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  1. I’m Just looking for other miniaturists who are interested in creating miniatures from the ancient world- hoping to share projects, ideas, resources etc.  I have a Facebook page called Crafting History in Miniature which shows the work I’m doing now- check it out and let me know what you think!  
  2. Poor Hansel!

    From the album Hansel & Gretel Buttercup

    I made the cage out of bits of grapevine from the yard. 
  3. Hello I'm Nathalie from France

    Hello everybody I was suggested to register to your forum by a kind lady. So here I am! I 'm a 49 (nearly 50 !)years old proud mum of 3 beautiful daughters (aged now of 20, 18 and 14 !) . I always love miniatures since I'm a child and when I was a student to become a physiotherapist I started to craft by myself furnitures for my pleasure, then roomboxes. I discover that it was a real hobby when I went to London and visited a dedicated shop and shows.  In France it is not very popular as in England or America. Until internet arrives, it was very hard to find supplies to work with. But now!!!  I build my first and only dollhouse when my first daughter came into this world in 1998, it was the dollhouse provided by Del Prado. I followed all instructions and finished it, and of course when finished I knew that it was possible to make it very personnal. So I started to recustomize it, but at the same time I started to go to fairs, meet miniatures friends (not popular in France but forums help to make friends! so did I !) and learn new technics then in 2009  I had a live class with Dana Burton (from Miniatureart and Minidollslist) and started to walk in the dolls world. And I don't want to leave it !!! I started to make my own dolls  but unsatisfied by the blank kits -mostly men are not at my taste- I started to sculpt them. And what a joy to finish a project that matches what you had in mind! At the same time I attended live classes, shows and workshops. I also made a few tutorials for American Miniaturists and had a few reports showcasing my work.  Now I'm exhibiting my work for the 2nd time I will be attending The Miniature Show in april in Schaumburg. I feel excited!! I'm even featured in the DHM61 and AM 180 for the show! I feel so proud!
  4. CJN Miniatures in Edmonds, WA recently moved to a new store at 23030 Hwy 99. It is a yellow 2-story building between Les Schwab & Public Storage. They not only have everything you need for a dollhouse, but also dolls, collectibles & antiques now. They offer consignment at 30% and have many artisan and older items in stock. Visit them at   CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT-1.docx
  5. Miniature Mice

    From the album Buttercup 2017

    Here are some mice that I got recently. I want to use them in scenes for some of my projects  


  6. Remember....there is a real brick and mortar, touchy feely, come inside and play, miniature shop! Heirlooms Dollhouse Miniatures & Dolls is located in the Historic District of Aurora, Oregon. 1/2 way between a portland and salem. That's only a 20 min drive!  Come and roam around in this huge old house with the original hard wood floors. Downstairs there are 6 rooms full of goodies to keep you busy snooping for hours. There is even a room for antique and vintage dolls. Plan on spending the day in our wonderful little town filled with antique shops, art galleries, wine tasting, wonderful places to eat and of course the ONLY Miniature shop in the state of Oregon!  I am always looking for consignments and have very low fees.  Come visit! Wendy 
  7. Here's the listing! I'm selling a pair of Marcia Backstrom dolls. This listing is for TWO (2) dolls. Both dolls are in good used condition. Male doll has visible Marcia Backstrom initials on his back (see image). Male doll is also not clothed (you can easily make him an outfit!). Female doll has her hair pinned and is clothed. These dolls are 1/12th dollhouse scale. The doll hands will be protected with foam. I received these dolls as a gift a long time ago but I'm downsizing and selling them. I would for them to go to a loving home! I am considering all submitted offers!!
  8. I made a new BFF last night.  Miss Molly is a creation of mini artisan, Amber Mathies.  I've wanted one of her Trollflings ever since I met her on cdhm years ago,  but always missed the ones I wanted since they sell so fast.  This time when I saw Amber post about a new "victorian gothic frog", I about broke my fingers getting to her Etsy store and was SO excited to find her still available.    I think it was just meant to be.  She's everything I could hope for in a little best friend: I was reading along and thinking,  "Victorian, check.   Gothic?  Check.   Steampunky?  Check.  Frog?  Frog!!!!! FROG!!!" and then I about broke my fingers getting to Amber's store in hopes that she hadn't been sold yet because if there was ever a perfect match for me, it's probably Molly.  Isn't she adorable?     Of course I immediately started thinking of where she will live.  She's only three inches tall so I was thinking half scale and then I remembered the Annie's Lobster Shack kit (which is one of those often overlooked gems in the Greenleaf kits) and how easy it would be to bash that into a little hobbit type dwelling that would be perfect for a trollfling.  I'm going to have to google some D&D images to see what types of traditional homes a trollfling likes.   Anyway, it started me to thinking that while I've had dolls custom made for specific houses, this may be the first time I've built a house for a doll of my own.  (Dr. Robertson doesn't count because he's still an imaginary friend).    I've built custom dollhouses for clients that were designed for a specific doll and thought it was a LOT of fun to hear the story of a little person's personality and build a dollhouse around it.  You start thinking of them as real people when you do that and their lives unfold as you build.  My own dollhouses have lots of story lines that often determine the decor or theme, but it's almost always because I look at a kit and think, "Wow, that would make an excellent _____" and it all evolves from there and if the house wants a resident, I add them later.  Some houses don't have dolls at all and it never crosses my mind to add a mini resident.  I think the only one that required residents as part of it's theme while I was building it was the Grim Reaper's party boat which doesn't really count because that's just a shipload of drunk skellies.   I have a group of four victorian dolls that I bought coz they were at a good price and they've roamed around several of my houses but they're more like an accessory instead of a doll.   When I stop to think about it, it's kind of fascinating.  Here on the forum we have all kinds of, collectors, decorators, and even doll makers and I thought it would be fun to talk about our little people (or the lack thereof), especially since we have so many new members.   So if you have mini people in your houses,  how do they come to live there?  It's that age-old dollhouse question:  Which came first?  The doll or the house? <giggling>  The term "action figure" still applies.  hehehehehehehe  
  9. Free to good home, large amount of minature furnishings, dolls, items and ready made scenes in box units, grocers shop, dressmaking shop, woodwork shop, butchers cake shop, and more plus a large amount of items still in boxes and bags, light fittings, furniture, dolls to make, garden, large amounts.   due to house move, clearing all items from parents minature hobbies from many years ago, has been in storage for several years, most still in bags or boxes.  large open fronted dolls house, Must be able to collect from Long Eaton Nottinghamshire, as to much to post and some items large  Please message me for further information 
  10. Book Club

