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  1. Help! My nine-year-old just purchased the Fairfield as her first real dollhouse kit build. We are just finishing the tape run and I can tell for so many reasons that this wasn't a good place for her to start, but I'm looking for a way to encourage her to continue this hobby while not spending thousands of dollars just yet. (She's only 9. I would like to be sure this is a hobby that will stick for a bit.) I think she'll be good at it -- I'll see if I can figure out how to attach a photo of how she "bricked" the inside of the fireplaces by sponging off a second layer of paint. Here are our current dilemmas: Inexpensive lighting? specifically for a half scale house? Staircases or a pull-down attic ladder for under $15? Any other tips about how to keep this hobby reasonably inexpensive would be hugely helpful! Thank you! edit: Here's a picture of her fireplace insides!