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  1. Hello Everyone! I recently acquired not 1, but 2, Magnolia Dollhouse kits from Corona Concepts. My parents found the boxes tucked in the back of a closet when they moved into a new apartment. When they pulled the boxes out and realized what they were, I got really excited, because I love building dollhouses, and the Magnolia was one that I always toyed with buying. It was like Christmas in July! However, it looks like I’m missing pieces, that I will either need to build myself or reorder. I already know that I’m missing 24 of the 32 window sashes that I need. Let the building challenge begin! 
  2. From the album The Steampunk House

    This is a neat little house-shaped cabinet I picked up at an antique co-op a couple of summers ago. It's not really an antique, but I knew that when I bought it and didn't care because I was planning on repainting it anyway. From my understanding, front open houses can be pricey, so this really was a find. Originally it had pink windows, but someone painted them black. They look fine in the photo, but up close they're kind of a mess.

    © Kyle Lefort

  3. From the album The Steampunk House

    The inside of my cabinet house. It's not a super small, but it's still pretty compact. I'm basically doing my own miniature rendition of that White Room Challenge show.

    © Kyle Lefort