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  1. Hello everyone!  I have taken the liberty of sharing my Layered PSD Photoshop file of the Greenleaf Fairfield Dollhouse. I created this file to help my wife choose the colors that she wanted for the outside of the house. Photoshop File: You can download the Photoshop file at: You can see the :30 video of me making this file at: If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and let me know or reach me on the download page.  PS - this page wouldn't let me upload the 157K cover photo of the project even though it says I can upload a 500K image. Something broken here. 
  2. fairfield-attictower2.jpg

    From the album ~ Fairfield ~

    Didn't have a lot of time to play around with the decorations, I'll have to take some time to figure out what kind of accessories this room needs. Perhaps more books, pictures, a clock, a teaset and other small things... 
  3. fairfield-kitchen-2.jpg

    From the album ~ Fairfield ~

    Haven't updated the kitchen pictures in a while, I might have gone a bit 'over the top' with the clutter... also not sure if I should include the fridge from the set or not. On one hand the kitchen feels a bit incomplete without a fridge, but at the same time I'm not entirelly sure on the placement. It fits the space on the back wall next to the sink perfectly, but I'd rather have the counter and top cabinet there... I should maybe try a shorter fridge. The furniture is 'Julia's Kitchen' from Bespaq, I have the complete set but have left some pieces out.
  4. Hi! I’ve been lurking a while but think I’m ready to commit now. ;) I haven’t built a dollhouse before but have done a lot of diorama building in 1/6 scale. I didn’t *intend* to build a dollhouse, but a few weeks back I was randomly googling around and saw someone’s Fairfield build and instantly knew it was the right house for me. I don’t think I can post pictures yet so I’ve started an album at my Flickr here: Just a few pics now of my dry assemble. It’s probably going to be a while before any real construction starts as I am waiting for supplies and designing things. I have some structural changes I want to make and have a little more “how to” knowledge to gain before I tackle it. Until I have a good plan laid out I will probably hold off starting anything too involved. Thanks to all of you amazing people for your extensive posts/discussions – I have learned SO MUCH already from the experiences of others who have gone before me! - Melissa -
  5. Hi. I’m new to miniature building and have bought a Fairfield dollshouse. I was thinking I would try and create a modern farm house style for the interior of the house using one neutral colour throughout with white trim. Can I paint the interior walls instead of using wallpaper??? I know if it did this I would need to putt the joins in the corners and sand smooth. Then paint over the corner joins.  Does this work? Would it come up ok or does it look crap painting interior? Any thoughts or advise? Also can I use a water based enamel I have this nice colour paint left over from when we built our own house.?
  6. Fairfield Rehab

    Today I brought home a very used Fairfield that is in need of a lot of TLC. Would love tips on 1. Possible disassembly to make decorating easier/ suggestions on opening up the tower room...or not. I wanted to reconfigure the staircase but that looks impossible- although I’ve seen it done with this model, hence why I’m asking about disassembly. Also wondering what tools are best for cutting into wood cleanly, assembled or otherwise. 2. Electricity: I have a tape wiring kit but have never done it. House has been cleaned and sanded. Figuring out swatches for exterior paint right now. I have a basic outline broken down chronologically and room by room. My goal is to have electricity working and the exterior painted by mid October 2019. After that I will focus on one room at a time.  Thanks for your help! I look forward to getting to know you all. 
  7. I have two partial kits-Fairfield and McKinley-free. I also have a Garfield that has been started. Whoever started it has done a beautiful job so far.all the punched out parts are bagged and labeled. Not really shippable,but willing to meet people part way (located between Santa Fe and Albuquerque). Want a totally reasonable amount. Mostly want it to move on. Contact me for pictures,as I don't seem to upload pics.
  8. fairfield-bedr2-1l.jpg

    From the album ~ Fairfield ~

    Added several mini decorations and acessories, things so small can take a really long time to paint but I'm nearly done with the pewter and metal kits (for now...). Also changed the rug again... this time maybe for the last, a burgundy color seams to match this room better.
  9. fairfield-bed1-1.jpg

