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  1. Floor plan

    From the album Sara's Willowcrest!

    First floor: Entry area, dining room, music room Second floor: Bathroom, bedroom, hallway/staircase area Third floor: Kitchen 
  2. This is a modern Farmhouse style Kitchen Sink ready for your dollhouse or diorama. Made of white PLA. Measures 69mm long x 43mm wide x 21mm deep Print Time: 1hrs - 30min Filament Used: 12.58 Meters All of my items are created on a 3D Flashforge Creator Pro Printer. They are printed at 200 microns resolution which is very detailed. This item is sold unpainted.  This item is designed for 1/12 scale. MADE IN THE USA Can be found here:
  3. The Orchid Tea Room

    Someone suggested newbies start a thread about their build and ask questions so that everything would be in one place for them as they work on their projects. Sounds like a great idea so here is mine. I am building the orchid with the intent it be a tea room or tea room and gifts shop. The exterior will be painted in a true Victorian color scheme of rose tones, cream/white, and gray. I wanted to paint my own Victorian house in this palette but the Victorian next door to me is painted orange, yellow and brown. Color clash with my pinks. I opted for greens, beige, cream with a deep red burgundy accent in real life. The first floor will be a kitchen and dining room with a conservatory out the end of the dining room for additional seating/garden area. The upstairs will either be a bed and bath living quarters for the shop owner or a bath and gift/shop area. I haven't decided for sure yet. I have many questions and hope you all will be able to help out and give me your ideas, opinions and web sources. I have been reading like mad the past few weeks to learn about things I don't know about like wiring and lighting etc. Yes I am cross eyed at this point so it's time to ask questions. I would like to paper the house with Victorian damask or floral type papers and have not found exactly what I want.  I checked out, Earth and Tree along with ebay and many printable paper sites. I didn't find anything I was in love with for this project so I thought I would make my own papers. I found some beautiful images to use and take to a printer to print out since I don't have a laser printer. I have only been able to find one short video without sound on how to do this. I need more info. Like what to set the dpi for if I want to print on legal size paper and how to cut the image to make the pattern repeat. I have gimp but would be willing to download something else if someone here knows how to use different software. There are tons of videos on how to use gimp but I don't know what other terms to search for to find the right video to set up for large paper printing and making my pattern repeat. Any suggestions? Even printing out on 8.5 x 11 would be fine since I am going to plug and play my electrical and use corner molding to hide wiring. Been a long time since I used gimp so I don't mind learning things again. While researching lighting, I found warm white led bulbs but not cool white or daylight led. Do they exist? I may put some of these in the ceiling as can lights around a focal point Victorian type of light fixture in the dining room. I'm also interested in making some of my own light fixtures and led would work perfectly for this. Are there any in particular lights you would recommend for this purpose or suppliers. I think I can plug and play led bulbs. If I am wrong, please let me know. I have hung lots of wallpaper in real life and rewired my fair share of antique lights and chandeliers so I think I'm ready to tackle a dollhouse. Thanks in advance you wonderful mini makers! Please help me with these two dilemmas. 1. wallpaper 2.led bulbs/lighting.  
  4. Hi everyone, Hope all enjoyed their holiday and having some time to work on minis! I'm working on a Duracraft Heritage. The directions recommend using a good oil based paint on the siding. Which led me to ponder as most paints in my garage are not oil based... Do they recommend oil based paint because other paints would cause swelling, like water based glue may be noted to do? I'm interested in the general consensus of the subject matter experts in this forum. To oil base paint or not? Doth it matter? Or are there no issues painting with acrylic, craft or other types of paint? I ask because I have many Sherwin Williams cans of left over paint and they are not oil based. Thank you and Happy New Year! Christie
  5. Hello friends! I have recently acquired a large Shoenhut dollhouse with hard wiring. Since the wires are bare or frayed, I have decided to rewire this house for safety reasons. I have never hard wired a dollhouse, but have used tape wire in the ones I do own. Does anyone have any tips to get me started or point me in the right direction? Thank you, Laurie  
  6. dollhousekits.JPG

