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  1. Miniature Power tools

      I have made working miniature power tools like Power drill, angle grinder, circular saw, air blower...and more with the name of "SAZOH miniature power tools"Here are the video links of my working power drill model (Please subscribe my youtube channel for more videos)  
  2. Tape wiring questions

    Hello Everyone! I just discovered this forum and am so grateful! I am remodeling my childhood dollhouse that my dad made for me. I have cleared out the entire house of everything including wallpaper and flooring. I have left the existing electric tape and would like to add on to it seeing as though it still works. I bought the blue and copper tape wire to use throughout the house and am wondering how to attach it to the existing tape wire which is two copper pieces (no blue piece). Is it possible? I assume there is a way.  I have also purchased brads to use in connecting them. From reading some other posts am I correct in thinking I should purchase eyelets instead? Thank you, Kouwe
  3. Maine electric meter

    From the album 2014 HBS Creatin' Contest--Erabliere Aucoin, Sugar Shack and Shop

    This electric meter has been carefully created to match the look of current meters in Maine. The face is a scaled-printout of the real thing—surprisingly easy to find on the web, as apparently Maine has had a big to-do over their electric meters in the not-too-distant past, and lots of news agencies have put pictures of them into their articles about the fuss. Coated the face in several layers of clear nail polish to get the glass-domed look of (U.S.) meter faces.
  4. My new restoration project

    From the album Craigslist Find: Heirloom Dollhouse Lot

    The back view: This dollhouse is so roomy inside!! I can't wait to restore it!! Right now it is covered with a thick layer of dust from storage.
  5. My new dollhouse

    From the album Craigslist Find: Heirloom Dollhouse Lot

    the dollhouse is larger than I thought but it is beautiful. It is at least 40 years old.