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  1. Bathroom

    From the album Sara's Willowcrest!

  2. Bathroom Accessories

    From the album The Garfield by S. Mehreen

    Finally got my hands on the cherry blossom bath accessories and the bathtub caddy by Reutter Porzellan. I have been wanting these for a long time, since they share the same cherry blossom pattern as the rest of the Garfield chinaware. Read more at:
  3. Bathroom Tile

    From the album My First Dolls house

    Bathroom tiles and flooring completed. I had to spend a lot of time making the existing door opening smaller to fit the odd sized handmade door I purchased at Miniatura. Just skirting and coving to go and this room is fully decorated ready for when I find the right fixtures.
  4. bandaids.png

    From the album Mini Paper Printables

    score, cut, fold, glue
  5. Frosted window for light

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    A little window in the corner of the room to let light into what could be a dingy basement bathroom.    
  6. Basement Bathroom - light on.JPG

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    Trying out this light in the room... Not sure if I'll use it. I was just going to use a nondescript ceiling mounted fixture in this room. But the demanding little minx wants something more.  The room is still in dry fit so the left hand corner of the show will be grouted once the walls are glued together. As will the floor to wall junction.  Excuse the droopy shower rose, it's just propped in there like everything else in this room.  
  7. Piercetoilet.JPG

    From the album Miniatures "Things" I've made

    Toilet and sink made using homemade cold porcelain, ( my toilet actually flushes water..fill the tank, push the handle and watch the water disappear ),  roll top bread box, leather mules for Barbie. Cold porcelain......easy to make, put in air tight container it will last for months and not rot, easy to work with, no baking, drys as fast as school glue and hard as a rock almost...hard enough to carve like wood and sand too. Recipe  For a lump about the size of a golf ball ----  1/4 c Cornstarch 1/8 c School Glue ..doesn't have to be school glue, any white glue or craft glue will work. 1tsp Mineral oil is ok as well as face cream like Noxzema,  maybe even olive oil or coconut oil- sewing machine oil? LOL ....worth a try!                              Ive used mineral oil and Noxzema ...both worked fine except Noxzema is too smelly. Put the 3 ingredients into a container and stir until it starts clumping into chunks, then using your fingers, need the clumps together..adjust the consistency adding more corn starch to firm it up or more glue to moisten... You will know the consistency is correct when the inside of the container looks clean as well as your fingers.  
  8. Fixtures.JPG

    From the album First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    A close up of the fixtures from Elf Miniatures. Cute! Grouting in the corner will happen if I ever get out of dry fit. 
  9. Bathroom

    From the album RGT Classic Bungalow 1:12 scale

    The bathroom is almost done :)
  10. Finishing up the bathroom

    From the album RGT Classic Bungalow 1:12 scale

    The bathroom is almost done :)
  11. Garfield interior wall move

    Hi, Has anyone moved the interior bathroom wall over to make a passageway to the 2nd bedroom to make it more realistic? Am thinking of making a removable wall for the bathroom so its more logical than having to walk thru the bathroom to get to the 2nd bedroom. This would mean that I'd need to have a banister for the left side of the 2nd staircase and this is where it gets complicated. I'm thinking of making interior walls for the lounge and dining room so I wouldn't need the banister for there so I'm debating whether to either cut off the wall part of the ground floor stairs and use that banister for the 2nd staircase which makes sense to do so. Any views on my idea before I commit this to reality?  
  12. Scale issue/Toilet

    Please ignore the rough finishings in the picture, I'm not done yet.  I put some of the furniture in my nearly finished Glencroft, to get a look at the big picture. And the first thing that jumped out at me is that the toilet looks TINY compared to the bedroom furniture. (I've learned that all 1:12 scale is not created equal).  My cottage is of the present time, but was inherited and thus the fittings are a mixture of new, old, and in-between as the previous owners did updates throughout the years.  I really, really want to keep this style bathroom. But, it looks terrible. My questions are: 1. Can I make the toilet look bigger somehow?  2. Should I just buy a different one? (last choice as my budget has already been wrecked) 3. Is there some kind of modification that will give the appearance of the toilet looking bigger, maybe dividing the room with a pony wall? I don't want to go full room divider.  Advice and suggestions warmly welcomed.  Novice-ly, Liz
  13. Before: Bathroom

