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  1. room Box side view

    From the album Room Box

    Drawer pull feet with button bases, plaid fabric covered sides. Not too shabby for my first try, I think!
  2. 20150117 145344 resized

    From the album Room Box

    The mugs on the etegere have her family members' names on them, the table and chair are from the furniture she gave me with the dollhouse when I bought it. She loves digital photography and her late husband was a contractor. He was also in the military. Both of my parents are in the Air National Guard, so it touched her that I was the one taking ownership of the precious dollhouse her husband bought her. I included a handmade memorial flag display case (my Dad helped me make it-- hoping he will get bit by the miniature bug too!) And of course, I put in a dollhouse because that is what it all centered around.
  3. 20150117 145323 1 resized

    From the album Room Box

    My first room box creation. A gift for the lady who sold me my Duracraft Farmhouse. I thought she should have the little mugs that have her family members' names on them, and figured she'd need a way to display them.
  4. Jewelry Display

    From the album Various Miniatures

    I saw this amazing setup at a little jewelry kiosk in the center aisle of the Mirdiff City Center Mall. I love how they set it up to display all kinds of miniature silver charms (teapots, shoes, handbags etc).