    From the album Miniatures "Things" I've made

    Making things out of paper is my favorite thing to do. I use the old outdated Microsoft Paint to create the graphics and XnView for printing them out.  I replicated the box for my Mc Kinley dollhouse kit down to the last detail, shown in the top picture.  The other boxes came from my imagination. All the boxes come with instructions and wooden pieces as shown in the lower picture.
  7. This is a modern elegant toilet ready for your dollhouse or diorama. Made of white PLA. (Safe for children). I can print this any color. Just ask. Can be displayed 3 ways. seat-lid up, seat-lid down, lid up-seat down. Seat and lid come seperate. Measures 1 3/4" wide x 2 3/4" tall x 2" deep Print Time: 1hrs - 18min Filament Used: 10.18 Meters All of my items are created on a 3D Flashforge Creator Pro Printer. They are printed at 200 microns resolution which is very detailed. This item is designed for 1/12 scale. MADE IN THE USA Can be purchased here:  
  8. This is a modern Farmhouse style Kitchen Sink ready for your dollhouse or diorama. Made of white PLA.Measures 69mm long x 43mm wide x 21mm deepPrint Time: 1hrs - 34minFilament Used: 13.58 MetersAll of my items are created on a 3D Flashforge Creator Pro Printer. They are printed at 200 microns resolution which is very detailed.This item is sold unpainted. This item is designed for 1/12 scale.MADE IN THE USA Can be found here:
  9. This is a beautiful modern elegant bathtub ready for your dollhouse or diorama. Made of white PLA. Measures 5" long x 1 5/8" tall x 2 3/8" deep Print Time: 2hrs - 18min Filament Used: 14.58 Meters All of my items are created on a 3D Flashforge Creator Pro Printer. They are printed at 200 microns resolution which is very detailed. This item is sold unpainted. This item is designed for 1/12 scale. MADE IN THE USA Can be found at:
  10. Just started

    My name is Cyndi - a late thirties, Momma of two, English teacher, living in West Virginia, USA.  I have recently begun my first build - a Franklin classic Victorian farmhouse made by Whitney in 1983.  I have a love of toys, a good foundation in basic power tools, and a live-in Mother who reminded me that my favorite thing to do as a child was set up my Barbie or My Little Pony's houses and then not actually play with the dolls.  As my children continue to grow up (despite my attempts at keeping them little - ha!), I decided to repurpose a large outbuilding into a studio.  Long before children, I fancied myself a scrapbooker and have tons of supplies for that and other paper crafts.  Once I got everything set up and organized I found that the idea of scrapbooking didn't interest and inspire me like it once had.   In November, 2018, I purchased a one-room kit from Amazon (Flever creative room) and fell in love.  Soon I had Pinterest boards full of beautiful dollhouse inspiration and a queue of 20+ videos of how-to's on YouTube.  My love for abandoned places and architecture mixed so easily into this hobby that I quickly found myself exploring eBay for a cheap put-together dollhouse that wouldn't break the bank should I destroy it accidentally.  As fate would have it someone was selling a Franklin by Whitney New, In Box for dirt cheap (even with shipping!).  I saw this as providence and bought it.  Together this house (affectionately referred to as simply Whitney for the time being) and I have spent many hours together sanding, labeling, and assembling.  I have just about completed the assembly of the interior and will be sanding and gluing the outer walls this weekend. Your posts and pictures are inspiring!!  I’m anxious to get to each step of this process because I love it.  Even the frustration of wiring (GAH!!) has been fun and I just love it
  11. Hello everyone! I’m new here. My Greenleaf Beacon Hill kit finally came in today! I’m a bit nervous as this is my first dollhouse build. Can anyone share some tips on what helped you? I heard the instructions are kind of difficult and hard to understand. I’ve been watching the YouTube videos and I can’t find one that is like a step by step. I already know some of the changes I’m going to make or other builders suggestions that I’m going to use. I’ve got most of the starter supplies: the glues, the clamps, painters tape, the ultimate cutter from hobby lobby, stains and some mini screwdrivers and a mini jewelry mallet/hammer. Any help throughout this would be so much appreciated! As A paramedic I work odd shifts so I plan to work on this on days off. I’d also like to possibly make my own kitchen counters. I’m in love with the farmhouse sink and I would like to incorporate that. I also do plan to run electricity.  Thank you all! 
  12. Black Friday Sale

