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  1. Lacamas Lake House

    From the album Lacamas Lake House

    This is the Lacamas Lake house I picked up over the weekend.  I bought it from the original owner in Texas who purchased it and had it shipped from Doll Faire Miniatures - Victorian Times in Pleasant Hill CA back in 1995.
  2. Hi everyone, I found this forum while Googling for info on Clell Boyce dollhouses, this looks like a pretty neat community.  My mother has a Clell Boyce Joseph Angel dollhouse shell for sale in Oregon City, OR.  She bought it in the mid-90's and then basically just stored it.  She's very crafty and had always hoped to find time to work on it, but she takes care of my dad full time now so she's decided she should let it go to someone else who can appreciate it.  We're asking $XXX but will entertain any reasonable offer.  Any questions or comments are welcome!
  3. Josiah Golden House!!

    Hello...I have had my beautiful victorian for 20 years, and like so many of has set idle for 15 of them! Last year I decided to march right outside, build myself a little "cottage" expressly for this beautiful house and complete it!! I now have a wonderful place to finally get back to this project that I have looked forward to forever! I also found that 20 years later, I am far more senile than when I started, and have been trying to find information on the maker...Finally typed the right words in and up popped your group, and My Doll house!!!!! Yahoo!!! I had forgotten the Clell Boyce part...which of course leads to a world of information once that comes back to to the person hoping to identify their dollhouse, I thank you! And I will really enjoy this gathering spot!!!