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  1. Curtains, arg!

    So, I used to own a seamstress business. "Curtains will be an easy thing", I told myself.  I figured I'd need a lightweight fabric, that hung well. Put my hand on every bolt of fabric at Joann. I decided on some high end lining. Super thin, tight weave, but enough weight to hang. Grrr. So I think I've got window in 2 rooms figured out. And now I think the others will just get swags or valances.  And for the attic, since its Addams Family inspired, boards across the windows! There, problem solved. 
  2. The Loo Drapes

    From the album SF555 - 1st Build in 29 years

    This was an interesting little learning experience....thought I had it all figured out until I realized I couldn't cut the brass rod with just my nippers and not crush the I bought a little cutter tool....and the rest is history!  Now no one can peek in on the resident while she's in the tub!
  3. Curtains

    Hi everyone! I have been on a little break from doll housing because I needed to make curtains (for the doll house.) I wanted to machine sew them because my hand sewing is awful and getting the sewing machine out is not high on my list of favorite things. Long story short, I finally buckled and got the curtains done.  Now I have to hang them.  Does anyone have any tips or tricks for this? The house is already built so I foresee a challenge ahead. None of them have a pelmet and they will hang from rods (dowels). To hold the rods away from the walls I am using pony beads attached to the ends of the rods. My plan is to glue the pony beads to the walls but I'm worried about them actually staying in place. I used hooks in the walls in the kitchen because that side of the house is a duracraft.  The new curtains are all going in the Laurel side of the house where the wood is thinner and I worry about the screws of the hooks coming out through the siding. How do you hang your curtains? Also, do you put them up before you build or after? All input is greatly appreciated!
  4. Draping Tip

    From the album Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    Thought this might be useful knowledge for anyone working with fabric. I hate sticking pins in fine fabrics and ending up with pin holes. I read a tip to use insect pins, like what they would use in examining butterfly wings. This photo shows the difference between a regular dress pin and an insect pin. Quite a difference! 
  5. Curtains?

    Hello, I have just bought my first doll house to makeover and have a really basic query: do the curtains at the front of the house have to be double-sided print so that they look right internally and externally? Is it just personal taste? Also I've noticed in curtain discussions that spraying with starch and using a pleating board is often referred to. I like the idea of being able to remove my curtains and wash them like in a normal house but if you did it the starched way you'd have to do the process again. I was thinking of just making them and ironing them out flat or just iron pleats in?? Many thanks!
  6. Back wall of shop

    From the album 2014 HBS Creatin' Contest--Erabliere Aucoin, Sugar Shack and Shop

    The back wall of the shop features-half-height walls, which I finished off with cafe-style curtains.