    From the album Various Miniatures

    A lovely eBay find - instant book club and customers for NovelTea! The doctor and nurse can be used for a different project. The lady on the fainting couch might become an artist's model in another scene. The little dog's tail broke off during shipping, but I managed to glue it back. A couple of these dolls date from the 1980s and 1990s and have beautifully draped clothing.

    © Lene Pieters 2015

  11. Girls with their Dolls

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    The girls sit in a circle as they open their Christmas presents and admire their new dolls.
  12. Carrie in the Bathroom

    From the album Vermont Farmhouse, Jr.

    While visiting, little Carrie had to use the bathroom.
  13. Holly And Carrie At The Fair

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    Holly and Carrie at the entry to the First Annual Mini Fair at the 2014 Philadelphia Miniaturia.
  14. Heather And Amy At The Fair

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    Heather and Amy visit the First Annual Mini Fair at the 2014 Philadelphia Miniaturia.
  15. Garden Fairies

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    These little girls look like Garden Fairies. Their names are Angelina and Amberlyn, otherwise known as Angel Food Cake and Lime Chiffon.
  16. Holly and Her Birthday Cake

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    Grandma looks on lovingly from behind as her granddaughters celebrate Holly's birthday. Among her presents are a flute, an Uncle Wiggly game, and one gift she has yet to open.
  17. More Grandchildren?

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    Oh, it looks like Grandma and Grandpa may have more grandchildren. I know, they are a bit oversized, but I couldn't resist them. The one on the porch is named Emily, Brenna is sitting on a leave, and Caelyn, the baby, is sitting on the steps. They are otherwise known by their nicknames: Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Tart, and Butter Cookie.
  18. Holly's Birthday

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    Holly is getting ready to celebrate her eighth birthday with her sisters and grandparents.
  19. Doll Rehab

    So I have a doll that was mine when I was a little girl who is badly in need of refurbishment. She is a Mary Lapsitter Fisher Pirce doll from the 70's. I have recently discovered some ebay sellers who have restored them. I am not looking for any miracles as she is very much loved (dirt, crayon, cut hair) just a fresh start. I'm not ashamed to say that I still hold her when I'm feeling particularly low so I'm looking for someone I can trust. Thanks guys for any help you can give
  20. Deciding On A Color

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    Heather asked Holly to pick which color egg dye she wanted to work with, but Holly couldn't decide. Eventually she chose blue, her favorite color.
  21. Dying Easter Eggs

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    The girls are dying Easter eggs on the dining room table. I'm surprised Grandma didn't make them do this on the kitchen table, but she said they needed to stretch out.
  22. No Clue

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    Grandma and Grandpa wanted to do something special for Holly because they were concerned she may be overshadowed by the accomplishments of ther two older sisters Amy and Heather, and the affections of her younger sister Carrie. So the family sent away for a special surprise for Holly to show they appreciate her support and loving ways. Holly is overcome with surprise and joy and has no idea what the package contains.
  23. A Job Well Done

    From the album Country House - Album 2

    Amy and Carrie seem very pleased with the egg dying job they just completed.
  24. Dolls with Dolls

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    I live in Middlesex, NJ, which was once the home of Knickerbocker Toy Company, and in the mid 1970's I purchased a 16 inch Amy doll at a local carnival. Shortly after that, I won Holly on a game wheel at another carnival, and I purchased Heather in the toy section of a department store. In time, I purchased the 5 inch versions of the three dolls, and when my father built my 1979 Country House by Model Homes, I sent the small dolls to live in the house. - Now that the house has been remodeled, I purchased both the large and small Carrie dolls on e-Bay, and now little Carrie also lives in the house. Amy, Heather, and Carrie are friends of Holly, but in the house they are all sisters. Amy is wearing green; Heather, beige; Holly, blue; and Carrie, red. The tags on all the dolls say Knickerbocker Toy Company, Middlesex, NJ.
  25. Goodnight Elmo

    From the album Country House - Renovated

    I came across this little Elmo while searching the bins at my local dollhouse shop and couldn't resist bringing it home to Holly and Carrie. The girls must have tired him out because Elmos looks like he is yawning in this picture.