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  1. Hi everyone - was wondering if anyone could tell me what time period this couch/sofa is considered? Im really struggling to place this.
  2. Grey 3 Seater Sofa & Ottomans

    From the album Fairfield Furniture & Accessories

    I used the 3 seater MARLEY sofa from Freedom as inspiration for this one : - ) I made the base out of balsa wood, kitchen sponge for the seat cushions and a grey cotton fabric to cover the lot in. Made an additional two ottomans which will act as additional seating as I'm going to be hard pressed to fit in another sofa in the Fairfield lounge room. 
  3. Hi Miniaturists, I had expectations of getting into painting and decorating dollhouse furniture, but it's just not practical right now in my life. I have several rooms of wood furniture that I'd like to sell. All furniture is in its original box but I've taken some room photos so you can see it all together. 4 piece bedroom includes double bed, side table, dresser and blanket chest/toy box. 3 Piece Craft Room – Armoire, work table, stool and tiny thread spools 3 Piece Office/Den – Bookcase, table, chair, will include book and picture frame 4 Piece Modern Dollhouse Living Room Set – sofa, upholstered chair, coffee table and ornate armchair *Note: the upholstered furniture does not come in boxes. If interested, please Message me Thank you!
  4. End Of Nationwide Search

    From the album Mosie's Room

    Thanks to all those who have helped search for this particular out-of-stock loveseat. Mo finally found it from Country Store Miniatures in Vancouver, Washington. Apparently, this was a popular item at one time, but it is rare to see upholstered arm chairs, loveseats, and couches with wood on the arms. That seems true in the full-sized world as well. - I am so happy she found it!
  5. Looking For A Few Things...

    Hello. I'm looking for a few things and figured I would try here first before going elsewhere. First off I'm looking for Beatles fabric. Anything you have. doesn't have to be huge pieces, even leftover scraps would help. And as many designs as you have if possible. I had a ton, and lost it moving and you can no longer buy it. I'm willing to pay for it, and S+H, but would really like to find someone who'd be interested in possibly trading some fabric? I have lots, and different types and colors that would be perect for mini, It's up to you. When you contact me, or reply just let me just let me know which you're interested in. Second, I'm looking for a couch, loveseat, settee, armchair, stuff like that. Condition doesn't really matter. I'm going to reuppholster it with the Beatles fabric longs I can find some. It can be older, used, leftover, anything. Longs I can redo it. No plastic tho. lol. I'm thinking two small pieces that would go together. So any combo of the above. Like I said,armchair and couch, two chairs, couch and loveseat, loveseat and armchair, lounge, etc. I plan on doing a Beatles "Room" and do it all up with my Beatles posters and stuff I have of my own, and make a little scene in a shadow box I have and want to work with. Making a beatles cross stitch rug atm, and going thru all my magazines and other items I have, plus anything I can find online. So that's where the Beatles fabric and chair/couch comes in at. Also, if you have anything else that you think would fit and go in the room, let me know. I don't have a ton to spend,and plan on most of it myself. I'm debating on making a record player, or possibly buying or looking for one. Not sure yet. I see it in my head. But it will be a blast for me as im a huge finatic! XD So Please let me know what you have and we can go from there! Thanks all so much . Here's some of the little things I have for the walls and shelves. Also have a pair of round "Lennon" glasses I want ti make blue or green with "Glass"... I really can't wait to work on this project once I find at least the fabric! Fingers crossed. Kris
  6. New Midcentury Modern

    From the album Midcentury Modern

  7. New Midcentury Modern

    From the album Midcentury Modern

  8. MCM Livingroom Set

    From the album Midcentury Modern

  9. Inside

    From the album Spring Fling 2012

    Shot taken from above again. My camera is bulky, should have used my small one.

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