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  1. Newbie in Ohio

    Hi! I'm new to the miniature and dollhouse world. I'm from Ohio. I never thought I would own a dollhouse even though I've always loved them. Surprisingly my mother bought me the Beacon Hill kit for my 52nd birthday. I was in complete shock! I have no idea where to start past reading the directions and thinking "oh my, what have I gotten myself into?" I need help starting from the very beginning. 
  2. Beacon Hill stair issues

    Hi everyone, I’ve been struggling with the Beacon Hill stairs. Problems with glue, dog thinking my stair assembly was a toy and managing to get to it.(when did he learn to fly.?????) Most of it was saved. I cut new parts from the discard cutouts.  But I’m not thrilled with my doggie enhanced stairs. Can I buy a ready made staircase that will fit? I saw a curving staircase on line  It would be worth it to me to buy it if it would fit to get past the frustration.  Has anyone tried something like this? Has it worked out? Thanks  Austin’s mom photo of stairs is attached
  3. From the album My First Build: The Beacon Hill

    Its cool that the BH is taller than she is. Should I teach her how to paint the interior? Her hands (and upper body) are small enough to get inside most of the rooms . .
  4. Hello everyone! I’m new here. My Greenleaf Beacon Hill kit finally came in today! I’m a bit nervous as this is my first dollhouse build. Can anyone share some tips on what helped you? I heard the instructions are kind of difficult and hard to understand. I’ve been watching the YouTube videos and I can’t find one that is like a step by step. I already know some of the changes I’m going to make or other builders suggestions that I’m going to use. I’ve got most of the starter supplies: the glues, the clamps, painters tape, the ultimate cutter from hobby lobby, stains and some mini screwdrivers and a mini jewelry mallet/hammer. Any help throughout this would be so much appreciated! As A paramedic I work odd shifts so I plan to work on this on days off. I’d also like to possibly make my own kitchen counters. I’m in love with the farmhouse sink and I would like to incorporate that. I also do plan to run electricity.  Thank you all! 
  5. (Starting a new single thread so I don’t fill up the whole forum with my questions!)   OK, so I ran into an issue and need some advice on whether I need to disassemble and fix it or just continue on. After I put together the 2nd assembly in the instructions (the first walls that go up) I went to attach it to the foundation and there were a couple of tabs that just barely went in the slots because part of the 2nd assembly was off when I glued it together. (I’m going to try and attach pics) I originallly thought I would just fill that area with wood filler but now I’m worried that the rest of the build is going to be off. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I have just completed a Beacon Hill (more or less). I wondered if anyone would like my box of scraps? Most of the sheets are intact (with the pieces punched out, of course). I never used the shutters, so all those pieces are there. I am willing to send the box and all the scrapwood to anyone who wants it. Jennifer Ashley
  7. Pennethorne Manor ~ Remake

    After rehoming all my dollhouses (including Pennethorne Manor I - remember MiniMadWoman?) and being out of minis for awhile, I have once again caught the mini bug!  I brought up all my miniatures from their tomb in the basement the other day and took inventory.  O how I missed my precious pieces! I am going to build a Beacon Hill from the dollhouse kit (which is due to arrive today) with a few modifications.  I am adding a basement, extending the kitchen (which will be a dining room) and the bathroom, and adding a conservatory and possibly extending the boudoir.  With help from dear hubby, we built the basement over the weekend and today I was playing with flooring. I will be posting each step of the way here, but you can also follow along on my blog The basement from left to right . . . wine cellar, butler's pantry, kitchen, sewing room. Kitchen flooring from a vinyl tile.
  8. Greetings!

