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  1. The little occupant I started building the Storybook Cottage for loves it but has consistently expressed that he needs more space for his things. After much searching I think the Coventry Cottage would be the perfect 'addition' if built on the reverse. The only thing is being so new to actually building dollhouses I don't know if they would fit together even after modification. (I'm totally not afraid of altering the kits if it gets me what I hope for.) Both houses are stated to be the same height so I don't know if that right there would cause issues or how to work around them once they arise. I'm simply looking for advice if this would work, or if by chance someone might have both of those houses to give me an idea if this might work. Ideally I'd like to attach the Coventry to the side of the Storybook without the bay window, so the bay window of the Coventry is on the 'front' of the house with the little porch in the middle. (I hope this makes sense.) I know I could just add an Adam's kit to the side of the Storybook to get the basic kitchen that is needed, but I'd really love the personality that the other two could create. The solution could just be as simple as just raising up the Storybook on a platform to make it high enough that I wouldn't have to worry about mismatched roof edges. I also wonder if anyone has altered/removed the interior wall on the main floor of the Coventry to open up that really small room. I'd be happy to add a column support back in if it is really needed. That space just seems really quite small. Thank you in advance.