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  1. From the album The Scrappy, dollhouse made of scraps

    The Scrappy ....after 12 hours of nonstop work ... now I can look at it and actually feel like I may get this house done after all. I feel so relieved that I don't have to think about the design anymore... I'm happy with the window placement, the front porch is connecting with the side gazebo just like I imagined it.....Ive decided not to put a roof on the gazebo... instead it well be the second story balcony or whatever its I made my first staircase.......Holy Cow! Now I know why people are so proud of themselves if they get a staircase built! I put a white wash on the front of the house so I could see how the windows would look... the exterior of the house well be covered with siding. I'm not buying any wood for the siding....I'm going to use the united states post office free priority shipping boxes I use for Ebay...the card board is exactly the right thickness. I cut and glued then painted a few stripes and it looks exactly like wood. It's time to figure out what type of roof I want...gads.
  2. I begin

    From the album The McKinley kitbashed

    Please excuse these horrid photos...Ive spent hours trying to get the pics viewable. When I took these pictures I had a cheap digital camera, although I dont think I can blame it all on the camera because now I have a good digital camera and the shoots still come out I decided I needed a place to put all the miniatures Id been making for the past couple of years and I choose the McKinley because it can hang on the wall more like a giant room scene box and the fountain has draws for storage...I really like that. Anyway when I first started I saw that I wasnt going to be happy with such few rooms and the small size of those I added on the kitchen, I built the staircase and the tower thing but decided to take it out opting for more room space and wanting to make it look alittle more modern. The attic space soon became a third floor. I installed the electrical tape The kitchen floor is paper...I used MSPaint to create the grey marble tiling effect. The bedroom, hallway, and living room floors are miniature hardwood I bought, the other floors I installed piece by piece. The living room entry is real miniture white tiles.