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  1. My new (used) kit arrived and the previous owner open the box without labeling anything. It wasn't difficult, I just used the process of elimination. Now everything is properly labeled, but I 'might be missing: Upper stair blind 4". I'm uncertain what it looks like. Two pieces are not labeled: They are two triangle pieces. One is about an inch. The other, could it be the stair blind? Thank you SO much!
  2. Hello all, I am retired and new to dollhouse building but I've wanted to do this for about 40 years. As are all of you, I'm facinated by miniatures and think I'm going to really love making some. I'm currently working on RGT Country Victorian and have almost finished the outside.  I have an awesome husband who not only helps me when I need him but who has a bunch of small-scaled tools from past hobbies that he's kindly donated to my workshop. Just this morning he brought out a pile of beautiful veneers and cut a bunch of strips for making my hardwood floors. I testing them out now but I think they will be fantastic! For sale cheap - 1000 Popsicle sticks.  I'm looking forward to sharing ideas with all of you (ok, in my case it's more like poaching your ideas at this point).