    From the album Foursquare

    This room is one my parents completed before I received the house, and I'm going to leave it almost exactly as-is (after a really thorough cleaning). Just need to secure the radiator to the wall.  
  14. Bathroom style question

    Hello! I am building the Glencroft (my first build), and the backstory is as follows:  The cottage was part of a larger estate in Yorkshire which was inherited by a Canadian freelance writer; the main house house is in a state of disrepair and much too large and draughty for her, so she's decided to live in the cottage and work on her romance novels. (Perhaps the great house will be my next build). There's been a bit of updating done to the cottage as far as plumbing etc, but not too much (it was the caretaker's cottage and he was an elderly gent who passed some time ago).  The question is in regards to the bathroom. I'm stuck as to what style of fittings to use. Although the cottage is Tudor style, it's occupied in the present day. I don't want a modern style tub/toilet/sink. I am leaning towards Victorian style, with the elevated toilet tank and clawfoot tub. Advice/suggestions would be most welcome!
  15. Sneak Peek!!!!

    From the album The Glencroft Dollhouse: Bathroom

    Here is a sneak peek of my first completed wall! This wall will eventually have the sink and toilet on it. Still needs grout and a little touching up.  Can't wait to share the finished bathroom with ya'll! Only 2017263628289389 tiles left to install!! 
  16. Inspiration

    From the album The Glencroft Dollhouse: Bathroom

    I fell in love with this bathroom the second I came across it. I knew this was the bathroom I wanted to use as my inspiration for my Glencroft's Bathroom.  I plan on making all the subway tiles by hand using various materials. (Thinking about posting a tutorial) SO stay tuned!
  17. DSCF0062.JPG

    From the album Cloudbound

    Bath pieces are all made from basswood scraps.  I'm still not that happy with how the shower turned out - it  just doesn't seem to 'fit like a glove' anywhere.  But its removable so I can always just take it out.  The light fixture is once again a ceiling light purchased on eBay ($15?) that I glued little antlers onto. 
  18. DSCF0063.JPG

    From the album Cloudbound

    One more view.  I hope to find a little robe to hang from the antler of the white deer head on the wall that I intended to use as a 'hook'.
  19. DSCN7527

    From the album Greenleaf Pierce

    Pierce potential bath layout. Looks pretty blah so far. I'm not set on the mirror, it might be too fancy. It might look better painted white. It might be too small. I'm open to suggestions on filling this space.
  20. DIY Clay toilet

    Just got this in my email box this morning and remembering discussions about making toilets, I thought it might come in handy for someone.
  21. Steampunk Doozy of a Jacuzzi

    From the album Steampunk

    <p>Just light the steam maker, crank up the steam and soak your troubles away!</p>

    © Debra A. Morin

  22. Bandaids.JPG

    From the album Miniatures "Things" I've made

    I got on Utube and found a tuitorial for making real miniature bandaids... that dime doesn't help much to see the actually size of these things....cuz they are teeny tiny!   Not hard to make but time consuming. Here's the link...
  23. The Steam Clean Steampunk Necessary

    From the album Steampunk

    <p>&lt;p&gt;Here you go! The ultimate in convenience. Steam adjustment knobs on the left, pressure selection on the right and built in fan for noxious odors. A little tricky to flush as you have to dodge the fan blades, but it is first generation. Enjoy!&lt;/p&gt;</p>

    © Debra A. Morin

  24. Bathroom

    From the album Lisa's Country Cottage Kit

    I finally did some work on the expanded bathroom for my Country Cottage kit. I used glue dots to place some of my Chrysnbon minis and also put some of my coupon minis in just to see how it all looks. I need to finish my medicine cabinet because the mirror looks kind of lonely just sitting there. I like it, but I still think there is too much white in this picture!!! I'm hoping adding a shower curtain will help. Any ideas on how to make one and what color I should use?