anymore, but what is it you need that nobody seems to carry or carry at a decent price? What do you need? Go to my Facebook page (link is below) and read the August 2nd post. I will do what I can to help you. I also have a couple of guest badges if anyone is within a few hours driving distance. One male and one female badge. There are no buying privileges with them, but we can work around that.
  3. I hope I am putting this in the correct category. I have had a few forum members contact me regarding items they are looking for to add to their project, but can't find. For example: a fireplace that needs certain measurements, a stove of a particular design, floor times of a particular color, etc. I want to try to help. This weekend I will be attending the Aztec Wholesale Show in Cleveland. There will be over 100 companies, artisans and other suppliers selling their wares at the show. I have a list of specific needs from some people (as well as what I need for the business). If you are having trouble and want me to look for something, please PM me. I am trying to help a couple of people with Spring Fling needs, too. I am not entering this year and I can assure you that any information you share with me stays between us. I can't make any promises and a couple of people know they are asking for a lot, but I can at least talk to some folks about doing custom work and see what we can come up with for you. I know how difficult it can be trying to get your project 'just right.' I want to help if I can. Thanks!