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  1. Andi Mini Bricks

    I'm sure someone on the forum has used these Andi mini bricks.  Would you please share your experience and/or photos?  Thank you.
  2. So has anybody used these? If you have, how did you cut them. I'm using them for the flooring in the San Franciscan's basement and I've been scoring and breaking them with mixed success. They are too expensive to just ruin. Any ideas?  
  3. Victorian Chimneys

    Hi everyone! I have been thinking about possible designs for my Fairfield's chimney and I'm feeling inclined to try a victorian style with miniature bricks. Something like this, either square or rectangular shaped, or other designs that could work in this scale. I was wondering if anyone has a link for a blog or tutorial about building dollhouse brick chimneys, I like this kind of design on top and I've seen it done in dollhouse pictures. I've found this blog which shows the kind of look I'm going for but the process for making the bricks seams a bit too complicated for a newbie on a smaller scale, so I was wondering if there are other alternative materials or techniques I can use to achieve the same effect. I've seen this kind of chimney on tudor style houses as well, so if you have built one like this or similar I would be interested in any tips or advice on how to achieve that look. If you know anyone who has built this sort of chimney and have a link to their gallery or blog that'd be fantastic as well  
  4. Egg carton brick work done

    From the album Vintage Christmas Putz Feather Tree Stand

    My second foray into egg carton bricks!  I was not as precise in cutting these, so the sizes are irregular and I didn't nip the corners like I did for my other project.  Anyway- you can also see here that the porch posts have been given a new coat of paint.  After removing the old, all-white paint I discovered that this was the original color scheme, so I was pleased to be able to restore it!                
  5. Fireplace is coming along...

    From the album 2014 HBS Creatin' Contest--Erabliere Aucoin, Sugar Shack and Shop

    Bricks (by Andi Mini Brick & Stone, Williamstown, Vermont), here shown faux-painted with built-up creosote and dusted with "ash"; bricks on the floor level are black 400-grit sandpaper (in order not to add thickness at the floor level), cut to mini-brick-sized and individually placed on a pre-"grouted" floor area; and a deeply aged, hand-rubbed finish on the mantel that may be one of my favorite bits of the whole project. It's the littlest details, that no one but the builder may notice, that give the greatest joy in minis...
  6. Grouted

    From the album Dura Craft VH-600

  7. Foundation underway

    From the album Dura Craft VH-600

    I cut them from the packaging cardboard found in electronics this cardboard is very similar to egg cartons. I stuck each one down to the adhesive side of contact paper and misted several colors on them using any kind of spray paint laying around the house including Chevy Orange engine paint that my son had until I achived the look that I liked then I heavily coated them with clear matte acrylic. I then glued them to the foundation and I will grout them with a gray grout.
  8. Foam board bricks

    From the album More building projects

    Going to use these for Opal's foundation. This photo shows the progression from the plain foam board , then with the pencil marks , and then cut with the x- acto knife.
  9. From the album More building projects

    I had some Elmer's foam board from another project and am thinking of putting a brick foundation on the Orchid. Really like how these are coming out , need a couple more coats of different shades. The gray / white with bigger blocks would look like cement blocks.