    CheckMouse Miniatures is having their FIRST Black Friday Sale. Good through November 30th, 2018  Coupon Code BF2018.   CheckMouse Minis
  13. I bought this villa! I've been looking at these kits for awhile and decided to get one!  I hope it's not too hard I know the directions are in chinese... Someone on the site has a paris shop I think it was. They are such cute kits. amanda
  14. Pennethorne Manor ~ Remake

    After rehoming all my dollhouses (including Pennethorne Manor I - remember MiniMadWoman?) and being out of minis for awhile, I have once again caught the mini bug!  I brought up all my miniatures from their tomb in the basement the other day and took inventory.  O how I missed my precious pieces! I am going to build a Beacon Hill from the dollhouse kit (which is due to arrive today) with a few modifications.  I am adding a basement, extending the kitchen (which will be a dining room) and the bathroom, and adding a conservatory and possibly extending the boudoir.  With help from dear hubby, we built the basement over the weekend and today I was playing with flooring. I will be posting each step of the way here, but you can also follow along on my blog The basement from left to right . . . wine cellar, butler's pantry, kitchen, sewing room. Kitchen flooring from a vinyl tile.
  15. Gingerbread Orchid House

    Just in time for Christmas in July, I have finished building and decorating the Greenleaf Orchid as Santa's Gingerbread House. Mrs. Claus, Santa and his brother Krampus live in this house with the elves where they make toys, check the naughty and nice list, sip tea and eat cake. The house includes a study, workshop, family room and bedroom. Started building last December, now 8 months later, I was helped in making design decisions by my 4 year old daughter, who loves to play with "Gingy". We've been cranking up the music box which plays "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and eating spice drops while playing.
  16. I received a partially-constructed dollhouse along with some other things from a craigslist ad.  If anyone wants it they're welcome to it but they'd have to come pick it up.  I live in Carson City, Nevada so I realize the chances are slim but thought I'd offer it here first.  It appears to be this one plus there is an extra unattached room too.
  17. New member, old project!

    Hello everyone, My name is Erin and I received the Arthur dollhouse kit when I was 11 and assembled it with my mother. That was 25 years ago! I’ve recently been inspired to get back into miniatures and I’ve decided to renovate my old dollhouse.  A lot of things have changed in twenty-five years, especially all the resources now at hand thanks to the internet. I’m really looking forward to my “new” hobby and I’m already having a great time looking at other’s photos and getting ideas.
  18. Greenleaf Dollhouses have a sale on their site now! Go to and enter coupon code HOP2IT to save 15%
  19. My family just recently relocated, and in moving I found an old box that had a dollhouse kit in it. According the the papers included and postage on the box, it is a kit for a Yieldhouse Saltbox Dollhouse made in 1971. The box had a tattered paper inside of it that actually had instructions on building, as well as a note about a "Best Dollhouse" competition dated to take place between September 1971 and September 1972. The kit is brand new, all the pieces are there, it has never been put together or painted. I'm really just looking for any kind of information about the dollhouse, as I have had quite a hard time finding any information about it online. I'm interested in its history, but I am more interested in whether or not it has any kind of value. Any information is greatly appreciated. Cheers, -Alex
  20. aminikinley.png

    From the album Mini Paper Printables

    score, cut, glue.........I love working with paper.........
  21. Hello Everyone!  Thank you for being so welcoming! I already asked my first question and got such great responses and super fast too!!!! Thank you. I am Emily, from Ohio, and am remodeling my childhood dollhouse. My dad made it for me when I was 5 years old. (That was 25 years ago) I am not sure what kind it is. I am going to post a couple pictures. Please let me know if you have the answer to my mystery! This forum is so great! I now feel like I always have somewhere to turn when I come upon a question as I am remodeling! Thanks.
  22. From the album Mini Paper Printables

    score, cut, fold, glue  
  23. aminikinley.png

    From the album Mini Paper Printables

    score, cut, fold, glue  
  24. 5a7beb1d329fd-Pbookcovers.jpg

    From the album Mini Paper Printables

    score, cut, fold, glue
  25. Beacon Hill Haunted Mansion Exterior

    From the album Beacon Hill Haunted Mansion

    I finished the exterior!  I put bricks around the porch foundation but I ran out.  Not sure if I will do the rest of the foundation with more bricks or just leave it. I'm kind of anxious to do more on the interior at this point.  LOL!