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  1. I am constructing the Duracraft linfield and I’m dry fitting the roof, but it’s just not fitting right. Do they ever? Should I sand and try to figure it out or glue and fill in with wood putty? I have done everything correct with the instructions, so I don’t know what’s best to do. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi!  I just received my half scale Diana kit, which is laser cut.  My research indicates that die cut dollhouses should always be dry fit, but I haven't been able to really find anything about laser cut houses.  Any advice?  Should I dry fit my Diana before assembling?  The instructions mention nada on the subject ... and also say to use hot glue which seems to be incorrect    Thank you!!!  
  3. 58dab9aa8ab87-Dryfit.jpg

    From the album The Laurel Build

  4. Dry fit

    From the album Orchid Shabby Chic

    After some pointers from a group I'm in, I was able to use painter's tape to hold the pieces up enough to get a good look at the dry fit. I plan on building on to each side of the Orchid (as of right now, anyway) and I think I will use the bay window opening on the left side for a set of French doors instead. I had also originally imagined a spiral staircase in the house, but I need to figure out where it will go before I glue anything together. 
  5. complete Dry Fit

    From the album My Orchid build - 1st doll house

    Complete dry fit, in a sense - I'm waiting for a Primrose kit to add as an addition.
  6. Dry Fit

    From the album Purple Trailer

  7. 2014 03 09 15.07.43 Sm

    From the album My Orchid

    Dry-fitting the roof.