    From the album ~ Fairfield ~

    Added the fireplace accessories, the screen is the same design as the other bedroom ('Romantiek' by Arjen) and yet another set of tools by Phoenix, might seam a bit repetitive but it's 4 fireplaces and they all need to be 'accessorized'  I'm not 100% happy with the fireplace earth... I've tried changing these so many times, making larger/smaller/thicker, and everytime just looks worse.. something I'll try again in the future perhaps, if I find a design that works better. I'm also thinking about changing that empire sofa in the corner for something else, maybe a clothes rack (I have a kit of mini hangers that would look cute if I manage to 'dress' them), or a small comode with a hatstand...  something to add to the 'feminine' theme.
  10. fairfield-ext-up.jpg

    From the album ~ Fairfield ~

    Love this shot, houses look so nice in a 3 point perspective. I took inspiration from the Gothic Revival carpenter victorian styles. Roof is tri-point front gabled, high pitch with with eave overhang, no roof box. Eaves inspired by these lovelly historical houses. The shingles are the original from the kit, stained medium grey with a black water soluble stain. The paneling on the bay windows was cut from sheets of 0,4mm plywood and decorated with basswood trims.
  11. Me again!  SO. I've finally created all my custom wallpaper and printed them all out. I also have started cutting down and staining all my individual coffee stirrers for my flooring.  My question is this: for the Fairfield, since the layout is so complex, I can't figure out if it would be better to lay the flooring down before I put up the walls, or to wallpaper and assemble the walls before I install the flooring? I know everyone says it is preference, and that if you dry fit, you'll be able to see tricky spots before you do it, and decide that way...but for me, the whole thing seems tricky hahaha. Also, I am not wiring for lighting, so that component doesn't matter either.  Is there a benefit to doing wall assembly first vs. floor first or vice versa? I am going to paper the walls before I install them in either case, if that makes a difference.  Thanks friends! 
  12. This weekend I have finally completed my first dollhouse build! I'm quite happy with the way it turned out, some newbie mistakes along the way, a lot of hesitation and slow pace work but it was done. Took me around 9-10 months with a few long breaks in between, I had bought most of the building materials and the electrical components before starting. After a quick progress on the shell and interior I was a bit optimistic thinking I could maybe finish it before the end of 2016, but the exterior took a lot longer than I expected. I've learned a lot in the process, and hopefully this experience will help in my future builds I have built the 1:24 Fairfield with some modifications, nothing very drastic I think. I found plenty of helpful inspirational ideas from other members here, I'm very grateful to everyone who shared their tips and pictures of this house, it helped A LOT! Overal I think this is a great kit for a first build, my only serious struggle with the kit was the tower roof sub-assembly... the instructions were a bit confusing and the wood just didn't want to cooperate, but thanks to advice from others who had the same issue I was able to glue it together.  With my modifications this house has a total of 12 interior rooms, porch and balcony. It's fully electrified with a roundwire 12v system, running through groves under the floor templates, the chimney sub assembly and under the stairs. To keep these areas accessible for repairs later I have modified the shelves from the kit (livingroom mid section and "pantry") to be removable, so they "slide" into the house structure to hide the electrical sections. Most of the ceillings and floors are templates, all floors are made of wood (tiles also), the embossed ceilings are a combination of foam, papper, gesso and paint. It's fun to look back on old sketches from when I was still planning this house and compare to the final result, you can tell I was being "very optimistic" about the size of these rooms, haha. Just random clumsy scribbles without even getting the kit out of the box and taking proper measurements, some of the ideas ended up materializing while others not so much.  It was a really fun build, a bit sad it's over but hopefully I can start preparing for the next one! I will try to stick to "only 1 build at a time", plan as much as I can in advance and get the materials before I start building... I don't expect to start anytime soon, but here's a little teaser... and it's another Greenleaf kit   I still feel a bit intimidated by the size of the box alone, I'm under no illusions this will take me under 1 year to build... more like 2 or 3 perhaps xD (hope not!) It's funny because this was going to be my first pick for a build, but after a bit of research I felt a bit discouraged and thought it would probably be best to play it safe... and stick to a size I'd be more confortable with. I don't regret my choice, I love the smaller scales but I think it's time to try the 1:12 league!  Now off to plan the new house! ~   
  13. Hello from Rhode Island

