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  1. Hello all,   I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this forum.  I purchased a VM-800 about 30 years ago and very nearly completed it - except for the roof and the porch railings.   Then we bought a real house - a fixer-upper so the dollhouse was stored away.  Now I am retired and would like to finish it.  I have all the parts, instructions, etc.  It's painted, electrified, wallpapered, the flooring is in, and I have a lot of furniture.  I actually started out collecting miniature furniture and later decided I needed a house for my collection.   My problem is that I don't like the doors that came with the kit and would like to replace them with more authentic looking doors.  In researching this I find that all the available 1:12 doors are much bigger than the openings on the house - by as much as a 1/2".  I am a little nervous about enlarging the openings.  Has anyone done this before and do you have any tips?  Or are there other sources for the doors?  I have looked at Houseworks and some others on   Any help would be appreciated.