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  1. The Loo Drapes

    From the album SF555 - 1st Build in 29 years

    This was an interesting little learning experience....thought I had it all figured out until I realized I couldn't cut the brass rod with just my nippers and not crush the I bought a little cutter tool....and the rest is history!  Now no one can peek in on the resident while she's in the tub!
  2. Howdy all, Here are some (hopefully not sideways!) photos of the bed frame that I have been working on for the attic bedroom of my Orchid (Sweet Cypress Cottage). I built it from scratch, from my own improvised design. I decided to go for a heavy patina look; I love verdigris what can I say!  This is the first coat of simulated patina (mixed up my own batch of acrylic paints for the occasion). It needs a few more coats (not to mention a mattress and frills!); I will be adjusting shades as I dapple on layers for a textured, aged look. I'd like some opinions on this: the green chair to the right (which, I know, needs some dirtying up/aging) is from an HoM kit. I decided to paint and add brass findings instead of staining. I'm wondering, does the olive tone throw off the patina color (as in, make it seem too blue)? I'm also wondering: do you think these two pieces should be in the same room? I know the camera plays tricks, but I'm a little worried about the weird size relationship between them. Anyone have thoughts or opinions? Happy to hear them!  
  3. From the album Bill Kast

    All he needs now is a nice 1:12 scale dollhouse observatory.
  4. From the album Bill Kast

    All he needs now is a nice 1:12 scale dollhouse observatory.
  5. From the album Bill Kast

    All he needs now is a nice 1:12 scale dollhouse observatory.
  6. Good morning, everyone!   I'm finding curtain rods to be quite challenging - I purchase some brass and silver jewelry heavy gauge wire with the tool to straighten the wire, but finding the challenge in what to use for brackets. I have many windows in the house and to purchase the pre-made sets is quite spendy.   Anyone have a resource or ideas they are willing to share for the brackets and how to attach so the rod is far enough away from the wall so the curtains can slide?   I can do most other things for the house - just drawing a blank in the hardware arena.   Thank you so much for whatever assistance you can provide.    
  7. Brass2

    From the album Tools

    More from my collection. Top left is a piercing template.
  8. Brass4

    From the album Tools

    The one on the left is particularly delicate, I hope it will work with spackle. The one on the right would make a nice floor centre-piece.
  9. Brass1

    From the album Tools

    Some brass stencils I've collected over the years.
  10. Brass3

    From the album Tools

    Another group from my collection.
  11. Square locket

    From the album Lily Beach House

    Bought 6 of the square lockets. I want to mount them on the wall 3 on top and 3 underneath - with a different little seashell in each one. Perhaps I could make miniature tassels to hang from the loop (if I mount them upside down).
  12. Round locket

    From the album Lily Beach House

    Bought this locket on Amazon - it will make a cool shadowbox for some seashells!
  13. Some more furniture and a pet

    From the album Lily Beach House

    Some of the new items: Brass inlaid trunk, brass key chain with working compass, some ceramic bowls and a pot. There's a plate of crab (magnet), plastic fish for possible mounting on a plaque and a dangling brass earring to be used as a light fitting.

    © Lene Pieters

  14. From the album Southern Dynasty Restoration

    I recently ordered new brass coach lights for the front entry, looking forward to replacing the broken ones shown here.