    Hello! I'm new here.  Some things about  me: I have always loved miniatures.  As a child, I had a large Ginny doll collection, a treasured dollhouse baby from Germany, and lots of little plastic dolls from the dime store.  When I learned to read, “The Raggetty Paggetty Dollhouse” and The Borrowers were favorites. This is my first dollhouse. I’ve come close to buying one many times, but nothing was ever quite right.  Then I saw The Fairfield! It was love at first sight. I like the way its rooms are at angles and not just a set of boxes lined up in a row. I’ve already been browsing the posts of Fairfield builders on the forums. I love the suggestions and advice and seeing all the different ways of doing things.  So far I’ve made the base and the staircase and done LOTS of dry fitting.  I hope to use what I’ve read to make my first dollhouse a good one, but I hesitate to take a step that can't be undone!  Sometimes I think: Hmmmnm there may be something to be said for those houses that look like a set of boxes lined up in a row ;-)  Linda
  14. Fairfield wiring

    Help! I took on the wiring of my Fairfield dollhouse. The problem is with where to put the wires on the lights & the tapewires. I have looked at the house over & over. I just can’t figure out a way to make it work!
  15. The Spooky Fairfield Endeavor

    Hey everyone! I am new to dollhouses and miniatures (and this site). I have already posted in the welcome/introductory forum, but I know I will have a bunch of questions, so I thought I would start my own thread here. I have been reading and researching non-stop about the Fairfield, and how everyone has done it. I have read so many blogs, and forums, and looked at pictures until my eyes felt like they were going to bleed. I think what overwhelms me so much is how everyone is just like, "there are so many ways to do it, just do whatever you want!". That is not how I operate lol. I like to know exactly what I need to do at what time to get the best results. I don't like experimenting and "trying as I go" so this is going to be tricky for me.  Anyways, I digress. I have already started putting together my dry fit, to try and figure out which wallpaper I want in which rooms, etc. I don't plan to "bash" this kit as I'm already overwhelmed enough, but there are a few cosmetic things I know I'd like to do to make her a little prettier. I do not have a miniature store near me, so shopping in person is out of the question. I have gone to a few sites suggested in many of these posts, but I am finding that each of these stores seem to only offer a couple of things. None of them have all the things I think I need. So, in order to try and simplify this process, and not spend a million dollars in shipping from 5 different stores, I was wondering if anyone could recommend an online store that has a very large selection and may carry all (or most) of these items.  So far, what I am looking for (in 1:24 scale): - brick paper  - siding sheets - interior doors - baseboards and moulding - stair handrails, spindles, and newel posts - beadboard - ceiling carvings / textured ceiling paper For example, has the staircase items, doors, and the brick paper, but none of the other stuff Thank you so much for your help!
  16. Refinishing 1:24 scale furniture

    So, I've found a source for a bunch of 1:24 scale furniture for a decent price, but the problem is, I don't love the finishes. Originally I was thinking I would just paint them all so it wouldn't matter, but because they are hand-carved wood, I'm now thinking it would be nicer to stain them all. Is there any way to do this without destroying them? I mean, half scale is so tiny, is it even possible to sand the current paint/stain off of them in the first place?  I don't want to buy them unless I know I can refinish them, because it's an investment of over $400 (oof this is a pricey hobby!)  Thanks all! <3 
  17. Creating My Own Wallpaper Designs

    Okay, so, I have had a problem trying to find exactly the right wallpaper to use since I am going for a very specific theme for my house, and I am VERY picky. I did find a few scrapbook papers that were the right design, but the scale is off for the Fairfield.  Then it occurred to me that I am a former graphic designer, and I could just create my own wallpaper designs exactly how I wanted them (DUH). My question is with scaling. I am not good at math, and don't know anything about I'm wondering, aside from printing out a ton of samples and wasting a bunch of paper and ink to see what looks right, is there some kind of mathematical formula or conversion chart that might tell me roughly how small I should scale my design down?  I know that in 1:24 scale 1/2" equals 1 foot..but the problem is I don't know how big a wallpaper print should be in real life. Example, for a damask design, how many of the damask flowery pieces would occur in a foot in real life?  Does any of this make sense? lol
  18. Fairfield Wallpaper (I know)

