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  1. Hi I am new here and i love making scale models of different things, specially tools.
  2. I want to share one of the neatest tools I have ever owned with everyone.  It's called a 'Rotary Tool' and I found it at Harbor Freight Tools for just $9.99.  I expected it to break quickly but it wasn't that expensive and I thought I'd give it a try.  Its like a Dremmel Tool.  But its small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  The Rotary Tool comes with some drill bits, a few sanding wheels and a few different sized 'colets' for changing if you're using regular drill bits.  I don't know what half of the things are for but I DO know a drill bit and sanding wheel.  They also sell a set of 'Precision Drill Bits' that drill really tiny holes.  A set of about 16 cost me an extra $12 I think.  They're so tiny that they can break and over the past 3 months that I've owned the Rotary Tool I think I've broken about 3 of the bits.  But I've still got lots to use before I need to buy another set.  I even went back last week and bought an extra Rotary Tool because I figure for my $9.99 investment it has been more than worth that price.  If it breaks it was still a great deal.  You can find it online at Harbor Freight Tools (we have one just down the street though).  It is light as a feather too.  I absolutely LOVE this thing and I wish I'd known about it back when I was building my first dollhouse last year!