    Hello, fellow forum members - My first exposure to Greenleaf was the Harrison that my mother built for her grandchildren in the early 80s. It was well loved by our families and most of the neighbor children. The dollhouse traveled a bit and was given first to my niece and then my eldest daughter, whose five year old daughter is attached to it at the hip. When my newest grand daughter was born last year her mother said, "Great! Now it's OUR turn for the dollhouse!" To forestall the inevitable battle (ever tried to pry a five year old from her favorite toy on the planet?) I decided to make a new dollhouse for the other set of grandbabies. I  joined the woodshop in my retirement community, found the best mentor on the planet, and dived in. It's been twenty years since I tackled a doll house but it's been a joy. I'll share pics soon - promise!
  9. Kitchen extension foam board mockup

    From the album Beacon Hill

  10. Brick, bricks and more bricks

    From the album Beacon Hill

    The brickwork is going up.  
  11. ChandelierBHTower.jpg

    From the album Beacon Hill Rehab

    Husband helped me install chandelier in the tower of the Beacon Hill.  Husband used scroll saw to create duplicate window that I am installing on the opposite side of tower to view the chandelier from front and back sides of house.
  12. Newbie in MA!

    I am a total newbie working on a Beacon Hill.. i am a slow worker but loving every minute. I’m planning to turn it into a Haunted House with a Harry Potter inspired style. I know it is ambitious, but I am attempting to customize the staircase because I simply despise the cookie cutter look of the trim that comes with the kit. I’m sure I will have lots of questions as I progress.. any advice/support is greatly appreciated! I am obsessing over everyone else’s beautiful creations and hoping my skills are up to par one day ❤️
  13. Bathroom

    From the album Beacon Hill

    View of the bathroom from the landing
  14. BeaconHill-parlour-test-1.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Just a very small update on the Beacon Hill, unfortunately my restoration work has been taking most of my time and left very little oportunity to work on my hobbies, but I do hope to catch up later this year. The construction pieces are mostly sorted and prepared, but I'd rather work on the assembly when I have time to regularly check on it. In the meantime I've worked on this set of chairs and table for the dinning room, bought them separately in raw wood but I think the design ended up matching quite well. Here's a little furniture test for the Beacon Hill parlour area, I'm happy the modifications gave me all this extra room to play around with furniture but still I wish I had a bit extra space haha. The sideboard and cabinet are from the Bespaq Armorial set, I have some assorted pieces I use as "displays" for my collection of miniature porcelain and glass inside my large cabinets. These two suit the room nicely I think, and unlike other pieces I've tried the sideboard actually fits inside the bay window. I haven't changed the decorations inside the cabinet which is full of Reutter miniatures, I'll rearange everything after the house is finished. The decorations on the table were displayed with a diferent set, I've picked the green dishes and a matching carpet because I'm thinking of decorating this room with a "green" theme. You may recognize the silver pieces, they are from artists Peter Acquisto and Dmitry Shevchenko, I've noticed Dmitry recently posted on this forum and I must say I've been a fan of his work for some time. I specially love his cuttlery sets, so detailed and delicate, and the 5 arm candelabra is probably one of my favorite pieces from his collection. Recently I've bought these green mini wax candles from clare bell which go really nice with the candelabra, I'll definitely get more for other candle holders they smell so nice too! The sofa set is a work from the talented Jill Diane I had in my mini art collection. I wasn't planning on using them in a dollhouse setting, but I really like the green fabric and delicate decorations so I'm feeling a bit tempted to move them here, it adds to the "french" vibe of this house hehe. Not sure about the paintings, I might need a mirror for the fireplace but I want to add a bit of decor on the pannels. I will also need green curtains for the windows, either short ones or falling all the way to the floor. I hope you enjoy this mini preview, I really miss working on my Beacon Hill. Sadly large houses take almost as much time as real size furniture, and I've had plenty of that to work on latelly *sigh*. I should have picked a smaller project at this time, but I will eventually get back to work in this house. Hope you all had wonderful holidays, I'll try to catch up with the updates I've missed and wish you an excellent new year full of mini wonders  
  15. IMG-2282.JPG

