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  1. Welding/soldering finished

    From the album "wrought Iron" follies

    finally was "called" to finish soldering the bed.  Its scaled to full-size.  All that's left to do is paint the bed, it will be white, cover the mattress and dress the bed.  It'll be in my San Franciscan.
  2. Cabin Bed

    From the album Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    I had some ideas on how I wanted the interior to look. Not finding anything commercially I was reading a post and someone mentioned Elf Miniatures in the UK. I went to their site and HOLY COW! The items they made were amazing! I contacted Elizabeth and told her what I was after. She designed a bed kit that was perfect! 
  3. Howdy all, Here are some (hopefully not sideways!) photos of the bed frame that I have been working on for the attic bedroom of my Orchid (Sweet Cypress Cottage). I built it from scratch, from my own improvised design. I decided to go for a heavy patina look; I love verdigris what can I say!  This is the first coat of simulated patina (mixed up my own batch of acrylic paints for the occasion). It needs a few more coats (not to mention a mattress and frills!); I will be adjusting shades as I dapple on layers for a textured, aged look. I'd like some opinions on this: the green chair to the right (which, I know, needs some dirtying up/aging) is from an HoM kit. I decided to paint and add brass findings instead of staining. I'm wondering, does the olive tone throw off the patina color (as in, make it seem too blue)? I'm also wondering: do you think these two pieces should be in the same room? I know the camera plays tricks, but I'm a little worried about the weird size relationship between them. Anyone have thoughts or opinions? Happy to hear them!  
  4. New Bed

    From the album Debra's Orchid

    Had to dress a new bed for my Orchid.  I've had to make several things since hubby knocked it over (twice) and scattered, broke, or lost some of the pieces. I made to coverlet and put on the dust ruffle. Everything else was purchased either from online stores, talented Etsy artists, or auction sites.  Dog bed was made by Brae.
  5. First attempt at a bed

    From the album First attempt creating miniatures

    The head board and base materials are made from on an old pair of linen trousers. This was my first attempt at sewing following online tutorials.
  6. First attempt at a bed

    From the album First attempt creating miniatures

    I could not find an online tutorial for this kind of bed so I worked out the 1:12 measurements and created templates.
  7. Hi Miniaturists, I had expectations of getting into painting and decorating dollhouse furniture, but it's just not practical right now in my life. I have several rooms of wood furniture that I'd like to sell. All furniture is in its original box but I've taken some room photos so you can see it all together. 4 piece bedroom includes double bed, side table, dresser and blanket chest/toy box. 3 Piece Craft Room – Armoire, work table, stool and tiny thread spools 3 Piece Office/Den – Bookcase, table, chair, will include book and picture frame 4 Piece Modern Dollhouse Living Room Set – sofa, upholstered chair, coffee table and ornate armchair *Note: the upholstered furniture does not come in boxes. If interested, please Message me Thank you!
  8. Happy Mother's Day

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    The girls (with Grandpa's supervision) present Grandma with Breakfast in Bed for Mother's Day. Since Grandma gets up early, the girls made the bed for her then let her get back on it before presenting her with her meal.
  9. Breakfast In Bed

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    Grandma is enjoying breakfast in bed, as part of her Mother's Day gift. Grandpa wants Amy to take Fala off the bed so that Grandma can eat in peace, but Grandma said Fala was also her baby and could stay. Note the book on Grandma's bed. Carrie bought it for a dime at a garage sale when a neighbor jokingly said her Grandma might like it. Carrie was too young to read at the time and took the neighbor seriously. Grandma appreciates the thought so much, she keeps the book near by.
  10. A Teddy In The Beddy

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    Heather's teddy bear gives his approval for the new bedspread.
  11. New Bedspread

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    I am in the mood for spring, so I put a flowery bedspread on Amy and Heather's bed. I made the original bedspread from two pieces of fabric they let me have free in Fabric Land, and I pinned them on a sponge that served as the mattress. That is about as creative as I get. I purchased this new bedspread on eBay so I can have it as a change off. I think the girls will like it.
  12. Sleeping On It

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    Amy and Heather are both giggling in bed wondering what their silly grandparents are doing downstairs. They hear Grandpa - oops, they mean Santa - saying, "Ho, ho, ho; those girls better be asleep upstairs."
  13. Visions Of Sugar Plums

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    No matter how many new toys Holly gets, she will always love her toy cat. To prove it, she took her cat to bed with her on this very special night. The girls are in for some very special memories and dreams.
  14. Bed after

    From the album Miniature decor

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