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  1. The Bar

    From the album RGT Classic Bungalow 1:12 scale

    The bar for the Bungalow. It's a party! lol
  2. 100 2315

    From the album Vlad's Spirits and Blood Bar

    Beginnings of Vlad's bar. The top is paper Mache coffin shape Large that I covered with repurposed DH flooring. The sides are cut pieces from Michael's that also have repurposed woof flooring on them. Behind that will be the bartender side. It still needs work this is the first few steps.
  3. Bar

    From the album Modern Scenes

  4. From the album The Steampunk House

    This is a close-up of a counter unit and industrial spring stools, found in the Kitchen. The mosaic portion of the counter top swivels away from the wall to create extra bar/table space for guests. And with the industrial spring bar stools, everyone gets a place t sit...and bounce. The main counter is a mix of balsa wood Popsicle sticks, string, paper, craft foam, acrylic paint, aluminum wire, and rocks (weight to anchor the mosaic section). The portion that swivels is made from real glass mosaic pieces, grouted with a mix of craft foam, Polycrylic, and black paint. The industrial springs are really pipe-cleaners, sealed, painted, and then sealed/painted 2-3 more times after that (They really are springy). The seat portions are plastic bottle tops, stretched out cotton balls, and cotton fabric. Read about the whole project and see more photos on my blog;

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