    From the album Beacon Hill

  16. Hello Minipeople  I have something I need advice on from someone more experienced than myself... Looking at the house from the back, I want to move the fireplaces in the living room and the 2nd floor bedroom to the opposite wall (the one backing on to the stairwell). the realist in me insists I move the chimney to a position on the roof that will reflect this change. In place of the chimney, I would add another mansard window in the 3rd floor room (which will be the children's room  Is this easily doable? would the chimney (shortened?) fit behind the tower? Thoughts?
  17. From the album My First Dollhouse - Beacon Hill

    Here she is so far, about 2 months in. My new bestie!! (notice that table, $38 at a thrift store! Painted white and it will be the perfect stand!)
  18. BeaconHill-exterior-wip1.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    The progress on the exterior so far. I had a few days off so I tried to get as much work done on the structure as possible, I'm happy it's finally starting to look like a house   I'm currently working on the rest of the windows, because I'm using diferent colors it takes a really long time as I have to paint the trims before assembling. When I'm done I'll wallpapper the rest of the house, add the windows and remaining sinding, and then resume work on the interiors. The dormer windows.... are a real headache to put together. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do it so that I can get a smooth curve, seams really hard to acomplish that with the window in place. I haven't glued the roof of the tower, I'll probably leave it like that to be easier to work. I haven't done any modification to this roof, I like it the way it is, I think I will have fun decorating it as the ceiling for the third floor hall.
  19. BeaconHill-colors-test.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    I wanted to test the color I had picked for the siding, I was undecided between this dark magenta or dark plum. I thought the plum might have looked too dark for what I had in mind, but seeing this color in direct light it's a lot brighter than I expected. Thoughts? This is the color scheme I got inspiration from.
  20. Hi, I'm trying to build the third floor but I ran into a problem. See the red underline on the instruction sheet, I can't find the piece with that name in sheet 19. The only 2 chimney pieces on that sheet have diferent names, but the instructions say "left chimney trim" which one is it? Maybe I'm just blind but I've been searching through the sheets and I can't seam to find it. If you have built this house and have a picture of this piece or remember the shape of it please let me know! I have the third floor in dry fit but can't assemble the chimney until I solve this 
  21. BeaconHill-corridor-wip4.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    I've finished the 1st floor stairs and wired the corridor lights. The pedistal was tricky but I'm glad I managed to hide the wires under the floor. I've stained the baseboards, but I'm still thinking I might try the wainscot panels later. I really like the look of this room, I've picked the wallpapper for the corridor upstairs in green + red colors, I think it will go well with this look. I have glued the tower front wall in so now I can finally start building the third floor and ceiling, lots of work ahead but at least 1 floor is done!  
  22. Hi everyone! I fell down the rabbit hole and landed in the wonderful world of miniatures
  23. BeaconHill-parlour-wip5.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    A small change to this room, I added a ceiling rose to the center because after adding the chandelier I kept feeling it was missing something. I've also trimed the doorway interior, so I'm nearly done with this floor and hopefully I'll get started on the exterior soon  
  24. BeaconHill-corridor-wip3.jpg

    From the album ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Sorry for the bad quality and poor light conditions. I am almost done with the corridor, need to finish decorating the stairs and add the last rail by the starting steps. The baseboards haven't been glued yet, I was thinking about doing wainscot here but I'm afraid it might make the room look too dark. The ceiling pannels are stained basswood, I assembled them the same way I did with the wall pannels. There is a hole at the mid center to add a chandelier, I will be wiring the lights soon and hopefuly then I'll manage to get a better picture of the details. The pedistal lamp is from artist Jim Pounder, I think it's perfect for the entrance hall and will help light up the area.
  25. From the album Beacon Hill

    I never did get around to posting the pictures of my finished Beacon Hill.  I saw yesterday where someone had searched the gallery since their next build was going to be this, and noticed not many finished Beacon Hill's.  That prompted me to finally post my pictures.  This is the first doll house I ever built, and I learned so much from building this house.  I still would like to do some more landscaping on it.  I am now just learning to make flowers and plants, so maybe in the future I will post an updated picture of the landscaping.