    Okay guys. So, I've read hundreds of posts about this, but I'm still a bit confused as to when/how exactly to wallpaper this thing. Yes, I know it's personal preference, but most people seem to agree that because of the size and complexity of the Fairfield, that it's easier to wallpaper the walls before assembly. However, when you do this, doesn't it look strange in the corners where the walls meet since the paper won't be wrapped across the corner? And then won't the bay windows look strange as well because the edges won't be connected?  Also, if you wallpaper before assembly, how do you glue it together without messing up the paper? Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I'm just so confused.  *Side note: does anyone out there have an actual video of how they wallpapered the Fairfield? I've seen lots of videos on how to wallpaper other houses, but no one on YouTube seems to have documented the Fairfield process, just the finished product.  Thank you all! <3
  19. Hello from Idaho!

    Just saying hello and introducing myself. I'm pretty new to miniatures. I've always loved little things but it wasn't until my sister got a huge 1:12 scale dollhouse from a member of her community that I realized miniatures was a hobby. At that point I got myself The Fairfield and I haven't looked back! I'm still working on my Fairfield and a few days ago I got The Garfield from a lady in my own town for an awesome price. I've wanted The Garfield ever since I've laid eyes on it so I snatched it when I had the chance, even though I'm still working on my Fairfield. Unfortunately, whoever put together the Garfield, did a poor job and it wasn't very well cared for. Everything I've found so far has been put together with hot glue, it's got tabs out of slots, pieces coming off,'s got some damage to multiple windows, shingles and a few doors. It's also missing a few pieces here and there. I'm excited to clean and fix it up but worried about some changes I want to make. I want to alter some of the layout during repairs but not sure how much I can do without breaking the house further. 
  20. 5ab1b4529a823-Fairfield1.jpg

    From the album Adorabelle

  21. fairfield-living-w1.jpg

    From the album ~ Fairfield ~

    Playing around with decorations, trying to control myself to not go 'over the edge' with the clutter... I might have added too much already lol.
  22. Hi from IL! New to dollhouse building! Received my first one for Christmas from my husband. The Fairfield. Excited! Question why do you dri fit the dollhouse? Sorry I am completely new to this! Thanks.
  23. Hi everyone, I'm having problems figuring out how to assemble the tower roof on the Fairfield 1:24. I've re-read the instructions over and over but this bit is giving me a headache, from what I can understand the triangle sides are supposed to look curved after glued? They are completly flat out of the kit, and I'm having a hard time understanding how to make them bend gently along the base. Step no. 5 and 6 on the instructions (section K) says "glue along the bottom edge only" and "be sure glue has ample time to cure before proceding to the next step", so I should glue the front and back at the base only and let the glue dry a bit or dry completly? If I let the glue dry completly at the base, how can I glue the the mid section of the roof without moving the sides? The wood seams a bit too thick to bend enough for the curve on the interior base, or maybe I'm a bit afraid of trying to put too much pressure on it. How should I prevent the sides from moving at the base while I try to bend them? I've looked around in other people's blogs and posts but couldn't find a lot of info about this sub-assembly. A lot of houses seam to have a straight tower roof without curve, I'm not sure how they did this assembly as most pictures have the roof already painted and/or shingled. I tried dry fitting them straight but there would be huge gaps between the sides, so I'm a bit stuck in this step and don't know what to do :s  If you have built this sub-assembly, or other similar curved roof structure and have some tips that could help me I'd really apreciate it. I'm mostly having trouble understanding how to bend the kit parts of the roof in a way that will look even for all roof sides. I haven't glued or modified any parts of this sub assembly yet, I want to put it together in the same shape as instructed by the kit but can't figure out how to do this. If you have any suggestions that could help they are very welcome, thanks!
  24. Hung out to dry

    From the album Fairfield Build

    Lighting for half scale is significantly limited and I didn't want golden fixtures in my Fairfield. A few licks of matt black paint and they look like a whole new set of lights. Now to start drilling the many holes as I wait for them to dry ;-p